I bought myself a garter belt and some stockings to go with it recently. The garter belt is fine (a plain, black-satin, six-strap number), but the stockings ("Leg Avenue" brand) are a bit short, and don't look like they'll survive a full-day wear (or even a date night).  I was surprised that I couldn't find many plain stockings in my local department stores (even though there are plenty of undergarments with garters!), and the few I found were either "one size" or "one size/queen size" (I went with "queen", hoping that would fit my "healthy" thighs ;-).

Do any of you have recommendations for traditional stockings?  I'm looking for somewhat larger sizes (I'm 5'9", 180lbs., and a lot of those pounds are in my thighs), in black and nude colors.

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hmm, actually for 'basic' durable and cheap stockings, Walmart has a brand called George that are pretty good, usually my stockings run or tear after I wear them four or one time, but I've had these for almost four years now with no problem, granted they aren't quite as see through as I normally buy, (they are 40 denier I usual buy 20's) 

For something a little better quality (okay a lot better) Viene Milano's are pretty nice, 

and as a general rule, anything with 'shaping' such as Spanx thigh highs are going to last longer. You can get a size up for a bit of a roomier fit as they can be quite snug 

I love the George brand as well :) They really do last through multiple wears. Even started a discussion on them a few months back. http://www.pinupgirlstyle.com/group/corsets-girdles-and-more/forum/...

Thank you both, Brandy and Brandi!  I'll stop by a local Wal-Mart soon.

I forgot to search the forums for this topic (silly me): Your October discussion would definitely have helped (including to avoid the Leg Avenue pair).

I looked at the Viene Milano site (thanks for that recommendation), but it looks like they're all stay-ups with silicone bands, which haven't felt comfortable for me in the past.

Have any of you ever tried "100% silk" stockings?  I've seen them on-line in a few places, but they're a bit pricy (over $50 for a pair).  I wonder if they're really different from the usual nylon stuff, or if it is just a gimmick.

Thanks again, and happy new year!

This is a great topic Latina! My favourite stockings are the Retro Seamed Stockings from over at What Katie Did. After converting from the pound to US dollars they go for about $13 each, but you normally have to pay for shipping. I ordered a bunch of them back in December during their Christmas sale and I couldn't recommend any stockings any more than these. They're durable, they stay clipped, they'll go great with a garter belt and the back seam really adds to the pinup look!

I found out about these when Stephanie Folden recommended them as her favourite too over in the Most Embarrassing Moment thread ;)

Thanks Tahitia!  Any feedback about the sizing?

Well I'm about 5 foot 7 so I wear the medium/large size stockings and they fit really nice.

The two sizes that they offer are small/medium and medium/large, the size small/medium is for women that are 5 foot 1 to five foot 7 and are about 110 to 145 pounds, and the medium/large is for 5 foot 5 to 5 foot 11 and 120 to 175 pound ladies, of which I am one.

I hope that that helps :)

It does, thanks.  I'm 5'9" 180-ish. So in theory they should fit me too.

(I've had bad luck with stay-ups, despite the sizing chart indicating that they should fit me, and the Leg Avenue stockings pair I just got has the same problem: They don't get more than a few inches above my knee. Ideally, I'd like the garters to clip halfway my thigh or higher.)

Ah, yes the stay ups, lol. I tried those as well in the past and I found the exact same problem. And they were also very uncomfortable too.

But you'll love the What Katy Did stockings combined with the garter belts. I feel like such a lady whenever I wear them. Also, the What Katy DId garters do clip halfway up my thigh or higher if I wish them too. So if you go with that option I promise you'll be very satisfied! ;)

Great!  Thanks!  Your endorsement means a lot.

I keep reading a lot of good things about What Katy Did. They have a pretty online store to :) Hopefully I'll have a first hand experience at some point in the future. Usually most of my clothing budget gos to PUG.

I have posted on a number of occasions about my love for What Katie Did. Their after Christmas sale is still on and a few things are still available. I believe that some of their stockings are still on sale and available. I ordered a bunch online and was supposed to pick them up on Saturday but I had something major I had to deal with instead. Oh well. And for those of us in the US, if you call the store you will talk to one of two wonderful women who work there. They are experts in vintage undies.

I love Sears for their thigh-highs,both stay up and garter style.

I'm plus size and they always have sizes that fit.






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