Hi everyone! It's me Tahitia again and I wanted to talk to you all about a topic that I've been researching for a little bit now, breast augmentation, specifically breast implants.

As you can imagine this is an incredibly sensitive and an especially intimate topic, but I was really impressed with the feedback and advice that Harlow Napalm received with her Cosmetic Surgery thread, so I thought that I'd open this topic up for discussion.

Long story short, I recently lost a great deal of weight that I had put on and carried for a couple of years. Though I feel a lot healthier, stronger and more active since loosing the weight, my breasts do not have the same shape, size or even firmness that they used to have, not during my period of weight gain or even before my weight gain. 

I've been lucky enough to be able to talk with not just one, but two women who've undergone the procedure for very different reasons, but both of which couldn't be any happier with the results. One of these women is a user here on Pinup Style, and even though I don't want to give out her name in case she wants to keep that part of her life private she's been a major help in giving me insight on what I can expect.

What I'd like to know is insight from any women here on their experience with the procedure if they've had it themselves. Things like if there was a great deal of soreness afterwards in the chest and if it lingered for some time, can you feel the implants inside of you all the time and if so if that's a troubling or bothersome sensation, do you still have feeling in the breasts like you did before? Can you nurse through breasts with implants and does the growth in breast size with pregnancy make the implants look strange and misshapen at all? Most importantly is there anything, good or bad that you wish someone had told you about before the procedure that you did not know about.

So thank you for taking the time to read my questions in the post, and I can't wait to see what you guys have to say. Hugs!

Tahitia :)

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There are different ways they can be put in to make breastfeeding still possible. We are taking a mini break from having kiddos to get through our newest PCS to Hawaii and having so many toddlers/babies but we will be having more so that's the first thing I discuss during my BA consults!

Kudos for being willing to put off your BA for breastfeeding : )

Good luck with the move!

I've wanted implants for a long time and although I don't have the money to cover all of it right now, I know I can if I get on a payment plan. So, it's super tempting for me to go ahead and do it but I think breastfeeding is super important. I don't even know if I will be able to breastfeed since I have dietary restrictions (gluten and dairy free) but if there's a chance I can, I don't want to ruin it! Also, there's like no boyfriend in sight and I feel like if I wait to have kids and then get it done I'll be well into my 30s and I want new boobs now!

I know there are companies that do financing for stuff like that, do some research on companies like care credit. I know it also depends on the doctor, the one I used didnt accept payment from the company I wanted to use. I ended up coming up with most of the cash myself and getting a credit card with a year of 0% interest for the rest. That way I was able to finance part of it but still pay it off without paying a bunch of extra money in interest. 

That's really good advice Melissa, it's always good to know what the financing options are before hand.

Mel I know exactly where you're coming from about wanting new boobs now but not at the price of sacrificing breastfeeding down the road, that's really important to me too.

From what I've read as long as the incision isn't made around the areola itself, and instead through either the armpit or the fold under the breast the chances are pretty good that you'll still be able to breastfeed. That's not 100% guaranteed though.

Your surgeon should be able to give you a better idea of what your chances of still breastfeeding are. Either way which ever way you decide on your BA let us know, and if you ever have any questions or just want to talk about the procedure you know where to reach me.

I think we're in the pretty much the same boat right now.

Hey Kara! Oh wow, I do remember you telling me but I think that I was so overwhelmed by everything going on at Viva that I just totally forgot to ask.

Damn, that would have been the perfect time wouldn't it? :)

If your up for it would you mind if I asked you a few questions now either here or in a PM on Facebook? Right now I'm trying to read up on the recovery process but I'm always interested in hearing about the entire experience ;)

Thank you Kara! I agree the response here on this forum has been better than I ever would have imagined, there's definitely no shortage of women who've undergone the procedure and even more women thinking about it.

I VERY glad to know that you were able to be up and about the evening of your BA. I find that I have a pretty high tolerance for pain too so with any luck I'll be just the same.

That's really too bad that they weren't clearer with you about the medications, I'll remember to get as much clarity as I can with that.

Were you able to talk to any of your doctor's past patients before your BA to see examples of his work and learn from their experiences?

Did you find the massaging part of the recovery process to be difficult or hard in any way? Did you have to wear a special recovery bra for long after the procedure? How long would you say it was until you were finished with your recovery process?

If you don't mind me asking, what size were you originally and what size did you go up to? Did you find that the implants gave you enough support that you didn't need to wear bras as much any more afterwards?

Thank you so much for answering these questions here, you have NO idea how much I wish I'd thought to ask you these in person at Viva!

Take care and hugs :)

For me, I'm looking to have a reduction. But my biggest obstacle [other than not having $8,000] is that on the OFF chance I ever have kids, I want to breastfeed. And, reduction [And the nipple resizing/relocating that comes with it] often severs the milk ducts, causing an inability to feed, or reduced flow [And increased chance of clogged ducts]. ><;

I say if those want to, are able, have at it! :)

Hi Athena! I definitely agree that breastfeeding and the fear of loosing that ability seems to be an obstacle for a lot of women considering the procedure here, and I can certainly understand why.

I guess it will always come down to talking things over in detail with your surgeon and like you said, if those who want to, are able to, can have it! :)

I really don't know where to begin Kara but thank you so much for sharing all of that. I think that we could have spent a whole day at Viva just talking about BA.

I'm going to be re-reading through your post to make sure that I have everything down that you told me, especially what you were saying about adjustable implants, having the incision made under the breast and getting all the right information from the doctors staff as possible even if they're reluctant to share anything.

It doesn't surprise me that you way 70% of women aren't happy with the size that they get, a little while ago a really good friend of mine who had a mastectomy told me that for her reconstruction she would go back to her original cup size, a B. I told her she should go as big as she'd always wanted, which she did, and she told me afterwards that she was so happy that she did it.

I'm a 36D right now, though at times I could swear I feel more like a C. Ideally I think I'd like to end up an E, whether I go with the adjustable route or not. I'll have to see what my doctor says during the consultation.

I'm also going to see if Care Credit's an option, thank you so much for suggestion that. I'd like to pay up front as much as possible but it could come in really handy just the same.

The only other questions are about how the recovery affected your day to day life? After the second day when you stopped taking your pain pills were you still able to reach up to get a cup on a top shelf, or reach to adjust a car mirror? Were you able to hug friends and family members without feeling pain in your chest or endangering the setting of the implants? Did at any point in the recovery did you loose feeling in either nipple? Do you remember how many times you went to visit your doctor in total from the first consultation to the last visit?

I guess this goes without saying but intimate touching in that area during the setting process in recovery is probably a big no no right?

It's funny that your doctor's nurse actually let you see and feel her's, about a month ago I was able to meet with the patient of the doctor I'm considering using who did the exact same thing, let me see and feel hers and I was really impressed with the work. It really does make a difference to feel the implants from the outside since it's your body that they're going to go into right?

Like I said, thank you SO much for sharing so much Kara, if I haven't gotten the BA done by next year's Viva we'll definitely have to talk about it then. Oh heck even if I have gotten it done I'm sure we'll still talk about it too :)

I'll send you a PM on Facebook!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to chime in again here and say from the absolute bottom of my heart that you really all are amazing for opening up and sharing so many personal and intimate details from your lives that lead you to be considering, getting or having gotten a breast augmentation.

The information that you've all shared here, not to mention the honesty that you shared it with has made this decision so much easier than I think it otherwise would have been.

Thank you so much, this is why Pinup Girl Style is my favourite community on the internet.

As for my own decision, most of you have probably guessed by now that I've decided to go through with the procedure. My next step is to have a consultation with the doctor that I've researched and who's former patients I've actually had the chance to meet with.

After that my husband and I just need to save up for the procedure and then we'll set the date with the doctor.

The consultation will probably happen either this month or next, just as soon as I have a lull with work that I can fit the appointment into. Hopefully by then I'll have my wordpress blog up and running and I'll share all the information that I learned, but I'll definitely be sharing it here as well.

I think that this forum's proved that there's a lot of interest in breast augmentation and a lot of women who want to know as much about the procedure as possible. It's a great opportunity to share my experience as it unfolds with any of you who are considering it yourselves, and I hope you find it informative.

Again, thank you to everyone who answered every question and I'll let you all know when my consultation is booked!

Hey guys! I just wanted check in with you all and give you and update on how this breast augmentation decision of mine is moving along.

In short, I've put the brakes on it for now. Some of you might be wondering why I've had the sudden change of heart after so many consultations, talks with recipients and months of planning and saving. The bottom line is this, acting.

As you might know I've recently become a background performer in film & TV productions shot between Hamilton and Toronto Ontario. This is the third largest film & TV industry in North America, there's a lot of work being done here between the start of May and the end of September.

I've been asked now more than once if my breasts are real, which I've happily replied that they are for the time being. I've been warned however that augmented breasts could be a problem if I wanted to be cast on not only period pieces, but also family and hallmark style productions. There are two REALLY big productions that are period pieces that I want to be a part of so badly, and it would just make no sense at this point to spend a lot of money, to loose time on set while recovering, only to keep myself from getting the gigs that I'm chasing.

Please don't take this to mean that I've soured on breast augmentation or decided that I no longer recommend them to any women who are considering them. If anything I want this forum to stay active because I want the information to be out there and available for anyone woman who is considering this but might be shy or afraid to publicly ask for help.

Believe me, I do still want this procedure, it just doesn't make sense at this point any more based on where I am right now. I had planned a long series of blogs about my consultations, the procedure and the recovery itself with updates on twitter, instagram and even Vine too.

It might happen one day, we'll have to see what the future holds. Until then I'll be using that money I saved to go to Viva next year, plan some awesome photoshoots and maybe even fly out to see some of you incredible ladies in person who have literally changed the course of my life for the better.

Take care and hugs,





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