There's nothing I love more than the treat of a Hostess Gift.  Sadly I can count on one hand how many I've recieved.  But it's a two way street and I have fallen short in that department as well.

Being the Happy Hostess we all know how much time and effort we put into our gatherings and it means a lot to get that little treat from a guest that appreciates your efforts.

With the Holiday season fast approaching I've decided to bring back the Hostess Gift no matter where I'm invited to.  I've gotten a few really great ideas off of Pinterest and can't wait to get a little creative and crafty!

Do you think this tradition should be resurected?

Can't wait to make this one for Christmas parties :)


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My friend Julie is amazing about Hostess gifts!  She always brings something - for my Halloween party she brought me ice cube trays shaped like skulls, lol.  For my Wild West themed Murder Mystery party she brought me playing cards and a coffee cup that said "Deadwood" on it.  She always comes up with really clever ideas!

I think that would be lovely. I know how much time and expense it takes to put on a party, its nice for the host to get a little something back. When attending a dinner party or any other kind for that, guests attending tend to just bring a bottle of wine with them. For me that no use at all as I only really drink cocktails if I'm having alcohol, I dont drink very often at all. It's 'the thought that counts' though right?? Even though not much actual thought goes into grabbing any old cheap bottle of wine of the shelf down the local store just so your not turning up empty handed! I'd love to hear peoples ideas for different gifts to try so that i can make something special. Baking a nice home made cake is always good, nice personal touch.

Wine is easy.  In fact it's so easy I have a hard time considering it a good hostess gift.  I guess to me a hostess gift should be thoughtful and a bit more personalized to the hostess.  Now if someone brought me a bottle of Marilynn Merlot or one of Kestrel's Lady in Red or Platinum bottles then I'd be thrilled and know that I was really thoght of.  Or a fun/funky wine glass :)



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