I'm really considering getting a corset to really accentuate my curves. I know there are some benefits and some risks. I've heard it decreases appetite, which is good for dieting, and that it keeps a straight posture. But then I've also heard that you can't go too long (a matter of days) without one once you've started wearing it.

Has anyone had any first-hand experience with a corset/waist cincher, or have do you know anyone with one, and how do they like it?

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I love corsets and wear them almost every time I wear a PUG dress or skirt.  I'm really short, but longer waisted, so found that I needed a long lined underbust corset. 

(wearing one here) 

sI always wear a liner underneath, be it a thin tanktop or tubetop to help keep my body and the corset from getting sweaty.  I also will sometimes wear a compression tank OVER the corset, which helps smooth the lines from the laces and that back fat that may pooch if my corset is really tight.  I'm going back to the gym this year to try and reduce that ugly back fat.

I wear this tank OVER the corset, but it can be worn under, as well. http://www.target.com/p/beyond-bare-by-barely-there-women-s-firm-co...

...for some reason, I couldn't post 2 pictures - here's another blurry one with me wearing a corset - I love how it makes my figure look with my PUG clothes.

I wear my corset once or twice a week for a few hours I would wear it more but I got a size smaller than normal ( still loosing weight ) if your already very curvy I would try :


This is a longer corset so if your shorter it may not work well

and if you have a straighter body type try:


These are a good place to start and easy to brake in

Do any of you girls have experience with waist training corsets? If so, could people please recommend the best places to buy them and whether or not they are safe for those who exercise on a regular basis. I would assume this is not safe, but there is no harm in asking ;)

Thanks much lovelies!

Hi, I just started waist tarining about 5 months ago. I have What Katie Did 'Gina' corset. I am completly happy with it, although most seem to recommend the Morticia. I actually do my waist traing at work, so I'm sitting down most the day, because Gina is a little shorter its not uncomfy to sit down in. I only wear my corset for about 7.5hrs a day for 4 or 5 days a week. But I am not doing extreme tight lacing, I just want to get more of an hourglass figure. Within 1 month of wearing I was already down 1" !

I have found that my posture has improved greatly, I noticed that right away. And that was super helpful particularly cause I play roller derby so you need a straight back for it. I excersize quite regularly as well, though not with the corset on and have no issues.


I've done a lot of research and there is more than one way to go about this,you can wear a corset underneath clothing for shape or you can waist train to for an hourglass shape that will be there after the corset is off. UNLESS you already have a flat tummy i would NOT recommend corset training to anyone that is overweight such as myself, what can happen on the outside looks quite pretty but when the corset is off , all the fat that is on the abdominal section can look quite ghastly after corset training , it looks like cottage cheese but maybe larger sections?? now that doesn't happend instantly which is why wearing corsets occasionally is okay but The reason why is because your manipulating fat and while  you may lose some weight from decreased appetite , it is not enough to catch up . waist training is consistent training you wear it to the gym , to the store, around the house , when you sleep etc. BOTTOMLINE corset is awesome for everyone of all shapes and sizes if you can find the right fit and prepare to spend a little money, BUT "waist training" i would not recommend unless you have a flat tummy or some-what flat tummy. sounds harsh but its better to wear corsets occasionally if you are overweight, until you have lost enough weight and then begin " waist training"

I have also been thinking about wasit training for awhile.  I am almost down to my goal weight (another 10 lbs) but I have a bunch of loose skin from pregnancy and the weight loss.  Would the corset help to tighten the skin?  I know that it helped after my first baby was born to wear a girdle, I didn't use it after the second one and my skin didn't tighten up again.  If it would work, i could convinve my husband to let me get one cause it would be cheaper than a tummy tuck ;)  Thank you for this thread, it has been most helpful so far

Anyone who is considering serious waist training or just wanting to know facts about corsets should check out this site:


They can answer pretty much any questions you have.





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