So has anyone else had any trouble with purchasing items from the PUG website? I have been waiting for over a YEAR to purchase the Haunted Mansion Girl Necklace. I have been on their waiting list since around April of this year, I have emailed the company directly about 3-5 times regarding when this necklace will come back into stock and have been told "a few months" then "we don't know" then "we are having a issue with getting the glass that covers the necklace because the supplier does not make them anymore" so I thought okay that's reasonable and continued to wait for even more months. I FINALLY get an email today that they are in shortly after 3pm. I tried to order one right after 4pm and the were SOLD OUT!!! I am so angry/frustrated I could scream. Why would you send out emails to the list of people who have been waiting for this item to come back into stock and then not hold enough stock or have enough stock to cover THOSE orders before you put it up on the website? How is that possibly even fair or right? If it were not for the fact that I LOVE that necklace and have been trying to get it for over a year I would just give up and never try to buy stuff from there again....So I just wanted to know if anyone else has had experience with this sort of thing with the PUG store and if so, how was it handled, was it ever resolved to your satisfaction, did you ever end up getting the item? Also, does anyone have the necklace in good condition that they would be willing to sell? Thanks for listening and helping. 

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Yeah I feel like I have been waiting fro the Rita dress forever

thanks for the response.

Thanks for the reply. It's nice to know that I am not the only one. If someone says upfront to me, "listen there is no chance you are going to get this as we have like 10 and thats it", well okay at least I know and I will just give up on that but to have waited for as long as I have and then be told its here and within 30 minutes its gone its not right. If they said "hey, we have exactly 10 of this item and its being put up right now good luck" then it makes sense. But to know that people have waited that long....grrrrr god dammit it just makes me SOOOOO mad. Or what they could do is show how many people are on the waiting list so if you can clearly see that there are like 500 people ahead of you then you know that there is no way that you are going to get that item. I think if I have been waiting for a year, they post the item on the website and then some random girl goes on line TODAY and gets to buy that item, that this company has something SERIOUSLY wrong with how they run their company and I don't care if its 2 people or 500 people who work for it, that is not right.......they should not be posting it on the website, they should only be telling all of the people on the waiting list, tell them exactly how many are available and then offer it to the people who have been waiting, if there are 10 available then the first 10 people in the list should have first dibs, if they say no then it should move on down the line. Then its fair and the other people on the list move up and have the opportunity the next time the item comes back into stock, there is no way that they would not sell out of the item if there are that many people waiting to buy that item. You can not tell me that they don't have the ability to do this as SOMEONE has the list in front of them in their computer and they can just look at the list and say, "here are the first batch of people who signed up" and send them the first emails letting them know,  and then on and on, otherwise just remove the stupid lists and stop giving people hope that they will actually have a chance to get the item and leave it up to chance. Sorry for the long rant but I just cant believe how ridiculous their whole system is. 

I don't dislike their company, I love the things that they sell and I always show them to other people and introduce them to the company. However I do have an issue with how they run certain aspects of it, which make absolutely NO sense. I can not imagine that there was a half a million people who were waiting to purchase that necklace. I understand that they are a small company but I think that waiting for a year should have been ample time for them to restock that one item. I am not expecting miracles and I do know that it takes time and patience which I think I gave it. If they have the ability to run a website and sell stuff on line I can not see how it would be so insane to assume that they maybe able to do some sort of first come first serve to the people who have been waiting and waiting and waiting for that item. It should never be reposted on the website to let people who have not even been waiting buy them all up first. But that is MY own personal opinion and maybe my expectations are too high like you said. Thanks for your reply. 

I've had it happen to me a couple times, but not enough to really bug me. El Dorado isn't out of business but they are a small specialty line to PUG specifically. 

It is first come first serve...but that's how it is with any business: concert tickets, shoes, bags, clothing, hell even the grocery store is. It's a bummer you missed out. I suggest trying the swap/sell pages on here and facebook to see if anyone has one they would be willing to sell.

but otherwise you have two options: don't shop at pug anymore, or get over it-move on. etc.

I think that it just the promise of eventually getting it and having waited SO long to only be completely disappointed that trying to order it after it became available and having it gone in less then 30 minutes was just too ughhhh!!! I mean really did they only put up like 10 or something? Thanks for your suggestions I will absolutely try those out. 

its possible they only did produce 10 units of it.

they could have had only 1. 50 people could have waitlisted. 

PUG doesn't offer layaway, it's not Kohl's or JCPenney's. First come, first served. Yes, it does stink to have your heart set on something and not get it but it's also a little demanding to expect a company to email each person down a waiting list (and it's just one massive waiting list - there's no "line") to ask if they want it. It's a company, they sell things for profit. And it's also a small company with limited amounts of stock; they don't just put their clothes out there at every other store around the country. Look at ModCloth - very popular online store for vintage repro; they tell you how much is left if they're running low and notify you once in stock but if you're not quick enough, then that's a bummer but oh well.

the major difference is mod-cloth does not produce anything.

Thanks for the info, I never really check modcloth very often. I will now and see if they have any thing good. :)

That sucks that you didnt get what you wanted either....if they wanted something to not be included on the sale prices, it should say with one of those asterix things that "the vamp tops are not included in the sale" but they have a very strange way of running the company so this just adds to the annoyance...Good luck in the future with getting the items that you were trying for. Thanks for the reply.

Sorry to hear that you had so much trouble as well. Good to know I am not the only one! :) Good luck in your purchases, hopefully you will find them soon. I think that I am just going to have to give up on my quest...if I got another email saying they were there and then not be able to get them will just make my head explode!! :) 




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