Hey guys! Next month I'm going to be going to not only my first concert in a VERY LONG TIME, but also one of my favourite artists and absolute biggest inspirations in life, Lady Gaga herself!

As you can expect from the fact that going to a concert of her's is on my bucket list, I am more than just a little excited about this ;) WEEEEEEEEE!!

Okay now that I've got that out of my system, I need your help. I need to know... (drum roll please)... what PUG outfit and look you would recommend wearing to a Lady Gaga concert.

Now going by the pictures I've researched online for ideas there's a pretty wide range of options of "daringness" open. For outfits I've seen pictures of just every day casual fans in jeans and leggings with an off the shoulder shirt to über fans like these ones from a Tacoma Washington show wearing torn stockings and or bodysuits.

I've seen pictures of fans in sequin bras, leather bras, come to think of it LOTS of bras really. When it comes to hair and makeup styles there are even more looks and styles to get inspiration from. Like I said, there's a really wide range of looks that you can cover at one of Gaga's concerts and still fit in.

I'm looking for advice on everything that you're willing to give advice on, hairstyles (something like 1940's Victory Rolls or maybe something more rockabilly'ish from the 50's), the makeup (dark pinup bordering on gothic or something brighter with blue eyeshadow), whether to go with a wiggle dress or an open hip party dress, or even to go with two PUG separates and if so then what two separates  A Flared skirt and a bustier? A pencil skirt and a cap sleeve top? Even a pair of Capris maybe?

Or what about the craziest most OUTRAGEOUS PUG outfit that you can imagine wearing to a Lady Gaga concert even?

The only thing I know for sure is that I want to wear some kind of PUG to the show, other than that I'm open to every idea that you can throw my way and no idea's going to be too crazy.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and I promise to share pics of what ever outfit you all help me choose :)

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Hello again! So since I started this thread I was able to talk to my friend Belinda (the awesome clothier who I have my swimsuit, my Playboy Bunny costume and my Captain America Dancing Girl costume to thank for), and she gave me a bit of advice for concert clothing options.

In her experience, in close confined situations like a concert like this one, you really should go with practicality over style, tempting as the later is. She suggested nothing more than just a regular t-shirt with jeans. I might use this occasion to justify finally getting either the Cigarette Pants in Red Stretch Twill Denim or the Deadly Dames Capri Pants in Red and pair it with a shirt I'll pick up at the concert. I'm leaning more towards the Cigarette Pants just because I'm likely to get more wear out of them in this climate (summer weather PLEASE get here fast :) )

So this outfit won't be as "über" PUG as I first hoped, but it should be just fine to party with some little monsters :) I'll share the pics as soon as I make the order and they come in! 

If I were going to a concert for say... Christina ;) ;) and this is JUST ME....I would also wear jeans, I like the idea of wearing an artists merch. t-shirt as long as it's fitted (and low cut is my preference). I would definitely wear a hair flower for a pin up touch. Oww also depending on the t-shirt...maybe even wear a waist cincher belt with it.

K, now I'm thinking I need a Christina shirt. Don't have one :(

Getting one AT a concert would help me a lot. I could check'em out and then decide what size to buy without even trying it on. I have a nack for that. Despite what a tag says, I can just look at an article of clothing and with pretty damn high accuracy know if it will fit :)

When you do make it to a Christina concert you're definitely going to have to share a picture of the t-shirt that you picked out :)

That's a pretty handy nack to have, especially in the middle of a crazy concert's merch table. I can sometimes eyeball the fit too but not well enough that I'd take a chance and buy a shirt without trying it on.

Damn! I wish I could have you at the Gaga concert to help find the perfect shirt :)

Okay first off I really do hope that you're able to see Christina in concert! I bet her live shows are awesome to take in :)

Second, I think you nailed what I should wear right on the head, especially with the hair flower! Also I'll definitely look for a shirt that I can wear a waist cincher belt with... or heck maybe I could even go with one of PUG's belt's from their accesory section, like maybe the Wide Sateen Belt in White or the Wide Leopard Velvet Belt.

Folly Flair, no doubt about it! 


classy, sexy, and absolutely outrageous :) 

Oh my GOD that dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL Brandy! Classy, sexy AND absolutely positively outrageous like you said... just what Gaga ordered.

The only down side is that price tag... eeek :(.

With Viva coming up I might have to take a pass on this one, I'll definitely add this to my wish list though! ;)

and if you pair it with ballet flats , spray it down with suede waterproofing spray... you'll be good to go, 

but yeah, it is a wee bit expensive, they should have a 'Pug Rental' thing so you can rent dress for the day ha! 

Oh if I ever do get to go, I'll at least post an outfit pic ;)

I guess I have pretty good body perception of myself... not sure if I'd be just as accurate picking something out for someone else though. The last time this magic power of mine was put into practice is when I went to the annual Great Pottsville Cruise this past summer. Went to check out some shirts at a Harley Davidson booth. The mens shirts are what first caught my eye. Saw a black tee with a cute pinup girl on it! Walked over to the ladies section and found a couple of cute ones and decided on this white limited edition "She Devil Race Team" tank with red rhinestone on the "Harley Davidson" and a pinup looking face. It was the only one left of it's kind. It said XL on the tag witch is USUALLY my size, but as we all know, not all brands go by the same sizing :/ So I laid it out on the table and after inspected it thought, ok I'll have to wear a tank under it since you can see through it a bit.. but It'll fit :) So I bought it! :) $25,00... I think, this was back in August.Anyway, tried it on when i got home, and I was right :) Got a pic of that if ya haven't seen it http://www.pinupgirlstyle.com/photo/harley-davidson-tank-burgundy-d...

I've also done this with PUG things as soon as I get them in the mail, I'll lay them out on my bed (especially if it's an item I've never purchased from them before) and more often than not, I can tell with precision how tight or loose an item will be before trying it on.

Pug belts are the only belts I own, Funny you should mention the leopard velvet one. I happen to be wearing that one today with a black tank top :)

Brandi that top is BEAUTIFUL on you! You've made me so jealous now since I want one so bad :)

That is so funny that you're wearing the belt I was thinking of getting LOL! You really have awesome tastes in clothes :)

Thank you :)

Thought I'd wear my HD tank today.No coincidence, was just thinking about it after my last post :) I'm also rockin' some low pig tails with a hair flower, so I have this roller derby/rockabilly/pinup-y.. what ever you wanna call it look today ;) lol




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