Greetings Gorgeous Gals!

First off, welcome to all of our new members. This group is really starting to grow, how exciting is that? Most of the members seem to be located in and around the Los Angeles area, which means we must meet up.

Once the group reaches 100+ members, I would love to finally set up a meet up event.I would love to include a day of shopping at PUG then heading over to a nearby spot for drinks and food. Does this sound like something you ladies would be interested in? Do you have other meet up ideas?
If so, please voice your opinions.

Personally, I am up for anything. I love to shop, eat, mingle, and sip on delicious drinks. :)

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It's marked on my calendar as well!

I wanna go too!!! 

How exciting! There just may be waaayy too much fabulous with all of us going! :)

Not too far from PUG in Burbank is an American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, (a thrift store) and on Feb 23 they are having a Vintage Day! I'll photograph the flyer and post it tonight!

That sounds great! I love diggin' around in thrift stores. I'd love to stop there before heading to WKD.

This sounds like so much fun! I wish I could go with. I'm having some medical stuff done earlier that week. So I don't think I will be up for going to any. Although I am going to try to hit the Discovery Shop sale. I really really want to go to WKD and try on some corsets. But I don't think I will be up to it. Boo. :( 

I tried looking this event up on their website but it does not seem to be there. Can you post the info? I am thinking that for those interested this could be the first shopping stop, maybe at about 12 or 12:30.

I am still not sure if I can do the shopping outing in a few weeks, I will keep you all posted.

But in the meantime, is there anyone going to the Vintage Fashion Expo this weekend in Santa Monica? I have no interest whatsoever in the Super Bowl so I was thinking of going there early Sunday afternoon. Is there anyone interested in joining me? Maybe I'll also post a little separate topic on this.

Awww, that sounds fun... but can't do Sunday.

Can't do much till Feb 23rd anyway since I just bought 2 costumes, plus one on the way from Turkey and spent so much for competition application and private classes with my teachers and may be hotel in the competition weekend... All drained and depleted in my wallet..... :P

Meanwhile wish me luck and if any of you would like to watch belly dancers from across the globe compete and teachers present a fabulous show, come to Longeach Convention Center in the weekend following Valentine's Day. Check out I am competing on Sat Feb 16th in 2 categories of Specialty Prop and Taksim :)

Wish me luck. Lots and lots and lots of luck because dancers from Russia, Ukraine, Korea and Canada kick big time ass :)

Oh, I had the most fierce competition of my life among 14 contestants somce form Chech Replublic, Russia, Puerto Rico, Switzerland with awesome props and and no less than amazing numbers.

I came up the 2nd runner-up in the Specialty Prop category with that. I am really happy about! My prop was a tambourine. Not a very usual prop in belly dance world which may surprise you, but it is.

In the other cateory, I had a mishap of my necklace slipping from my neck to my bra and that just did it. I didn't have any placements on that one this year.

Starting to get ready for next year's competition literally!!!! It's more and more fierce every year.


Thank you so much for asking. The finals were so intense which I had the pleasure to watch only. My categories did not have finals. Oh it was so nerve-wrecking.

Anyhow, I can go with you to my teacher's beginner classon Saturdays at 11:30 am. She lives in Silverlake and teaches from her home studio. she is one of the celebrity belly dancer shwo danced for ages in LA area and all around the US.

Check out for more class times. I'll also let you know if I start teaching in LA.

I'll go ahead and ask my wonderful Mes. I bet you can come in any time.

She teaches many levels at the same time all the time.

For exmaple in her intermediate/advanced level classes there are people who are just stepping in from Beginner's and there are who have been dancing profesionally for years. Yet she'd nail me down any moment, I am off-beat or doing something incorrectly from across the room!!!!



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