want to know who here does waist training? Im very interested in doing this and shaping my waist, but id like more information =) 

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Oh yes,  what a gr8 question, I've been thinking of this a lot, hopefully some1 can help, what r the garments to use, & wether, u should wear the all day & night.......... 

Yes, I want to know if it hurts??? and if its dangerous for your ribs?? and what if you plan on becoming pregnant can effect how much room the baby has inside.... I'm very curious 

It not dangerous just go slow if it hurts stop.Babies don't sit in your rib cage.

I've been contemplating waist training for a while (I own at least 6 corsets - the real kind, with steel bones). Here is a website specifically about corseting and waist training that I find particularly helpful: LISA 

They have lots of info and even a chatroom, so you can ask people questions and get real opinions.

Doris has given me some advice about waist training personally.  She may have more info in her group.  But here is what she told me :)

My message to her:

Hey darlin~ Got a question for you about waist training, how did you start? I'm thinking about getting this corset.... (The Morticia from www.whatkatiedid.us.com)

Her response: 

just started wearing them all the time, i hear good things about that one. i started with the courtesan fromwww.badattitude.com, just got to make sure you get one thats good with your shape and length and go 4 - 6 inches samller than your waist size

I just started my waist training experience only my 3rd day

I'm interested in starting, too. My bottom ribs flare out, so I need to slowly "unflare" them along with making my waist smaller.

I can lace down to 18 inches (that's not quite as bad as it sounds) and tightlace down to 16 (makes it hard to move because I have huge ribs and that's almost 8" down from my normal waist) but you'll want to start out slow. 

My best advice would be to invest in a waspie four inches smaller than your waist, start out lacing it just a little snug and go down. Your ribs (and your body) will appreciate you more if you wait until you're comfortable at one level of tightness before going to another. When you're comfortable with the 4" smaller than your natural waistline, go down another four and do the same thing. No more than an inch at a time, trust me you can crack your ribs if you try to go down 8" all at once :)

Obviously you can't wear a corset everywhere, but if you get a good one you can wear it under a top that is one size too big for you and no one will notice. Please don't wear it at night or every day unless you want your skin and your muscles to atrophy and your organs to suffer. 

You will want a quality corset, none of the super cheap lingerie ones, look for lacing or cord ties (not ribbon) and at least 16 metal bones (you'll probably want spiral because it is easier to move)  I suggest waspies because they are more versatile, you can wear them under a t-shirt or over your favorite dress, and they focus just on the area you want to shrink! Usually if it reads 's-m-l' etc. it's not a good corset, you want one that measures in inches, for example, I get 18's, or 16's if I want to tightlace. it's the actual measurement of the corset in inches. You do not have to lace it all the way up (corsets actually look cooler when unlaced a bit) so if you want a more relaxed day you can just put it snug around your waist. 

This is my favorite waspie, it's black satin and I bought it online in the UK. If you have more of a tummy, look for a longline model that goes further down on your hips, it will help to prevent any spillage :) 

Hope that helps! 

I've been doing research on this for a while  - and so far, Brandy has had the best advice. 
When you're beginning, you should only wear the corset for a few hours a day - at most 4 or 5. And go back to this pattern each time you take off inches. 
Once you get to your ideal size, and your body is comfortable, you can wear it for quite a while, but you need to train your body to get accustomed to the smaller size. 

I've heard that some women do wear their trainers over night, but I would only recommend that with a corset liner - that way the corset doesn't get saturated with the oils your skin produces and you have less of a chance of chaffing against the fabric. Also, only do this when your body is okay with it. 

Seriously, with training your waist, you need to listen to your body. If it starts hurting or it's difficult to breathe, loosen the corset or even take it off!

If you don't mind me asking, what sort of a reduction in waist to most women who go through waist training usually experience? 

the larger your waist the more you can do down, I can go down a max of 8 and that´s really pushing it, if you have a 32` waist though you can probably eventually corset down a good 10 to 12 , so it really just depends. The more you have the more can go away 

It also helps if you have an already flat-ish stomach. I haven't started waist training yet (alas, good corsets cost so much), but I've read that on a lot of forums.




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