PUG boutique and What Katie Did shopping meet up on Saturday, February 23rd

I am separating this little get together from the main Meet Up topic just to get a final roll call. About a month ago Nilay suggested a shopping outing for this day. The plan is to meet up at the PUG boutique and then go off to What Katie Did in Hollywood. I suggest meeting up at the boutique about 1 PM with a plan to go off to WKD at about 2 PM. I know that some of you planned on doing some of the boutiques and thrift stores that day also. Maybe those visits could be before 1 PM.

I am sorry to say that I am still in the MAYBE camp. But I am definitely wanting to go. I will post one way or the other when I know for sure.

Now for the rest of you are you YES, NO or MAYBE?

I want to be able to give a heads up to both of the stores if it turns out to be more than a couple of people.

Thanks, and keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Could anyone give me a lift between PUG store and WKD since I am going to surrender my car too my husband meanwhile???

Of course, I will. You should have just asked!

Actually I figured that we could just take one or two cars from PUG to WKD. I am coming from Whittier, but I don't mind driving back and forth. I just need to get home by about 6 I think.

I have been thinking, we have to do a group photos. We then can post the pics on the site. Let us make all the PUGsters from other parts of the country just a little jealous!

Sounds good! Can I hitch a ride with you too Aoife? I'll bring my camera!

But of course Natalie!

I just got an email from What Katie Did. They are having a sale on retro nylons. It is 20% off sale. I think it is quite the bargain. I think the sale is meant only for people on their mailing list. So you may want to join it. The sale ends on Friday but you can order online and then pickup your nylons on Saturday. You have to write in a code to get the discount. I am not sure if I should publish it here. So if you want to know just write me, or better yet join their mailing list.

Wondering what is special about the vintage nylons. I read something somewhere at one point, but can't remember. I lose my nylons sometimes after 1st, but usually 2nd or 3rd uses. They always run... So, I am a bit skeptic about spending $50 on a pair.

Yet, I just bought a herd of them from Turkey. Turkish sock companies have the best designs. Too bad they don't sell them here. My mum has to to send mine to me :))))

I'll be more than glad to check them out at WKD store, though.

Hmmm, interesting and thanks for the explanation, Agueda.

I am willing to try them out, but I want to see them first, but then I don't want to miss the sale, and but but but :PPP

Turns out I will have my car that day since we'll pick up my husband's car from the service. - It had to be put into service last weekend when it broke down while we were visiting Long Beach. - For those of you who don't know me, I live in Bakersfield...

Also the next place I will go is in Hollywood area, so it makes sense for me to drive my car, but is there parking by WKD? LA parking always scares me.

And since I might not have time to go back to the hotel to change - we are going to a metal show that night - I might not be in PUG. I might be a little on the metal side, so hopefully nobody gets weirded out :P I don't look like a psycho-gothic-mad-bitch when I do that. Or may be I'll change in WKD store.....

Annnnnnnnnnnd, what if we all meet in front of PUG Boutique at 1 pm till everone shows up and charge into the store altogether? That'd be awesome. A PUG attack into the PUG Boutique. Hee hee.

I am so excited, girls!!!! Though I bought so many PUG dresses online lately, I am really hoping they'd have some different stuff than they did when Aoife and I want there about 1.5 months ago. If nothing, maybe I'll snatch a Lux De Ville purse :PPPPPP

The parking for WKD is street parking. If we carpool, the parking should be no problem. WKD is a block west of Fairfax on Melrose. I have always found parking there, but it is metered.

And you know what? All I really care about is getting to hang out with some really cool people. The shopping is secondary t the socializing.

That sounds so cool! 

Oh, ladies I am going to try to go to the sale at the Cancer benefit  store before I go to PUG. That is if I can get it all together in enough time.

Me too! Maybe we'll run into each other there! I hope to be in the area around 11:30-noonish. And rolling in a Pontiac later in the day would be pretty badass too! ; )



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