Name the one trend you would like to see end — and quickly at that?

What I call ‘LBC.’ This is the exposure of lower butt cleavage when ladies wear their bandage dresses too tight and too short. It’s not a classy look, but I see it all too often!

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Well I've never heard of that one, but it sounds more vulgar than classy. 

That aside, personally, I think that no matter how you dress, even if it's not classy or pretty or even not-grossing everyone around you out, it's your choice, so I try not to hate too many fashion trends just because I know there are people out there who think that how I dress is silly or stupid. However, I've never really been a fan of dressing in an overly tawdry fashion as I believe that it not only diminishes the respect that you receive from other people, but also from yourself. I'm a big fan of elegance and keeping my junk covered up, but, hey, women's lib fought for years to make it possible for women to wear whatever they want, so I try to turn my head the other way and tell some of my friends where to buy cans of mace. 

Great discussion

All of them ;)  To me, fashion is a bit like religion, I understand why many like/enjoy/follow it, but it's just not for me.

Having said that, I was saddened by a post I saw on FB the other day - it was a photo of a girl in a Nirvana tee with a caption underneath saying that the person who posted the photo recently saw a girl with a one of the 'fashion' Nirvana/Kiss/GnR tshirts on, and so asked her what her favourite song by the band was; her response was "Band?  They're not a band, it's a fashion label."  I hope it's not true, because it's very, very sad if it it

no, that happens all the time these days, unfortunately. Actually last week there was a lady my age at the grocery store wearing the same Alice Cooper shirt as me and I tried talking to her about Alice and asked her if she would be at the concert he's having here pretty soon, and she was just like "What? What are you talking about? Who's Alice Cooper?" 

I didn't even point out her shirt, just said never mind and walked away :P 

No,it really is a trend to purchase band shirts because you like the logo. 

Thank god for that!

I will have to say most short, tight dresses.  It's not that I hate the dresses per say, but I dislike how a lot of girls don't feel the need to make the dress their own--i.e. they simply put on dress but don't make it their own with accessories, hair, makeup, etc...   Un-originality can be the killer of any look. 

People (girls esp) looking like they just left the gym or their bed out in public.  When did PJ's and yoga pants become acceptable attire?  Call me old fashioned but seeing "Juicy" or "PINK" on your butt is not appealing.   And don't forget about the Uggs and greasy hair they accessorize with.   End rant. :)

I think laziness is the fashion trend I want to go away. I hate when I go out to eat at a restaurant and people wear sweat pants and flip flops, ugh!

One other thing, I see such cute dresses coming out now and they are all above the knee, I don't like my knees showing in a dress or skirt, I think these dresses look childish and it looks like your wearing a dress two sizes too small.

I have to agree with your sentiment concerning the length of dresses/skirts. I respect that some people might like their skirts to be above the knee or shorter, but there could at least be some variety for us girls who like a below the knee skirt length.




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