want to know who here does waist training? Im very interested in doing this and shaping my waist, but id like more information =) 

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That's actually a myth I believe, 

I know a size 16 who waist trained for three months and lot a LOT of weight because of it. 

What the forums mean is that you won't get a wasp waist if you have a lot of belly to shrink down, but you will get a slimmer figure and the corset can make you loose weight (constriction actually kills fat so yes, it can slim you down ) in fact, there are a couple of diets involving nothing but a good corset and the right nutrition :) 

here's a good post on the subject 


I agree with Brandy VERY much.  I got my corset from ROMANTASY and they give great advice.

Oh, okay! Cool!

Not true if you have a pooch get a long line corset ( down to hips) and pull pooch up into corset this is what I do if you have lines put spanks over top

This really is good to know, thank you so much Brandy! I don't think that waist training's for me but this is really good background information to have either way handy as a knowledgeable pinup ;)

Great replies - I can go down 5" (I have a 27" waist pre-preg and was lacing to 22" no problem) without any issues because I have a very short ribcage. After I have my baby I plan to corset-train in hopes I can get my waist measurement back to 27" sooner. In my research I found that in Victorian times women did this very commonly right after pregnancy to return to their pre-preg shape. So we'll see how it goes! <3

That's exactly what you do :), you can purchase one that is two inches smaller than your waist but I really don't think you should even consider anything larger, you will definitely regret it. Corsets work by lacing you in, AND you can wear them slightly unlaced if it's too tight for you at first. 

http://www.wikihow.com/Choose-a-Corset here's something else written on it :) 

to add to my last comment, this lady might be able to help you with that


nicole, I have a 33-34" waist and my first corset was a 30"; I could lace it all the way closed almost from the get-go, so all the ones I bought after that were 28" ones; I can get those laced 1/2-2/3 of the way closed (meaning that the back panels touch) . The good ones are designed with a flap in the back, sometimes called a modesty panel, so that your skin isn't showing if you choose to wear yours as outerwear. I will say that mine tend to give me a little paunch at the bottom, but that's because I have a significant amount of excess skin on my lower torso from several pregnancies and there's no amount of waist training or crunches that will get rid of it - only a tummy tuck, lol! But when laced properly and with a control garment on the bottom it's generally not noticeable.

As previously noted, if you really plan to waist-train it's best to invest in a really good quality corset and also a lined to wear under it to help it last longer by protecting it from body oils. Also, some women like to own 2 and switch out every other day, which gives the corset a chance to 'breathe' and relax from the strain placed on it. The ones I wear most are under-bust and are not fancy - just white or black.

 I HIGHLY recommend you read Fran Blanche's articles on tightlacing. She's a very talented corsetier and really knows her stuff. http://contourcorsets.com/tightlacing_tips.html

I saw Ann Lewis suggest reading Fran Blanche's articles on tightlacing and that is great advice. I've read Fran's articles before I started to tightlace. I also ordered all kinds of books. I don't know if you're a part of the group but there is a corsets and girdles group on this site.

Meschantes Corsetry are custom made corset that are great for waist training. They have a web site at  http://www.meschantes.com/catalog.html or you can buy on ebay at http://stores.ebay.com/Meschantes-Corsetry?_rdc=1

They can be a little pricy, they they quality is very good. Hope this will help you out.




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