Travelling the US from january to end of march ! Looking for Pin Up/retro photoshoots !

Hi guys ! 

I'll be travelling in the US for 3 months from the 7th of January til the 3rd of april 2013 & I was wondering if any of you guys are in contact with amazing photosgraphers in the areas I'll be travelling to ! 

Here are my travelling schedule ! 

8th january/3rd february : Miami, Florida 
5th february/3rd march : San Francisco, California 
5th march/24th march : Los Angeles, California 
26th march/2nd april : Las Vegas, Nevada 

So I'm looking for PIN UP, RETRO style photoshoots (obviously :p) & I'll be travelling with an extensive retro/vintage clothing/lingerie collection ! ^_^

Also if you are from these areas & you think about something fun to visit please tell me ! that would be really awesome ! ^_^ Thanks in advance !

I can't wait to come to the US & have tons of fun & can't wait to meet some of you guys during the Viva weekend ! <3


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Now that's what I call a pinup girl's whirlwind adventure!

Have an awesome trip Viola, bring back plenty of those pinup/retro photoshoot pictures and hopefully I'll see you down in Vegas for Viva (I assume that's where you'll be at the end of March/beginning of April :) )

YES ! I'll be in Viva <3 ! I'm so thrilled we'll meet there ! 

thanks honey I hope I'll manage to plan some cool shoots while in the US but the casting calls I set up on my model mayhem sadely don't seem to interest anyone except nude photosgraphers :(

thanks for the tip ! 

I'm sure photographers offer tons of package etc & that's fine but thing is I never paid to built my portfolio & never will. 

It seems nowadays that photograhers are only interested in TFP photoshoots if you're willing to show your lady parts... that wasn't like this when I started a little 5 years ago :s.

YAY I'm so excited to meet a fellow PUG lady!!

It is too bad that the only photographers you've heard back so far are nude ones, especially since that doesn't sound like it's what you're looking for :( My own person rule for nude photographers is that they should either be someone who has a great and well known reputation for professionalism and pays their models well (well enough to disrobe of course) or someone who's a personal friend who you've known for years and already trust with seeing your lady parts. Otherwise it's just not worth it at all.

I'm going to be trying to get into more pinup modelling myself in the new year so it's good to know that I have to be on the lookout for more and more TFP shoots like that, thanks for the tip :)

Oh well, at least it sounds like from what Auburn says that there will be a pro at Viva doing packages so YAY for that!!

Thank you for the tip Auburn! That would be pretty cool to find a photographer that was offering tfp or packages at Viva. Can you imagine if a group of us even wanted to get together and pay for a big group shoot?

OOOOOH Viva is going to be so much fun!


  AAhh well certainly I will shoot the [ fully clothed ] photos [ 1000 + with digital power !] I have tons of poses to try, every angle  , the price ? only that you click the cam for me when I pose , see I only have my friendly self timer which gives me a mere 10 sec to get in pose sssoo I can't get the pose I really want that my artistic eyes see lol . And as a +  I'm an artist who likes to draw / paint lovely clothed ladies either from photos or from life ,      oh well , oh no  I'm stuck here in some goofy place in north east Pa  but hey good luck and have fun ;-) 

Also check out CrownJules Photography here in Los Angeles. and  Jules is awesome! I assist her doing Operation Petticoat. (which is a non-profit that does pin-up photos for active military significant others.) She does pin up photography and other types. She is awesome. I'm actually going to be booking a shoot with her soon. 

I have never heard of operation petticoat, but it sounds so awesome! I'm sure the guys love getting pictures of their wives looking smokin.  If I'm ever in LA I will have to look her up, I would love to support someone who does stuff like that. 

Jules certainly sounds like she'd be worth the trip to LA Emily! I'd definitely love to one day start visiting the best pinup photographers around the world (if I can ever afford it of course), and it sounds like Jules would definitely be one to visit :)

Operation Petticoat sounds really sweet too, those soldiers are lucky to have smokin wives like those :)

I have had three photo shoots over the past year. And since I live in the LA area, they have all been local.

My first was with Mila Reynaud. She was my first and I was just amazed by the results.

Then I went to Girlieshow Photography in the OC. Keesha Langdon is wonderful. I will go back to her in the future.

The third was Mitzi&co. She gets published in all of the pinup magazines. Her studio has lots of different background options. Since she does so many shoots for professional models, it can be a little difficult coordinating with her. But her pics are proof of her professional expertise.

My experience was that Mila was a bit less expensive than the other photographers. But the gin rate seems to be about $500 for the three outfit, makeup and hair style option.

I hope this info is helpful.

I just re-read my post. The "gin rate" should read the "going rate". Payment was not in alcohol!




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