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I'm about to make my first PUG purchase and would really like to buy the Marilyn top in both black and white. My measurements are 34-24-34 and I'm torn in between buying a XS or S. According to the sizing chart, if I got a XS it'd fit like a dream at the waist and hips but be two inches too tight at the chest. A S would fit the chest fine but would be baggy in the waist and hip area. I plan to wear the top with high waisted pants or skirts, so the hips aren't much of a problem, but I like shirts to have a tight fitting waist. 

What's everyone's experience with the Marilyn top? Would I be OK buying an XS or would it be far too tight across the chest? Or should I play it safe and get a S, and get it taken in at the waist if it bothers me? 

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I'm actually torn between the same thing and I haven't decided yet :P, you have the exact same measurements as me though!! I do know the Marilyn's are really stretchy so sizing up or down should work,  but how wide are your shoulders?

What are the chances! Hopefully we can both get it figured out soon. It's finally starting to warm up in my neck of the woods and I really want to order those tops so that I can wear them with my springtime circle skirts. I have narrow shoulders and slim arms. If it's stretchy in the chest then I could probably get away with a XS, but I don't want it too small or tight. I'm just really apprehensive about ordering the S because I really dislike baggy waistlines. 

Pro Maryiln top wearer here:

I own the white one that I got as payment for doing a shoot with Heart of Haute almost four years ago. When I did that shoot I was a little smaller than I am now (I was Mosh's size! That is weird for me to realize!) and it's an XS. I obviously still have it and it obviously still fits me especially when I wear my Bombshell Bra from Victoria's Secret. I don't know if it's the years of owning it or the fact that it's white but it's shrunk in length a little bit, so I can't really wear it unless it's tucked into something high-waisted.

That said, the aqua and peach Marilyn tops I modeled for PUG are a size small. They were not baggy in the slightest, but they were "long" to me because I could easily wear those tops with a pair of modern jeans.

So it's all in the type of fit you want and how much you can allow it to shrink.

Thank you so much for your insight, Sydney. I take it they're fairly tight fitting/stretchy tops, then, and that the size dictates more length than width? Also, if you don't mind me asking, what are your measurements? 

Sorry to flood you with questions, it's just that shipping is pretty pricey to Canada and I don't want to have to go through returns if it ends up not fitting correctly. 

I wouldn't say that it's more on length than width, but the small one went farther down than my xs one did in its prime. They are really stretchy and comfortable tops though! I'm not saying order a small then you're a large, because they are still made of jersey and it can still lose its shape if you stretch it too far. It's all on the fit that you want and how much stretch you want across certain areas. I don't have a problem with overstretching in my xs one.

When I wear mine I wear my strapless bombshell bra with it (and I am in the PUG photos too) which pumps my chest measurement from 33 to 35. My waist is 25, though I've never once felt any tightness in the waist ^.^ My hips are around 38 and though my xs one doesn't go down far enough to matter, I had no problem wearing the small around my hips for PUG.

Forgot to add: One of my concerns is if I order the XS and it's really visibly tight across the chest/back. It says 31-32 but I'm a 34 across. Fitting my chest is a bigger priority for me than length, as I plan to wear these tops with high waisted bottoms only. 

I'll take a picture of me in the xs, hold on real quick

I woke up like a half hour ago so >.> it's also time to clean my apartment

That's the xs on me wearing my usual bra with it. I like it tighter rather than looser and this thing has been trucking with me for almost four years.

you're 34" on the bust? I think you've just convinced me to go XS :) 

and you look really fabulous... I look far less put together thirty minutes after waking up ^_^ 

You look beautiful for having woken up just a half hour before! Thank you so much for taking the time to take photos and answer my questions, Sydney. The way the XS fits on you is the way I'd like it to look on me, and we seem to have very similar body types so I think I'll get the same effect. I'm going to order the XS. Thanks again!! :) 

Np ladies and thanks lol glad I could be of some help.

I want to get more of these tops but alas, I am a student and when I buy stuff I put too much thought into it.




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