I have tried every brand of box dye and it always washes out after about 3 days ,I tried using hair dye in my regular shampoo to help maintain the color but I have severe dandruff and skipping a few days  of the medicated shampoo for the sake of my hair color leaves me a flaky mess. whats a girl to do? :( 

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Try putting temp blue like manic panic in your conditioner.

A few tricks to help keep your hair color in longer...

  • Only wash hair every other day (max...if you can go 2 or 3 days w/o washing...do it) Perhaps alternating between your medicated shampoo (which is notorious for stripping hair color out), and a hydrating shampoo.
  • When you do shampoo, use a sulfate free product (Revlon makes a good one) with warm, not hot, water.
  • CONDITION!!!  Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner is my Holy Grail of conditioners.  Rinse with lukewarm water
  • If you do add a temp blue dye, add it in with your conditioner and let it sit for a while (rinse with cool water)
  • Put a heat protectant  (serum or spray) before you use any heated styling tools.

Hope this helps!

I wash my hair as little as possible. Usually I wear my hair down for a couple days, sometimes using a dry shampoo, then I wear it up for a couple days, sometimes with a bandana. I'm not a very active person unless I'm dancing and my hair is usually up for that. I re-dye my hair once a month because I'm a performer and can't have those roots showing.

When you rince the dye, use cooler water, and I don't wait until the water is absolutely clear. I also stay away from hot water, using colder water on your hair helps from washing the color out (which can happen in hot water even if you are not using shampoo), I know this because I have a platinum blonde part in my hair and it turns completely blue when I wash my hair in hot. Washing in cooler water also makes your hair more shiny.

I don't use conditioner every time I wash my hair because my hair tends to get greasy quick and it doesn't make a difference when it comes to treating color anyways unless you condition with some dye in it. (Which is something you could try if you wanted. Use a little Manic Panic in some conditioner and leave it in for a little bit, I don't do this though because I don't like temp dyes.) Also, don't put the conditioner right on your scalp, conditioner can build up on the scalp and look like dandruff. 

Have you ever tried more natural ways to treat dandruff? I have used tea tree oil, it's amazing, but you should do it a couple days before you dye your hair because it tingles quite a bit and I don't even want to know what it would feel like if you put a harsh chemical on after. And I don't know how hot of water you're washing your hair in,but I'm sure cooler water would help as well because when you take really hot showers it can dry out your skin unless you put moisturizer on, which you can't do to your scalp anyways. 

If you want something like a raven's wing black, try henna followed by indigo. Its a pain to try and do some days, but I have found the henna helps keep hair healthier(and helps get rid of dandruff!) and lasts longer than regular dye. I haven't personally done the indigo, I just use the henna to keep my hair coppery red. Where as I could only go a week or two with dye, my red stays in forever. Literally does not fade, just grows out.

I get all my supplies from http://www.mehandi.com/shop/. Its a great, quality site with fantastic products. Their sister site, the Henna Page, can be found at the top of that page and has everything thing you need to know.

Blue is one of the hardest colors to keep in the hair but with enough layering of the color it will stay true. The medicated shapmoo will strip your hair of any artificial color, esp the blue, I would look into trying different treatments such as a vinegar hair wash (apple cider vinegar wont smell your hair too much) and also the moroccan oil conditioners are wonderful-they have an oil to use on your scalp that will also help, but not washing it will be best for your color. I'm a stylist and i will always say, go to a salon- get them to get your perfect color what you want and then do touch ups at home if you must due to cost. There are many brands such as Goldwell to Wella to Prevana that have AMAZING blues that will keep!

thank you ladies! You all are a huge help :-) I'm going to have to give these all a shot ,and the water temperature never dawned on me but it makes perfect sense now.

I have tried the tea tree oil but unfortunately that didn't work for me :-(
but my hair did smell really good after using it. I haven't heard of the vinegar treatment so I will be trying that as well.

I do love getting my hair dyed professionally but my stylist moved away and I'm back to looking for another stylist near me .

Thank you all again for these great tips :-)

No prob, check out pioneerthinking.com for other homemade recipes for hair care treatments. (gosh, I sound like a spokesperson for them)   

This may sound counterintuitive, but when I switched from using permanent to demi-permanent dyes, my hair color actually lasted longer! I wasn't expecting that to happen, but it did. Seems permanent dyes, even black ones, were 'lifting' my hair color due to the peroxide in them. On the other hand, demi-permanent dyes simply deposit color on my hair and last a good amount of time (sometimes 6 weeks). I enjoy Ion or Wella demi-permanents from Sally's. An added bonus: extra shine, which is great for my super dry hair! :)

Also, I agree with Ginge O'Lolly that vinegar rinses work nicely! I tend to forget to do vinegar rinses, but they really do help my hair color last longer. Good luck!

I usually buy Matrix, permanent hair color, i wash my hair with shampoo only and easily brush my hair, when I dye it, I use 20 volume developer, then i put it on for about 45 minutes, then i wash off with as cold of water as I can stand (warm water makes the dye bleeds) after i rinse with shampoo and conditioner, and blow dry with cold air, i leave that as long as I can stand it (2-4) days before washing it again, this seems to help it stay longer. 




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