Hello ladies! I am trying to transition from a lowly goth kid who wears sh*t kicker boots or ugly skate shoes all the time to a pinup lady in heels.This is quite a big change for me, obviously. The heels are one of the things that scare me most about this new style I am so set on. I can't wear flats because of my very short, fat (and muscular) legs (and they're gross looking) and I am not a fan of wedges. I adore heels, but being a college student I do a fair amount of walking and I also have a congenital joint disorder which very strongly affects my ankles so I'm very concerned about 1) coming home every night with bleeding feet and broken ankles or 2) carrying the shoes everywhere. Do you girls have any tips for heel inserts and the like for comfort and support? Any other tips for wearing heels all the time? Thank you very much! 

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I would recommend you don't wear heels all the time.  I am also a college student and walking around in heels all day sucks.  The pretty shoes are not worth your health.  That being said, if you feel you MUST wear high heels I would recommend nothing higher than 2 inches and a thicker heel, to start out.  6 inch stilletos are super hot, but there is nothing sexy about falling down or wobbling cause you can't walk in your shoes ;)  I usually leave my taller shoes for special occasions when I wont be walking around much or I know it will only be a short amount of time and when I'm with my husband. 

Especially if you are new to heels and are still getting used to them, it is best to go lower.  Kitten heels give you that feminine look, while still giving the ability to walk comfortably all day.  I wear flats a lot, they are very pinup/retro casual and don't impair your walking ability, or style.  Besides if you are wearing a full skirt, most of your leg is covered anyway :)  I also wear my Chucks, even with dresses.  I like to have the option of being able to run.  Especially when I get out of class at 8 at night (like tonight) and have to walk to 1/4 mile to my car in the dark.  It freaks me out and I would like to be able to run away from a bad situation, high heels make it kinda hard. 

As far as inserts, I haven't used them but I've heard good things about the Dr.Scholls for Her line.  they are cut for womens shoes so they fit into the shoe better without having to trim it down a lot. 


Hi Ann!

Have you though about maybe kitten heels? I too wouldn't recommend wearing the heels all day. I know you aren't a fan of wedges but they are alot more comfortable than heels. For my feet, I need a thicker heel and I don't go too high. Otherwise my back will start to hurt. Also maybe you could carry a change of shoes too when your feet or ankles start to bother you. 

Hope this helps :)



you can still be pin up in a pair of sneaks...it's the style of the sneaks and the style around the sneaks that make it pin-up. don't get hung up on a narrow view of the style...remember the pants and shorts and halters and beach shoes too. i loves me a good snug dress and 6" stilettos, but i am a jeans and t kinda girl. advice for wearing heels: practice. find a pair you can't live without and practice: at home, walking to the car, getting the mail, grocery shopping...just practice. walk with your head up high. your center of balance is "balanced" when you aren't slouching. if sexy is what you want you will achieve it when you hit your confidence. and walk with purpose. tippie-toe-ing in heels is a sure fire way to tip over. Good luck! 

Looks like you've already been given some good advice :) For starting out, I'd say go no higher than 2"-3", kitten heels can be great to. Thick heels if you do go with a 2"-3" heel. Nice solid sturdy sole to support the arch of your foot. The shoes don't have to necessarily have platforms, but a thicker sole (something that isn't next to paper thin) helps to absorb shock to the ball of the foot as you walk. I would also suggest the type of heels I prefer... the mary jane style (a strap, or straps that go across the top of the foot) For example,  http://www.pinupgirlstyle.com/photo/bettie-page-jin-heels?context=user. I personally can't keep a regular slip on style on my foot for anything. With the straps holding the shoes onto your feet, you don't have to work nearly as hard and so your muscles are a bit more relaxed. This has been my experience anyway :) I would agree, heels ALL day is not a good idea. Rest when possible. If you do wear them for most of the day, you may want to consider getting a foot spa for at home use. Hope this has helped :)

Thank you ladies for your suggestions! I certainly don't intend to start wearing them daily right away (if ever), but at least a couple days a week. I also favor chunky heels with straps, especially Mary Janes. Even though I do some walking, I also do a lot of sitting down during the day. My biggest issue is usually just standing for long periods of time, which luckily I rarely do. I also have a hot tub with a nice jet at the bottom for my feet I imagine I'll make good use of ;) 

I too have joint issues.(Stoopid immune system, you suck)  And as much as you don't like wedges, they are probably your best option. I've got a couple of pairs of heels and after 4 hours my feet hurt so bad. But I can go almost all day in a pair of wedges. With that said, if you still want heels invest in a good pair. Don't go to payless or target.(Although I've gotten wedges from target and been fine.)  And you don't have to pay $200. Try zappos or I've gotten shoes from footsmart.com You have to try on a lot of shoes since you have joint issues. Trust me, shoe shopping can be so depressing if you have feet issues. But don't give up. 

I actually mix the 2 styles together sometimes. The tall, laceup boots from Demonia with chunky, thick heels with a pencil skirt with cute top and cardigan.  I agree with Cela that you shouldn't limit yourself!

For a casual day, I'll wear either flats or my heeled oxfords, which look something like this: http://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Refresh-Womens-yoyo-01-Blac...

Heels are usually reserved for going out. And if you're inexperienced, wear a chunky heel, no more than 2-3". A heel strap can help winners when you're first practicing, too.


Those boots in the bottom pic are cute! :)

I agree with all the other gals. If you wear a full swing style skirt you wont see your calves and I usually wear flats (from Iron Fist) with mine and also with some cute capris. When I do wear heels and always keep my flats or my converse in the car just in case my feet start to hurt.

   Am glad to hear you're putting colorful color into your life . Ah shoes, woman's shoes lovely wonderful things they are high heel low heel ssoo much choice . Maybe Not so comfy all the time , but beauty is like that . Take care though of you legs and feet as well as the rest . Since you are young you may not think much of support stockings and in general tights/ hose ,but those are important in helping circulation your legs will feel and look better especially if you are on your feet and walking all day sole inserts are good too .  I will also recommend some bicycle riding as fun therapy . luck ;-) 




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