One thing I've always wondered about my fellow PUG ladies is how you got into the look/style. I know it's not something that's particularly easy or cheap, or even 100% socially accepted so I'm kind of curious. I've met so many great women here on PUG Style and I know each of you have your own stories and I would love to see them if you're willing to share. 

To get things started, I discovered PUG in 2012 I think. I was wearing leopard print pants and a tank top with heels at the mall and this guy just walked up to me and told me to stop throwing myself/having sex with every man I could and repent my sins and the Lord would welcome me into heaven. As I'm actually kind of prudish compared to most of my friends I was kind of offended that he would judge me based on the print on my pants and the fact that I was wearing heels and went out and bought the sexiest thing I could find, which just happened to be a Jessica dress in red and the rest is kind of history. Now i'm more rockabilly than pinup per say but I love the look and clothes, and everything. All things considered, maybe it's a good thing said guy offended me because I've never felt better in any of my other clothes so  

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I quoted him Mathew 7:3  (Why do you see the speck in your neighbor's eye, but do not notice the log in your own eye? ) and walked off and then fumed about it for months ha. 

But I think your story is a bit more fun. I'm trying to remember but I think you went with hair flowers from them first? (I could be wrong) 

thanks for sharing!

I always love hearing the story Brandi! I never EVER get tired of any of your stories ;)

That reminds me, we need to talk on the phone again. Nothing's wrong but it's always so beautiful to hear your voice :)

I discovered PUG in 2008. I'd always been facsinated by the more retro/rockabilly/pinup look but never really had access to it. My obsession began with the movie Grease when I was about 4 (I wanted to be Frenchie sooo bad) and I just daydreamed about someday learning to sew to make my own creations...I found a Bettie Page store in Vegas like in 2007 and FELL IN LOVE but couldn't afford any of their stuff. I found PUG after doing a google search for pin up style clothing because I knew there had to be more options out there somewhere. It was another couple years before I could make a purchase because I was a broke college student, but it's been exciting to see the company grow and flourish over the years. It's also been exciting to meet fellow PUG fans who share similar interests, I don't think I've found something like this anywhere else. =)

   Ha , well I could think that this current sub culture known as ' pug ' short for pin up girl , as well as 'vintage' had actually caught up to me since having a love of dresses , skirts & all that goes with it going back to early 70's when a young boy , I had always been mostly inspired by the 30's - 40's - 50's styles and certainly fashion magazines for stylish posing for photos . I was actually 'worried ' back in the mid 90's when woman were taking to pants slacks so much that it seemed it was all over for 'dresses/ skirts ' other than weddings proms formal wear. Then Into the 2000's , when although there some nice dresses around in the department stores they all lacked that * something * mainly I think . the full skirt , good fabric / design and colorfulness . Then by 'googling ' dress images 2008 / 2009 I discovered the pug thing and I thought ' oh yeah the day is saved ' this IS it this IS for me . I hovered over the pinup girl clothing wondering ... is this for real , though I hadn't yet bought from online , I debated for a while then thought  oh what the hey , take a risk [ a creative trait ] give it a chance get a few dresses [ I also searched the sources and other inspiring sites , which I did and well have been delighted ever since . SSSOO thanks pug sub culture for bring back{ RELLY REALLY AWESOME COOL}  dresses  ! :-) 

So many great answers so far! Natalie you've been in the vintage scene forever! I really agree with you. The scene here is just so amazing and supportive and everyone is so great! 

@Jessica, you look a lot like I did as a kid except you have more vintagy hair. I think my favorite outfit as a kid was this ankle length green skirt with big purple gardenia's on it, a denim button down, and these sparkly blue Chuck Taylors ha! I dare say you had slightly more in the way of fashion sense than I did. But at the time my parents were buying all of my clothes so ....  

@Linda I know exactly what you mean. But I long ago decided that it was their loss if they want to throw on ill fitting clothes that are neither flattering nor pretty. You look fabulous! 

@Billie I dare say that for a long time wearing pants allowed us as women to express something of a newfound freedom in that as of the 80s and 90s women were much more equal with men that we'd ever been before. I think a lot of ladies took that fact and ran away with it and went a bit overboard, forgetting that we should be feminine and pretty as well as all powerful and equal to men. Lol - Enjoy all of your pretty dresses and skirts ;) 

Wow, a good question and some great replies already.

Hmm, where to start.  I think 'Grease' did have something to do with it for me - I loved the way they all dressed, and just the "look" of things "back then".  Movies weren't really a big thing in my house, so I only caught stuff that was on TV,  and even though I had my own TV from the age of 7 (it was black and white and had dials), I was quite aware of what my mom thought of stuff, so would be quite "jumpy" when she may be coming in to my room - heck, even now I don't really know what to say when she 'disproves' of something, so I was totally lost as a kid!

As much as I was a tomboy growing up I have always been quite romantic and girlie at heart (I think I just have some innate desire to pi$$ off my mother lol (long story!)), but I had issues with clothes even as a child - I can remember the day when I was about 4 or 5 years old I decided I couldn't stand tights *at all* and would stop wearing them as soon as possible.  I also felt quite a huge lack of control over my life - hence I suffered from an eating disorder for the better part of 20 years, so when I started getting a chance to choose my own clothes I chose the stuff I liked, but that I was fairly certain my mother didn't.  She still bought them - I think in the hopes that a) I would be ridiculed by my peers; b) that I would care about that; and c) that I would change. Needless to say, my attitude towards other people's opinions of my attire haven't changed, but it has landed me in several arguments with my mother (she would never say "I don't like that", just "what will other people think of you?").

Anyway, in my teens I was a "goth" - I liked the freedom it gave me in that I could be all girly, or not be girly at all.  At 16 my parents said I must get a part-time job, so I got two <g>.  One of them was in the town's only department store, which was 99.99'% frequented by "old people" AKA pensioners.  Anyway, it was here that I first discovered stockings.  After a bit of searching online I found a suspender belt that was good(ish) and that I could afford,  and from that I don't think I've looked back.  One thing led me to another and from stockings I found What Katie Did, at some point after that I 'discovered' Dita Von Teese, and eventually PUG.  I was hooked.  As I've mentioned in my first blog post, I did have a brief time away from being me, but I'm back there now - and while I regret selling/giving away my first PUG purchases, I don't regret coming back one bit!

I discoverd Micheline in 2008 and it was love at first side. During that time I was already listening to 1950's/1960's music and loved the films of these days. I think these were my major influences.

Like many of you, my love of vintage and the 40s and 50s in particular started as a young child watching old movies.  I love old musicals and I was in awe of how beautiful all of the women looked.  I did a lot of theater both 'straight' and musical as a kid and I got really into costume design and muah, though I never learned to sew and that haunts me still :)  I went through a few different Alt phases, I was a goth for a few years because I was drawn to the romanticism of it and I was into Anne Rice novels lol.  I still love metal and horror so that translates well to the rockabilly/psychobilly side of my style.  As I got older, I moved closer to the true vintage side of the spectrum.  I want to look beautiful, elegant, and mature (or rather I want to look my age). 

I found PUG during an internet search in 2006, I don't even remember what I was looking for.  I browsed the website and drooled for a few years before finally making my first purchase last year.  I got the Mon Cherie dress in Champagne for an event I was attending.  I can't believe that was my first purchase, it seems like so long ago but it was almost exactly  a year ago. 

I actually still go back and forth between rockabilly/vintage with rockabilly for very casual moments. I love goth too but where I'm from the jugallos often dress in goth so meh ha :) and WOW you've known about PUG for a long time ha 

I have to say every time I went to the mall I wanted to throw up made me want to start looking for an alternative, since Hot Topic was the only place I could find "my kind" of clothes. Since I was a little girl, other girls idolized Debbie Gibson or Madonna, I idolized Elvira and Jessica Rabbit! I have always wanted a pinup tattoo so one day in 2009 I was online searching for images of pinups and that is when I discovered PUG. I have always been a jeans and black t-shirt kind of girl and I thought since I have tattoos I couldn't be feminine ( I know weird), but seeing Michelline and Masuimi totally changed my mind! I was too scared to dress in PUG clothes, I guess I thought I could never pull it off, until I discovered PUG Style and found other chicks with the same style as me! I have never really had great self-esteem so PUG has really lifted me up in that regard. I really love the rockabilly look too on days I don't fee like wearing a dress.

Great topic! I am glad you started this! Very interesting reading all your posts!

Elvira & Jessica Rabbit were my favorites too!




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