Hey it's me Tahitia again and I wanted to talk to you about bucket lists!

Life is too short, and It's because our time is so precious though that we all owe it to ourselves to make the most of it when we do have that odd free week or even a single day to ourselves, and to do the things that we've always wanted to do in that time before we kick the bucket...

Soooooooo, what I'd like to do is share with everyone a couple things to do from my own bucket list and hope that you're willing to share a couple of your own! I keep a running tally of my whole list on my Pinterest page if you're interested in checking them out, but for now these are the ones I'd like to share :)

Zip Lining over the Water! I absolutely love the water and have always wondered what it would feel like to fly over the surface like a bird and feel the wind around me, so this one's definitely a must do.

See Lady Gaga in Concert! Gaga is one of my biggest inspirations, not just because of her music, but her message of self acceptance, love and equality really is important to me, that and I've heard that she's an amazing showman in person and that her concerts are like nothing else that you've ever seen :)

So there's a couple things to do of mine and I hope you that you feel like sharing a few of your own :)

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oh! I also want to buy an old car and fix it up when I move back to the States. I used to have a little 1958 Nash Metropolitan which barely ran when I bought it but had to sell when I moved. Lovely little car though and it's always nice to go to car shows WITH a car. I think I want my next one to be a Hudson Hornet because they are awesome :)  I actually bought this little guy with a second car and completely scrapped the second because they were both in really bad shape and needed parts replaced. You can actually see from the photo here how the fenders are really rusting from the inside  

Okay, getting a vintage car like this is DEFINITELY on my hubby and mine combined list too! Just the of washing it in the summer time in the drive way in a vintage bikini alone would make it worth it ;)

surf eBay, make sure you are looking local, and take your time. Sometimes you can pick up a nice one that needs work for just a few thousand or less so while it is an investment, it's not the $30,000 investment you would have to pay if you got it new. From there you just either have to fix it yourself or pay someone to do it in little bits as you get the money :) 

and it's sooo worth it! I hope you find something cool! 

Wow, I never thought of my hubby and I as vintage car owners, but you're definitely right Brandy. This is just the sort of thing I've always wanted to try but just assumed could never happen to me.

Hubby and I will start searching and I'll let you know what we find. We're going to try to go to some car shows this year too so we can try talking to the owners for advice on buying and maintaining one as well.

I'm always glad to see incredible ladies like yourself sharing your lists of things to do Brandy!

I'll definitely read your book and it's sequels when they're finished. I really have to go to more car shows as well this year. Bellydance is a lot of fun, but I love to just dance any kind of dancing too :) ).

I know from experience that the wrong tattoo artist can make a beautiful tattoo idea a disappointment  so please take all the time that you need in finding that artist you trust with your skin.

An Eiffel Tower pic would be so awesome. I've always wanted to be in a calendar too, we just have to find  away to make it happen!

I love dogs too, they're the best friends you can have :) I think that my bones are too fragile for Roller Derby, but definitely go for that if that's what you're missing :)

Thank you so much for sharing these and I hope that you get to start crossing them off soon!

I found my tattoo artist!! He's amazing and probably booked up until next year but I don't care. Talking with him now about my first piece which I want to base on this little guy who is not only adorable but completely symbolizes how unhappy we make ourselves by trying to be things we're not :)  (tattoo with morale lol)  but he's going to be on my ankle and sorry I had to share but... well... been looking for a tattoo artist for more than a year! 

Brandy that's fantastic news! I definitely agree with you that the best tattoo artists are going to be worth a year long waiting list.

That's such a wonderful illustration and you're definitely right about that being such a beautiful message behind it, I hope that poor little goldfish can be happy with himself one day... I feel like I want to give him a hug :)

Good luck and keep us posted!

Let's both give him a hug and tell him he's beautiful just the way he is and we wouldn't change him for the world!

I'm actually thinking about doing that sort of . putting   ' Just the Way You Are'  under him. But he has to go on my ankle and my ankles are really small so I have to make sure there is room first lol! Really excited about it though! Although I have to work on 'more patience less excitement'  :)

The update is that he is leaving for Australia today for three months and then going to Dublin Ireland for three months after that but in 6 months he will be home and will have an appointment for me.  So the 'year'  isn't hugely far off lol 

That's awesome news Brandy! If done properly, every part of getting your tattoo done will be an incredible experience from the first consultation to the inking itself. I hope that's exactly what this is for you when all's said and done and you can look down at your little goldfish friend with nothing but smiles :)




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