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"The Angelique Dress in Black Ponte de Roma Knit has the superb fit and quality you’ve come to expect from Laura Byrnes Black Label and is named after the elegant Angelique Noire. This dress is made with a high quality Ponte knit that resists wrinkles while hugging your body in all the right places. The classic shape and thick, comfortable fabric give this dress a sense of timeless grace and looks exceptional on a variety of shapes and sizes. The fishtail hemline, ruffle shoulders and capelete back make this the perfect dress for everything from a day in the office and a night on the town."

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Sultry, sexy, slimming, classy; everything to make every other woman in the room jealous and make every man turn his head. The Angelique dress by Laura Byrnes Black Label is a stunningly beautiful dress made of Ponte. The wrinkle and pilling resistant fabric drapes beautifully in all the right places and hugs your curves for the most dramatic and breathtaking fit possible. The fishtail hemline adds to the class of this dress giving it a sophisticated look that still cries “I’m a sexy, strong woman.”

Bold and ever so chic, she screams......"I AM A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH" in her execution of this piece!

She didn't yet know if her shadow had given her away. She felt a fool for letting him in on her plan. The car. She had needed his car. 

Nothing could be done now. The club would open soon for the delivery and surely the driver would notice the small drops of scarlet that she hadn't the time or interest to clean up. The only thing to do now was wait. Wait in the musky heat left from the struggle. 

She had to do what she had done. He was dragging her down and she had to get to the top. Had to do what was best for her future. When she was done the whole world would know her name. They would all know. 

The Angelique Dress in Black is the embodiment of elegance.  Capelet back and fishtail hemline spotlight your curves, creating a dangerously seductive silhouette any femme fatale would kill for!

You'll never feel like a fish out of water in the new Angelique dress by Laura Byrnes Black Label! Made of high-quality Ponte, it will frame your figure perfectly every time with no fuss and plenty of comfort. The capelet and fishtail hemline details lend it a timeless elegance that has, and will continue to stand the test of time. In a class of its own, this is the LBD you've always wanted, and that other women will wish they had. 

She glides into the room and all heads immediately turn to marvel at this alluring lady in The Angelique. Her confident strut evokes whispers of wonder: who is she? Her dress, made of only the finest Ponte, clings to her feminine form exquisitely, while the fishtail hemline flows gently to reveal her ladylike grace. As she turns, the capelet back flutters about delicately, creating an air of mystery and sensuality. This is no ordinary Little Black Dress. She is no ordinary woman.

Every woman needs a little black dress - one that makes you feel gorgeous at work or at play!  The Angelique dress by Laura Byrnes Black Label has the perfect combination of style and quality.  Made of Ponte that will caress your curves with a bit of stretch and no ironing worries, this dress has a capelet back to add a little bit of flirty while the fishtail hemline contrasts with a bit of sultry.  Whether coming or going you will have them eating out of your hand in the Angelique!

Softly the dress drapes down in a rich quality of ponte
As she gracefully steps out of the classic Monte.
The caplet back and ruffles a-flow.
Her slender features flicker in and out of the candlelight glow.
As she bids goodnight and ventures out into the eve,
a lovely flow of a fishtail hemline gently grazes autumn leaves.
Into the night the lady in the Angelique dress proceeds.

Purchase the new Angelique dress in black by designer Laura Byrnes Black Label.


" Smell the sophistication in the room.  Turn the heat on with this Ponte, fishtail hemline, capelet back, Angelique dress.  Sure to turn heads, you'll have all the confidence to make them know who you are and what you're all about!"

Midnight dreams of the polished jazz age become reality in the Angelique dress by Laura Byrnes.  Embraced in lush black Ponte, you are the sultry queen of the torch singers, the drape of elegant caplet and fishtail hemline accenting your every move.  Be the dream.  

(so many epic entries!  Good luck everyone!)  

Now presenting the Angelique dress by Laura Byrnes Black Label. This elegant dress will turn any woman into a seductress. Men will fall under your spell, hypnotized by your curves. It features a fishtail hemline that flows beautifully while shimmying across the dance floor. Also features a capelet back, which accents your shoulders with soft ruffles. Made with a high quality Ponte, that resists wrinkles. The stretch in the fabric will hug every inch of your womanly curves!

It is not every day that a lady gets to look as elegant as this dress makes you feel - Made of high quality Ponte not one wrinkle or crease will ruin the glamor of this dress as you flow through a sea of adoring onlookers! With a fishtail hemline and an alluring capelet back this dress sizzles in all the right ways. It's not easy being sophisticated but oh so sexy all at the same time but thankfully this dress packs just the right punch to spice up any day or night~



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