Hey it's me Tahitia again and I wanted to talk to you about bucket lists!

Life is too short, and It's because our time is so precious though that we all owe it to ourselves to make the most of it when we do have that odd free week or even a single day to ourselves, and to do the things that we've always wanted to do in that time before we kick the bucket...

Soooooooo, what I'd like to do is share with everyone a couple things to do from my own bucket list and hope that you're willing to share a couple of your own! I keep a running tally of my whole list on my Pinterest page if you're interested in checking them out, but for now these are the ones I'd like to share :)

Zip Lining over the Water! I absolutely love the water and have always wondered what it would feel like to fly over the surface like a bird and feel the wind around me, so this one's definitely a must do.

See Lady Gaga in Concert! Gaga is one of my biggest inspirations, not just because of her music, but her message of self acceptance, love and equality really is important to me, that and I've heard that she's an amazing showman in person and that her concerts are like nothing else that you've ever seen :)

So there's a couple things to do of mine and I hope you that you feel like sharing a few of your own :)

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Tahitia, if I went to Egypt, I'd definitely want to see the pyramids! :)

Yay! If you don't mind me borrowing it I'm definitely adding seeing the pyramids that to my own running Bucket List :)

Regarding Swing Dancing, it's quite approachable.  My husband and I occasionally take some ballroom dancing classes and after one or two swing dancing classes of 1/2 hour each, I felt we were having fun on the floor.  We've since used those steps at various parties (including a wedding). There are different kinds of swing dancing; I think what we learned was "East Coast" and something else the name of which escapes me (might have been "six step" or "eight step" or something like that). I hear WCS ("West Coast Swing") is lots of fun too, but quite different.  I'm afraid we don't have "flying moves" though :-P

Regarding Skinny Dipping, we went a few times to a nude beach on a French Carribean island. Skinny dipping comes with it of course. I was very apprehensive about it when my husband asked for that favor (but "I owed him"). In the end, though it was fine: People are way less uptight on nude beaches than I tend to be, and surprisingly there is more conversation going on among strangers than any other beaches I've been to. (Definitely more men than women on that beach though. And I'd say more 40s and above than younger generations; which was fine by me.)

I don't have a bucket list per se, but I wouldn't mind seeing some more of the great sites of the world (pyramids, Taj Mahal, some places in Italy,...).

Thanks for the thoughts Latina! One of the reasons that I started this thread was to give people the chance to offer feedback on their goals and bucket list to do's :)

Now that you mention it I do have one wedding on the horizon, hopefully in the New Year I'll be able to squeeze in one or two lessons before that for an extra good time on the dance floor. I had no idea that there were different styles of swing dance, I'll have to ask our instructor about that when I do sign up.

I don't know if I'll ever be good enough to learn those "flying moves" myself :-P As long as my hubby and I are having fun then that will be more than good enough. I'm glad to hear you say that it's approachable too :)

I'm glad to hear that you and your husbands skinny dips were as fun as they sound, and an awesome way to pay your husband back for whatever you "owed him" for too ;) 
Designated nude beaches do make sense as one of the best choices for a place to go to, and the age range does sound good for being accepting and non-judgmental, which are more than just important in that environment when your literally bearing it all :)

Those are some great ideas for places to go to as well, I really hope that you get to go there and soon. Thanks again for sharing Latina and everyone else who's done it so far! So keep on sharing and I might even post a couple of my own in a little bit :)

I'm literally creating so many lists at the moment! Think its the new year new start thing! Getting together my 10 new years resolutions, things i wanna make happen next year, my things to do before I'm 30 list (26 now) then my whole life bucket list!

A couple off my new years is:

Have my dream holiday in New York

Read Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings and Twilight Saga books finally

Have a photoshoot done

Things in bucket list include

Visit Australia and New Zealand

Road trip of Route 66

Learn to ski

Swim with dolphins

See the Moulin Rouge Show

Skinny dipping in the ocean - think thats on most peoples list!




Thank you SO much for sharing these Leanna, and it's really smart of you to separate these all into 3 different categories too based on time.

You'll definitely love the Harry Potter and Twilight books, I've read both series and they're all fantastic stories! Also I totally agree that a dream holiday in New York would be spectacular :) If you are able to get a photoshoot done this year don't hesitate to share the pictures if you can :)

All your other ideas are really great too, especially taking a road trip on Route 66 and seeing a show at Moulin Rouge, I never even thought of those two before but they're both brilliant ideas!

As for skinny dipping in the ocean, I didn't realize it but yeah it really does seem to be on most peoples lists doesn't it? It's even been crossed off a list by at least one poster here ;)

I thought of another few yesterday:

See the northern lights
Stroke a tiger or lion
Go on safari

My partner has a few so far too:

Work in Australia and New Zealand
Get his motorbike license
Get another tattoo - also one of mine


Thanks for sharing more Leanna! I'd love to see the northern lights too (haven't yet :( ), petting a lion and or a tiger would be incredible and not many other experiences could ever compare to going on a safari.

I wish your partner all the luck in the world too, I bet Australia and New Zealand would be amazing places to work, I don't know if I'm quite brave enough to ever try riding a motorbike and of course you can NEVER go wrong with getting more tattoos ;)

My list for this year is actually pretty small:
1. Learn to sew
2. Attend more shows- we are close to so many,being from ca and in the Los Angeles area.
3. Biggest- try for a baby. Yes we are trying to have a baby this year and hopefully with prayers and "trying" teeheehee this will happen.

Oh, good luck with the baby project!  I hope it'll work out in every way.

(And Happy New Year!)

Djana thank you for sharing, and never think that any list is small :) Especially one that contains a baby at the end! I think it's really great to see so many intimate and personal goals being shared here.

That's such a beautiful thing to have your list and I honestly wish you and your partner all the best luck in the world that it will happen for you both :)

Enjoy that "trying" tee hee hee ;)

Jessica I can totally relate to having so many things that you want to do but what seems like never enough time to do them. I'm so glad that you're doing things that are surprising even to yourself, isn't it great when you can surprise even yourself?

I really hope that you're able to to record, write and take pictures like you said. It sounds like you're a very artistic person and that you really have a lot of creativity that you want to share with others. Please please PLEASE just remember to share with us any updates on those projects for when you do pull them off :)

It would be great to meet the women behind this community and the outfits we love down in L.A. I agree, and how can you NOT get your hair and makeup down while you're there? :)

I was just agreeing with Melissa down below that watching the ball drop in New York on New Years Eve could definitely make for one of the best PUG meetups ever, it seems more than a couple of us have made going to see the ball drop a list item for sure :)

Whatever you decide to be when you grow up I hope that it's something you wake up wanting to do every morning! Thank you so much for sharing and sorry for taking so darn long to respond to your list :)




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