I decided to spin off this little plan to see if we get a bit more interest. I thought it might be fun to just try and schedule an informal evening for anyone interested in getting together and actually meeting each other. The Bahooka is a Tiki style restaurant in Rosemead, just north of the 10 Freeway. It would be so great if we could actually see each other in person. 


4501 N. Rosemead Blvd.


(626) 285-1241

Saturday October 20th, 7:30 PM

The decor there is amazing. The drinks are tiki-licious. And the food... well the food is OK.

I have not tried to make a reservation there yet. I thought that it might be better to make sure at least a few people are coming. So if you are a "maybe" and if you are a definite "yes" please write a reply.

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees =)


Currently bidding on a tiki dress on ebay... :) I think it'll be mine and I hope LA weather will allow me to wear it on 20th without freezing.

Good luck! Today I tried on a few Hawaiian/Asian/tiki style dresses that I have. I think I have decided on which one to wear. I bought it at a really great thrift store in Covina. I am not sure how "pin up" it is. But it was made in Hawaii so it is authentically Polynesian.

You love Polynesian, don't you :) We don't have interesting thrift store like that in Bakersfield.... so, this dress sat on ebay for days for no bids, the minute I bid on it after making sure it'll fit, someone comes and overbids me >:( Maddening..... argh. Will wait till tomorrow last minute to see if I can snatch it.... :P

I really hate it when that happens... No one is bidding on it, then I do, thinking I am safe and this is going to be mine, then WHAM! Someone comes in a bidblocks!! Damn them!! lol, been there done that.

I waited till the last minute and bid and within the countdown of the last minute, someone came and increased the bid. Deadly Dames Blue-Pink floral Tiki Wrap is mine, but at a higher cost. Still it is almost 1/2 price of the store original.

Now I hope 1)it fits and 2)LA weather allows me to wear it on the 20th.

I have a feeling that more pinuppers would come to our meetup if they knew about it... Wish there was a better way to spread the word. (Yet, I am totally fin and dandy even if there is 1 person!)


I am a maybe... I'll find out my work schedule on Saturday.

Well we have 3 of us who are definitely coming and Jenn is our definite maybe.

I could see about posting this to the events page. What do you beauties think about that?

Now about that "what to wear" topic. I wrote yesterday about how I had decided on a Hawaiian dress. It was my decision. But... today I had the day off from work and visited the LA County Art Museum. (I am making a short story long.) I had a great day there even if I was by myself. Well I did a bit of shopping while I was out that way. I made a couple purchases at What Katie Did to expand my retro lingerie supply. And then I had some extra time before I had to head back home. And I thought why not visit that pin up store that is on Hollywood Blvd and its initials are BP. So that was where I went. I decided that I would only look at items on the sale racks. And ladies something very bad happened there. A dress began calling my name and said to me "Buy me". It is a blue Chinese style dress. And it was on sale for only $38! I tried it on... and it looked so right. The dress said again to me "Buy me". And you know what? I bought it! The dress did not actually talk to me. But something was communicated to me. And those of you who come to Bahooka will have to tell me if I was right in paying attention to the communication.

Well, if only it will make you feel better, I spent almost twice as much on the Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki.... boooooo :(

And yes to posting on events. There are girls like Chanel Chakko who didn't check it out. She said she'd be interested when invited her :) She is a WKD fan, you know and gave me a fantastic tip about orchardcorset.com where I ended up buying my first real corsets.

Talking about orchard corset, I need to look up for steampunk styles for my Halloween costume.... ;)

Hey, clothes (and shoes) talk to me all the time... yay you for finding an awesome deal!

I went into the restaurant today and made a reservation. I made it for 10 people even though right now there are only 3 of us who are for sure. The reservation is under the name "PUGster".



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