Hey PUG friends! I just thought that I'd start up a thread here devoted to funny and or embarrassing stories about yourself that you feel like sharing. These could be stories about anything from walking into a glass door to getting caught with your pants down, or falling face down at the office to asking another woman when her due date is when it turns out that she's not pregnant at all.

We've all been there before so go ahead and feel free to post any funny story that you feel like sharing :)

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Well, I am still waking up this morning but I can think of one quick little story. I went to the mall after getting all dolled up. I was thinking about how great I was looking but not thinking about what I was doing. I tried to go down the up escalator. Luckily no one else saw me do that. I will think more about this topic. This could be fun.

That is so cute, lol! I did that once too. I figure this could be a fun topic to let us all smile and have fun so I posted it. :) 

Oh, I have the same fear! I hate getting on and off escalators, and especially at the airport when I have a rolling suitcase, I get like a panic attack!

Time to share mine, lol. Last summer my husband and I went to a get together for Labour Day up at a camping resort with some friends of ours. At one point my friends called me over to a where a group of them were so we could all have what I THOUGHT was a big group picture of all us girlfriends. Instead, it was REALLY a "Let's all pants Tahitia" and take a picture of it, which they did. So yeah, THAT was a surprise and my gf's all got a memorable picture out of it.

You gotta love friends :)

Here's another red faced moment of mine :) Years ago I was visiting a friend of mine who lived in a beautiful house by the beach with a gorgeous balcony that overlooked the water. One day I saw my friend was sitting out on the balcony studying so I walked over to talk to her and WHAM!! I walked right into her nicely polished glass sliding door face first.

The worst part is that I did it AGAIN before that summer ended. We both laughed so hard, even harder especially after the second time :)

Oh my God I'm so glad you weren't hurt! Yes it's always different if there's one or more people around you, especially loved ones who have no problem laughing at your embarrassment ;)

I remember that episode of Sex in the City too, that was hilarious!

Oh I know! The HBO originals is the best way to watch the show. Come to think of it, when I have the money I really should pick up the show on DVD. ;) 

I was all dressed up in PUG on my way to the optometrist to get an eye test. I had very high wedges on and the floors of the shopping complex must have been VERY clean because my foot slipped and I crashed aaaallllllll the way down to the floor from the tops of my high, high heels. I was so embarrassed, I grabbed my boyfriend's arm, yanked myself up and quietly cried on his shoulder.

I was so angry because all these people saw me trip in heels like a child, and it was my new audrey skirt I landed on.

Please do not feel bad about it at all. I remember one time of being in the mall and fell face forward. I had on a short sundress and flip flops. I don't know what was up with that floor because before I fell, I almost did but caught myself but that second time, I went down and I went down hard. I hit that floor so hard I busted my knee up. I had to crawl to a bench and people was watching me and no one offered help. A few minutes later mall security came to help, I couldn't move my leg and I had to go to the hospital an ambulance. At least Miss Emma you were able to get up.

Awwww. hugs! I think I can honestly say that somthing similar has happened to all of us (To quote Brandi :).  As gorgeous as the heels can look, sometimes they can be dangerous/risky. I'm glad you're OK though apart from the embarrassment. 

So you have the Audrey Skirt eh, nice! :) I love that skirt and may be getting it in the spring. :)  

Oh my, that was a dark experience by the sounds of it. But if anything that's a negative reflection on the woman that yelled that to you. You have every right to dress-up how you want to and I'm sure you looked gorgeous in what you had on as well. Just know that  you can always come on to Pinup Style for support from all of us!

Hugs to you! :) 

Here`s another story of mine (seems I have a few of these doesn`t it ;) ). Last year I was at a big New Years Eve party (in my Vivien Dress) dancing on the floor a little after midnight when another party-goer who I didn`t really know but was DEFINITELY well past toasted on the night drunkenly stumbled into me. Luckily I broke her fall, but only by her reaching out and grabbing both of my boobs on her way down to regain her balance.

This wasn`t a soft stumble either, she was hurtling towards me at full speed when she reached out! She and her friends of course were so drunk that they just laughed their asses thinking it was the funniest thing in the world, I laughed too though mostly because I was just really stunned at what happened. My husband and I stayed at the party, but obviously I avoided that woman for the rest of the night ;)

I can laugh at it now since I can see that it was pretty funny, though the woman could have at least bought me a drink for getting to second base, don`t ya think? ;)




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