I was wondering what were everyone's best way to cheer themselves up after a rough day/week/month? I'm in a rough patch at the moment, and I don't feel like doing anything at all, especially not making any effort when I leave the house.

I need a way to relax, make myself feel happier, and more beautiful! Can you help me?

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Well you have already started the process. Talking about things always helps. Allow yourself time to deal with the things you have to deal with. But just as importantly schedule time to do something just for yourself. Maybe go to a day spa and treat yourself to a relaxing treatment. Go out shopping and buy yourself something special. The only way we get stronger is by going through difficult times and surviving those times. So in a way you are probably doing better as a person already!

Please take care! I'd invite you out for a girls night out. But I think you live a bit too far away for that.

Thanks so much Aoife! Your advice is really helpful. It's hard to find time for myself at this point (working heaps, also coming up to exam time), but I should make an effort for even half an hour. I think it would do some good.

You're so lovely x

Music is good! I just need to make sure I skip the sad, slow songs.

Lots and lots of TLC honey!! Take a bubble bath light some candles play some relaxing music. When you get done put on some moisturizer and even spray a little perfume on yourself. There doesn't need to be a guy around to put on perfume. Put on your favorite pj's and read a good book or watch a good movie. Make sure your getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep will wipe you out for sure. Also go for a walk or a run when you get home. I was stressed out last night and just went for a nice walk to help get rid of stress. I am a single mom with 3 girls so I know how stressful life can be. Its good to be there and take care of your kids but me time is very very important. Your no good to anyone (kids family friends boyfriend husband) if your a ball of stress. Make sure your eating right and take vitamins, you would be surprised how much your diet affects your mood. I hope this helps you and hang in there dear <3

I can't exercise at the moment, and I don't feel comfortable having a bath either because I have a few stitches in my stomach. Maybe part of why I am having a rough time - no release of stress through running!

But I love the sounds of getting nice and clean, putting on some perfume and reading a nice book. I actually bought a vintage night gown two weeks ago that I haven't had a chance to wear.

Talking about it is a good start :) The fact that you've managed to open up about going through a rough patch is already an amazing step that you've taken. I understand what you're going through and I'm sure we've all been there at some point so try not to worry too much about stuff because that's when it becomes a problem. I usually bake when I'm feeling down as I find it relaxing and therapeutic (also the final result is rather tasty too!) but anything like getting a massage or even going for a walk in the park can work wonders. I know sometimes you might feel like leaving the house is the last thing you want to do but getting some fresh air can really help and air the cobwebs, you'll be feeling more inspired and ready to take on whatever challenge comes next :) take a day for yourself, watch your favourite movie, listen to your favourite album, sing like no one is listening and dance like no one is watching and most importantly, tell yourself every day that you are beautiful and that you are amazing. Take care of yourself and you know where we all are if you need to vent/talk/laugh <3

Jade, thanks so much for the kind words! It's hard not being able to talk to people about what my problems are. I just like letting it out, but often it feels like I'm whinging to the person or burdening them. People don't often have the time to listen to everything, and then feel like they have to help me/answer.

I would love a whole day to myself, but that's not realistic right now. I suppose it's something to look forward to in the future.

Thanks again x

Don't worry about burdening people, just get everything off your chest, you'll feel heaps better :) Even if it's not a whole day, make sure you allow some time to yourself :) and remember PUG's are always here if you need us :D x

Exercise is a good way of feeling better. It releases endorphins AND you get fitter! Just head to the gym straight after work don't go home. Take a class even if you feel tired just push yourself and you will be amazed at how good you start feeling. Remember that this too will pass. Ps you don't need a gym a brisk 20 min walk has the same effect. No excuses just do it.

I was feeling down the other day so I treated myself to a chai banana smothie and a new skull shirt!


I did a blog post on this not too long ago found here-------> http://www.hartx3.com/search?updated-max=2012-05-31T21:42:00-07:00&...

This may sound a bit strange, but works for me.

When I feel so doomy gloomy, unloved, unwanted, mad at people, mad at myself and stuck in all or some of these feelings above and don't know how to pull myself out, I watch unfortunate stories of people and obituaries...

It reminds me that I am actually alive, healthy and as long as those two are present, I have hope. Then I tell myself, I have to be actually grateful for the life that I am given and will carry on by putting one foot in front of the other no matter what and persevere.

Ive been going through a bit of a rough patch myself...sometimes I make myself a cup of hot tea set my timer for 10 min and write in my journal...good thngs bad things whatever...I set the timer because that is a way of forcing myself to take time for me...sometimes as woman we get so stuck on taking care of everyone else that we feel guilty even taking 10 minutes for our selves...also I banned sweats from my wardrobe...they may be comfortable...but on me they add15 lbs and make me feel frumpy if I want to wear  relax clothes I wear yoga pants...still comfy but more flattering..lol...sometimes just brushing your hair makes you feel better...I myself have had some bad spells so I force myself on my bad days to brush my hair, put  on some eyeliner, lipgloss and a spritz of perfume...it seems to really help...sometimes you just have to get the ball rolling...it also helps to  not be to hard on yourself...I have had days where my major accomplishment was making sure my kids got on the bus and having a cup of coffee..lol..and some days that is ok...lol..if you can afford it go get a pedicure or manicure those always make me feel fabulous...lol..things will get better...sometimes just talking to people helps...




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