The other thread was fantastic asking about your best compliments, but I want to narrow it down to the responses and behaviors from your husbands, boyfriends, flirty strangers, male co-workers, ect.... I went to a party in the Nastasha Black and red cherry dress and it was a hit, and also at a party wearing a Stop Staring dress  (met someone special but had to hop on a plane back to Europe the next day), but I haven't been able to test drive any summer clothes as of yet, since I only discovered PUG this winter.

I have a long distance potential boyfriend in America and I plan on wearing PUG every day that I see him in the States this summer. I am assuming that you gals have had great success with your significant others and strangers in these dresses. Because lets face it- most of us are wearing these dresses to feel super feminine hence attracting the opposite sex. Do you have any dresses that drive your partner's wild? Any nice stories would be fun to read!

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actually that's not why I wear these dresses at all. I wear them because they make me happy - that aside, attracting attention from the opposite sex is a perfectly valid reason to wear pretty dresses - 

I guess that the best reaction I've ever gotten from a guy while wearing PUG was "You're the kind of woman that I want to marry" and "You look like Audrey Hepburn". I also tend to get "Wow you're classy" a lot. But please note that I usually tend to stay away from the cleavage baring items.

my boyfriend's not good with complements, so usually I get "You look nice". Which is also nice. 

Good luck with your American gentleman! 

My boyfriend loves my look everyday, he actually gets disappointed sometimes because when he comes home from work I am getting ready for bed ( i work days he works nights) and he doesn't always get to see me all dolled up. I have also goten some very negative comments from the male gender! I have gotten everything from cat calls from a passing car to  a guy getting into my face trying to cop a feel! UGh! But I digress and have learned to ignore those men and simply say thank you to the others. Like Shy Anne said i wear them because they make me feel pretty but I will always take a nice compliment. wearing PUG has actually made me more receptive of comments and remarks from males and even other females. I used to be awkward with them before.

Well to be honest putting on clothes just to get attention from other people isn't the kind of thing that I do. I'm not really an exhibitionist.

*Wait for reader's laughter to die down... waiting... waiting... still waiting ;)*

Okay seriously Kelly this is a good topic and here are my stories! On the day I my Vamp Top in yellow & Doris Skirt in Atomic print arrived in the mail I tried them on and then surprised my husband while he was working in our home office. He turned to look at me in the outfit after I ran into the room without knocking, he sat silently for a few seconds, then turned back to the computer to put the song "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones on the computer & over our speakers.

That was a reaction I'll always remember :)

Another time I remember going for a walk with my husband down by the beach at night a few summers ago, I put on the Deadly Dames Halter Top in White with Black Polka Dots and the red Vintage High Waisted Bikini Bottoms. While walking along the beach path a pick-up truck driving by on the beach road slowed down to a crawl so that the driver could shout out the window "Love'em Daisy Dukes!!"

They weren't quite Daisy Dukes but my husband and I laughed about it the entire night!

So there are my two stories, I'll let you know if and when any more happen :)

Very romantic story! Thanks!

Wow! Love it!

wow! You must be wearing your outfits different than me! Because I NEVER get that much attention!! Good for you!!!

I get a lot of staring and whispering and the Doris tops get me a lot of attention, well, my boobs gets all the attention actually. Little girls especially stare a lot when I wear my PUG outfits to the grocery store. I did get free drinks one night when I wore my Heidi cherry dress.

Short answer - men tend to like it. I know my boyfriend does. Slightly longer answer - if you're meeting someone that you're interested in for the first time, focus on what makes you feel comfortable and attractive. At least for me, when I go on a first date or am meeting with someone that I want to impress, I want to feel like the best version of myself, in a way that's also appropriate for the situation. That's really the best thing you can do, rather than trying to figure out what will be most impressive to him.

I love these stories! I will definitely wear something PUG for my 26 hour journey at all of my airports in summer! Keep them coming!

I really don't wear my clothes for anyone other than myself. I have noticed the looks when I have a flower in my hair, a Marilyn style top on & my capris with my makeup. It does make me feel good, I mean who wouldn't feel good to get looked at? I wear my dresses and haven't really noticed a reaction except from one of my students who loved the Netti dress with the Tiki print & the belt. She just kept telling me it was pretty which is nice to hear.

This is a great topic! I have had two interesting experiences lately, and one compliment that I'll tell you about:

I had on the Sailor Swing Dress in red for a cruise we went on, and when my boyfriend saw me, he said: "You look great. I hope I'll see a lot more of that dress as time goes by," which I thought was cute. He's TERRIBLE with compliments, so this was a major event! 

On another day, I was wearing the Rita dress in black/white polka and I had a guy follow me from Starbucks, all over town, trying to ask me out. My girlfriend and I kept trying to lose him until finally, I was like, "just pull over and lets see what he wants." And what he wanted was to ask me out! This is hilarious if you know that I am in my late 40s and he was at least 15 years younger. It's the dress, I'm telling you! 

Speaking of the cruise, we went on a cruse and even though everyone else was dressed casually (shorts, tank tops, flip flops), I wore PUG every day (5 day cruise). I had SO MANY people, men and women, come up to me and admire my style. One woman even told me she looked for me every day to see what I had on that day! It felt great to have my style appreciated, because let's face it, sometime you can feel odd for dressing out of the norm. 

Great stories! I think PUG outfits are powerful! And it is true that they make us look years younger!

I was in the supermarket the other day wearing PUG and a random guy walked up to me in the cereal isle, bowed and said "You look wonderful your majesty"....I've never smiled so wide in my life!




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