Hey gals,

so in a couple of weeks there's a game and comic convention in my nearest city.  My partner is a massive nerd (as am I, secretly-ish) and is involved in running it, as well as representing the local gaming groups he's set-up and continues to run.

Last year, I thought I'd surprise him and I secretly ordered an Iron Man dress - he was surprised but liked it, as did I - for various reasons, it's what I'll be wearing again this year, but as I feel a bit braver with regards to my hair, I'm looking for ideas to style it that will sit well with my dress.  The only slight issue is that I have a chiro appointment in the morning halfway between my hometown and where the convention is held, so it needs to be something that will withstand being laid on, or something I can do in a public restroom afterwards...

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What does the dress look like?? And how did you wear your hair with it before??

Erm, well...it's like the Iron Man suit (second from left, for anyone who doesn't have the hots for RDJ: https://www.facebook.com/kookeeboutiqueuk/photos/a.290118391012425....)

And last year I had my hair down & straight, as I was still under the impression that as my hair is babyfine I couldn't do anything else with it :(

hmmmm. I think I would definitely say up, but then keep it simple from there. Maybe a high ponytail, wide headband/bandana when you lay down; maybe some bettie bangs, or a twist in back. Not sure... just throwing stuff out there, I'm know very little. But I'm usually a fan of being minimal, especially when you have to be practical about the rest of the events of the day.

I like the ponytail idea, what I'm thinking at the moment is leave it down in the morning, and then put it up before I go to the convention...I'm already potentially taking at least one other change of clothing (I'm going shopping beforehand, and may or may not be Iron Man for that...), so some little hair bits won't hurt

I think a ponytail is a great idea, its easy but can still look really put together.

You could try a topsy tail with some pre set pin-curls for or a topsy tail bun. Tutorial Here!

By the way that dress looks amazing - thank you for the link!  As a fellow pinup lover/nerd I seriously love these especially the Harley Quinn one!

That looks quite do-able, though I don't know if my hair will want to comply ;) lol  I'll give it a try later on & see how I get on :)



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