Hi ladies- i posted earlier in the week about really putting my all into this where I've dabbled till now.
I'm really nervous about buying any clothes as i just fear they wont fit, and I dont know what 'scaffolding' is needed/best/advised to get the best look possible from any clothes i do get. Where should I start on the under garments? Corsets? Under skirts to give a fuller look to skirts/dresses (do they have a specific name??)
Please help- starting to feel lost!!

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I am not sure what 'scaffolding' is. But to give a fuller look to dresses I use a petticoat, I found mine on amazon.com for $20. I use my corset under some of my dresses, I saved mine from when I got married, on other days I just wear a high waisted girdle underwear, I got that at Target, Spanx would work too, they sell all kinds of different styles.

Knowing your measurements is key to finding items online, and pay attention to the material of the item your looking at, I have noticed that alot of the PUG dresses have some stretch to them. Hope this helps :)

No problem, I know what you mean about the corsets they are pricey and eventually I may work my way up to purchasing one since I have read rave reviews. I am a fan of swing skirts with a t-shirt or the Doris top, that way I dont have to wear a corset at all, swing skirts hide everything! The petticoat I have is made by Leg Avenue, by the way.

Petticoats, they should be the same length as your dress or shorter to avoid showing, usually lengths range from 8-20 inches but you can really just use a tutu if you want an 8" one :)  20" petticoats are usually about knee length so perfect for most pug, although to go on the safe side 18" is harder to see under it. 

I like safety shorts to wear with dresses, especially if you're somewhere windy. Like Jennifer says spanx or any sort of shapewear is always nice, even if you don't want to look smaller, it still helps the dress to lay on you better. 

Pantyhose - I ALWAYS buy shaping pantyhose because I've noticed that while they cost more, they last 10 times longer (seriously I go through most in about one wear, I've had this one pair of shaping hose for 2 years and they just have a few holes in the toes). 

Corsets are great but I think they are best worn as tops rather than underwear 

For a really vintage look and feel, look into a bustier bra, it's about halfway between a corset and a bra and offers a lot more support, which is great if you have a bigger bust. Cone bras are also great except very attention grabbing. 

You can look at WhatKatyDid for a lot of great vintage bras I think she also has corsets and petticoats

The cheapest petticoats are on eBay where they are usually roughly $20 the same with the cheapest shapewear although not all of it is excellent quality. 

Hope that helps!

safety shorts are sort of like a cross between tights and panties. usually very dark but thin material and cover your very lower thighs. The idea is that if the wind blows up your skirt the world doesn't get a view of your rump (as would happen in a thong) 

and usually if your pantyhose are rolling down you need one size up, especially after they've been in the wash! half of them shrink a lot when dried and no amount of stretch really fixes it. 

For backseams and stockings, try looking in Walmart for the 'George' line. They are really really good quality for the price which is great if you are on a budget :) 

I definitely agree with Brandi that What Katie Did's the place to go to for vintage bra's, especially cone/bullet bra's. My only advice for ordering from WKD is that if your bust doesn't naturally have a "pointy" shape it's a good idea to buy a set of of bullet bra shaping bads with your bullet bras. They can easily be sewn into the cups without any trouble.

WKD's also the best place I've found online for retro high waisted panties, garters and my absolute favourite, back seemed stockings. They're sizing charts have been really good from my experience so I really recommend them.

As for corset's, my favourite stop for shopping is Corset Story. They have an incredible selection that really features a corset for every occasion. I've picked up corsets for everything from steampunk costumes to Lady Gaga concert outfits.

I hope that helps and good luck on finding what you're looking for!

cone bras attract lots and lots of attention by the way so you might not want to wear them every day. :)

You are definitely right Brandy, I only wear mine when I'm doing the vintage look and am wearing the right dress/top that suits it. Once in a while it's fun to wear though. I know I'll wear mine a few times while I'm in Las Vegas for the Rockabily Weekend. :)

I personally don't like Corset Story. If you want to get a cheaper off the rack corset that would fit your curves try Orchard Corset. I have a 13 inch difference between my hips and waist and the level 3 silhouette fits me perfectly.(:

Orchard Corset is a great shop , they also have a bit more of a selection than Corset Story :) so Taylor is definitely right on that count! 

you can get it to tell your email I think? 

and corsetsuperstore on eBay is WAYYYYY better priced than corsets-UK 


they have cheap and steel corsets so you just have to read the description, but it's on average 30 pounds cheaper than corsets-UK :)

oh, I dabble with making clothes basic measurements are

widest point on your shoulders,

widest point on your bust (with a non-padded bra),

directly below your bust,

smallest spot on your waist (find this by leaning to the left and placing your hand at the fold)

waist right above your hip bones

hips (find this by sitting down and lifting your leg straight up, measure where it folds) otherwise the widest part of your bum ;)

thigh all the way at the top

mid-thigh about halfway between hip and knee

inseam, floor to inner thigh

hip to knee (not necessary but you can use it to figure out where skirts are going to fall)

hip to waist (middle of standard zipper on pants to smallest part of the waist)

waist to shoulder (smallest part of the waist)

if you do it right you can use it to calculate sizes for everything in the world :) 

OOHHH, super cute! And the prices are good too :)




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