Hey it's me Tahitia again and I wanted to talk to you about bucket lists!

Life is too short, and It's because our time is so precious though that we all owe it to ourselves to make the most of it when we do have that odd free week or even a single day to ourselves, and to do the things that we've always wanted to do in that time before we kick the bucket...

Soooooooo, what I'd like to do is share with everyone a couple things to do from my own bucket list and hope that you're willing to share a couple of your own! I keep a running tally of my whole list on my Pinterest page if you're interested in checking them out, but for now these are the ones I'd like to share :)

Zip Lining over the Water! I absolutely love the water and have always wondered what it would feel like to fly over the surface like a bird and feel the wind around me, so this one's definitely a must do.

See Lady Gaga in Concert! Gaga is one of my biggest inspirations, not just because of her music, but her message of self acceptance, love and equality really is important to me, that and I've heard that she's an amazing showman in person and that her concerts are like nothing else that you've ever seen :)

So there's a couple things to do of mine and I hope you that you feel like sharing a few of your own :)

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Alright so there's no bitters yet, that's okay :) I'll just share a couple more items off my own list!

Go Cliff Jumping! Just like with zip lining, I've always wanted to feel the rush of the wind around me but in this case in a complete free fall and splash down into the warm and beautiful water below. It would be great to do this on vacation so I could jump into a tropical lagoon, but there's no shortage of safe rock faces and ponds, rivers and lakes in this area that I should be able to find in the New Year.

A really good friend of mine who's a breast cancer survivor's asked me to go try it with her, she's a beautiful inspiration to me and I can't wait to take the leap :)

Learn to Swing Dance! This one's a real recent addition, it's really only been on my list since I first got into the pinup lifestyle but oh my GOD it just looks SO MUCH FREAKIN FUN! I mean you can flip, spin and practically fly through the air in some of those moves! (Hmmm... a lot of these bucket list items of mine seem to involve the sensation of flight... funny eh?).

Either way the rhythm of the swing tunes and beats is so captivating while the dancers move so seamlessly how can you not fall in love with it?

Have any ladies out there taken up swing dancing out of curiosity? If so did you find it something that was approachable that with practice you could learn and pick up or is this one of those styles where if you aren't already heavily into it by your early teen years it's all but impossible to learn?

Either way I really want to give this one a try in the new year :)

So there you have it, another two items from my own bucket list. I hope you've enjoyed reading them and feel free to share one or two of your own if you have a minute!

Hugs :)

Brandi those are amazing things to do. I've always wanted to go horseback riding, it just looks so beautiful. I think you'll love pole dancing classes, I used to take classes and they're very empowering and so much fun to do.

I agree Christina Aguilera is just every kind of amazing there is, especially amaze-balls :) I've loved her and her music for so long it would just be awesome to see her in concert (wouldn't it be great to get a bunch of pinup gals to go together in full pinup hair, makeup and clothes? :).

I promise you that you will LOVE a live burlesque show if you're ever able to go see one, the performers are almost always incredibly talented, funny, athletic, personable and great interacting with the audience and giving everyone an amazing show :)

Pinup tattoo's are another awesome idea, I've been thinking about getting one too. What sort of one are you thinking about getting done?

And New York City? Wow.... New York City... just wow :) That would be a dream come true wouldn't it? Now THAT would be a great place to go with a group of pinup girls in full hair, makeup and clothing :)

Thank you so much for sharing those Brandi, your an amaze-balls doll :)

You are so welcome Brandi :)

I have been a huge fan of Christina's since I was in college, I have so many memories of dancing to her songs at clubs on weekends :)

It would be awesome if you were able to make it down to NYC for your birthday, that would be the best way to wring in the big 3-0, especially if you got to take in a makeup show with Ms. Von Teese. I know what you mean about being short on cash to do these things though... I'm putting all of my eggs into the Viva Las Vegas basket myself. I so hope that you can make it to NYC though, you really do deserve it :)

I totally remember "Ain't No Other Man", I want to get up and dance just thinking about it! I remember the scene too that you're describing and that would be a GORGEOUS tattoo! Especially you're ideas for it ;) Her music really is perfect for pinup.

Just out of curiosity where are you thinking of getting the tattoo done? Your arm? Your back? Your side? I've been thinking about getting a pinup tattoo myself and am still trying to figure out where it would be best to have it put.

P.S. I hope you don't mind but I "borrowed" going to NYC for my Pinterest bucket list;)

YAY! So now that we've gotten the ball rolling a big here I can share a couple of more to do items from my own list.

Be in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Shadowcast! I first saw Rocky Horror Picture when I was a teenager, and I thought it was a funny movie an okay movie, but it turns out that I was watching the movie wrong... by myself in my house and on TV.

Last year a friend of mine organized a screening of the movie at an independent theatre house and a professional shadow cast showed up to play along with the movie and interact with the audience and I was MEMORIZED! I'd never been so entertained at a movie before. It wasn't enough just to watch the shadowcasters doing their routines though, I wanted to be having as much fun as they were and be a part of the show.

I know that there area a few different "official" shadowcast groups in Toronto and a lot of unofficial ones too, so I think that this is one I can pull off :)

Be a Movie Extra! Last year I won a contest to have a walk-on background role in the season finale's of one of my favourite show's and I really had the time of my life there. I got to spend time with some really easy going and fun people who worked as extras from newly landed immigrants trying to make their way in the city to recently retired professionals looking to spend their time doing fun things.

I had no idea that there was such a HUGE demand for extras, and even though the work won't always be consistent it is a real fun way to make extra money. This is another item I'm hoping to cross off in the New Year, so wish me luck on that please :)

So who else has any items from their own lists that they'd like to share? ;)

Oh I know what you mean, it would be so fun to be a part of a horror movie, that or maybe a comedy.

Of course being in love with the pinup lifestyle and this website my favorite I think would be a period piece from the 40's, 50's or 60's, that would be just incredible to even for a few seconds to walk with other extras dressed in period costumes around a period set with period props... so much fun :)

Oh wow, getting to be an extra in a musical like that would be SO MUCH FUN!

I agree anything in that era would be perfect too. I don't know if you saw the Captain America movie but there was a beautiful scene that took place at a giant worlds fair at night in New York City in 1942 with rides, attractions, and all kinds of ordinary fairgoers in the background.

That's exactly the kind of scene I'd love to be a part of in the future, so if we keep our fingers crossed we might just get lucky and have that happen :)

Only just spotting this thread - but it's very interesting to read other people's lists!

Here's a few of mine:

Visit Japan: Both my husband and I are into everything japanese. If we get the money to, I'd love to go to Toyko then bullet train it up to Kyoto. It's such a fasinating country with a unique blend of uber-modern and traditional culture.

Join and Am-Dram group: Ever since a child I was a bit of a lovey! It's one of those things there's not enough time in the day for me to fit in, but maybe if I get to retire early, this is something I would love to do.

Compete in a triathalon: I'm quite active, but I've never really took up and stuck to a sport. I enjoy going to the gym and get a kick out of physically pushing myself, but again, due to my lifestyle I feel this is one area that I've neglected and would love to become fitter. I have always enjoyed watching and admire triathaletes (it's one of the hardest sports going!) and I think committing to something like competing in an event would be the motivation I need to get my ass into gear

....would love to hear more from you guys as well as they roll in! xx 

YAY I'm so glad you found this thread Emma!

I agree with everything that you said about Japan, there is no shortage of things that I would love to see and or do while I'm there.

A Am-Dram groups another great idea, you will always get to meet the most talented, understanding and creative people there and they're a great place to further develop creativity and self-expression. You can't go wrong with that combination.

Complete a triathlon? Oh wow... that would be incredible, and I really wish you all the luck in the world if you're going to go for one. I know what you mean about loving physically pushing yourself but at the same time having life get in the way. It would be a great goal to use for personal motivation, and something you could always be proud of.

Thank you SO much for sharing your list, it was beautiful and if you don't mind I might borrow one of two for my own bucket list page. I really love reading about other women's dreams and wishes for the future and why they're aspiring to them and how they hope to make them come true. It really is inspiring, especially this time of year.

So keep those lists coming in ladies! :)

Thanks for saying that Brandi, I'm glad to know my own list is fun sounding too :)

Kiss a Dolphin: To be able to play with and bond with a truly beautiful animal in it's own natural habitat like a dolphin in the ocean would be an experience I'd never forget, especially if I could go for a ride on one just like you said!

I've also seen dolphins on TV chirping and singing to pregnant women's bellies when the pregnant women get in the water with them because the dolphins are aware of the fetus inside the women and instinctively want to sing to them.

So down the road when I do get pregnant I would absolutely love to go swimming with dolphins just so they can sing to the soon to be born baby :)

Skinny Dipping in the Ocean: I absolutely love this one too! It's a really great way to embrace yourself, to celebrate your self-esteem and it's the BEST way to enjoy the ocean (at least as I've been told) :)

Weather wise YES this is definitely a summer thing to do :)

As for the place ALSO YES, it should be a place where you'd be comfortable going nude. 

For me, I'd love to take a dip in Tahiti, the island that made my absolute favourite style of dancing in the world :)

Although anywhere with special friends and loved ones could be pretty nice and fun too ;)

Brandi those are both really beautiful. Having an original poem published, especially a romantic one with a retro theme would be especially sweet ;)

I've always wanted to go to a renaissance faire too, they look like so much fun and are just overflowing with amazingly talented dancers, performers, craftsmen and women and so many others that just want to take everything in. I can't imagine what I'd wear to one since I don't have any medieval costumes, but I'm sure that I could find something.

I agree, sneakers are definitely in order for maximum enjoyment :)

Learn to ballroom dance

Go on a trip to Europe and Egypt

Spontaneous road trip out of state

Visit the world's longest yardsale (always in August)

Get a tattoo-I want the Egyptian eye of Horus on my left wrist

Jamie those are all amazing things to see and do.

Europe would be just incredible, where exactly on the continent did you want to go? It would be so beautiful to see the pyramids in Egypt too. You don't get any more spontaneous than an out of state road trip so that would definitely be fun, seeing the world's longest yardsale would be fantastic and you can never go wrong with getting that special tattoo you've always wanted, especially one as beautiful as the Egyptian eye you described :)

Thanks for sharing and keep'em coming ladies!




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