So what's the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG clothing?

Hello ladies!

So recently, I introduced my oldest step-sister to PUG's clothing for her Christmas present, and she's completely in love! She ordered the Je T'Adore dress in Olive, and when she put it on her husband's jaw dropped to the floor.

She told me that she never felt more attractive in her 49 years of living, than she did right at that moment...and that got me thinking about all the compliments and comments I've received from family, friends and strangers since I started wearing PUG clothing...and how it's impacted my life - which of course leads to the topic of discussion- what's the best compliment, comment or story you have pertaining to your PUG wardrobe? 

:) :) Bonnie

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I have the same problem, the whole area here is very very old Christian so all of the actual vintage stuff goes to your ankles and has a very high neck and puffy shoulders ha! So usually if I want to buy thrift or vintage I either look on eBay or I look for thrift shops online (they are there)

keep a look out for PUG clothing too I've picked up a few deals that way I just got a new dd dress org 120 for 76 dollars :)

I've had a few more from my coworkers on Payday hahah!

My payday is every other Wednesday, and occasionally, I get that day off! 

My bank's kind of silly and isn't processing the direct deposit paperwork, so I have to pick it up in the store. 

My managers and coworkers always get wide-eyed and smiley when they see me in my PUG attire, since it's always something different. 

Most recently, one of my coworkers didn't even recognize me, and gave me a huuuge compliment. 

"Sweetie, if I were a straight man, I'd ask you to dance in that swirly skirt!" 
"Tarrin, it's me, Ellie." 
".... Hiiiiii!!!!! My point still stands, girl."

I love my coworkers.

Oh my God!  I love that compliment!

One of the funniest comments I've ever gotten in my PUG duds was a gentleman that asked "Who's the 'Betty' that you're trying to look like?"

Another one is a fellow that came up to a friend and me and just kept saying "Thank you ladies" over and over again while holding our hands.

Both a little awkward but still flattering :)

I find that when I tell people I've "recently gotten into pinup" their eyes bug out, and I get two responses.. "what for?" Like it's wrong or something, or "wow!! can I see?!!" ... mostly from males. I feel beautiful!

awe, I get the "what for" or "why so dressed up"  or "Going somewhere special" all the time, I think it's sad since usually when I get those questions I'm just wearing work attire and have ventured outside of my office to the store or something. 

their loss really :) 

It's VERY sad my bf and I were at the bank getting a card for me and this woman was just amazed that I wasn't "going" anywhere. I had on my Lily dress, really. -_-

On the street in Downtown Oakland, just wearing my Atomic Print Ginger (didn't even bother to do up my makeup or anything): "were you just in a movie?"

My husband and I are always asked if we just got back from swing dancing or a costume party!

This man I used to work with told me "You're our red-headed Marilyn Monroe!" and on a separate occasion: "You've got that Mad Men pin-up look." I was experimenting with the PUG look at the time, and after all the positive reactions I really started to embrace it.




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