Hello ladies, just thought it would be wise to get ideas on this from people that actually have the same style as me! So here it goes: I've had the Bettie Page bangs for about 4 years now. I think they frame my face well since I have a rounder face and a longer forehead. The only thing that I don't really like about them is that I feel like it's hard to do certain hairstyles with them. I feel like if I didn't have them I'd be able to do more with my hair. I know that they have the clip on bangs, which seems like a great idea, but it's very hard to grow them out! I usually end up trimming them if they get anywhere near my eyebrows just because I can't stand it! 

Do you have any suggestions on what I could do? Or do you have any similar problems yourself?

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I would love to hear suggestions for bangs, too. Mine have been driving me crazy lately, so it's funny you started this thread. I have side bangs, but my hair grows SUPER fast, so they're always back in my eyes in no time. Then I end up looking like an emo kid with the side-sweep over one eye. I don't really want to grow them out and have no bangs, but I also don't want to cut them straight across my forehead. The side bang always looks good when it's first cut, but soon enough I'm pinning them back again. I'm at a loss as to what to do or what style to try next.

Hey Candy! I already gave Brianna a long winded reply which most likely can apply to you as well,but to keep it short and sweet.. you dont have to choose between "emo" bangs, no bangs or bettie bangs! Here is a style of bang I had a few months ago.. its styled like a side swept bang but cut pretty short.. so it doesnt cover the eye.. it has more movement and is much softer than the hard line you get from Bettie bangs.. a look like this would flatter your face, and its perfect for those lucky gals like you that have fast growing hair! ( seriously youre lucky) hope this helps! :)

Ooooh, I really like that! That is a nice happy medium between the side-sweep and straight bangs. It also reminds me of the way that Joan's bangs are often styled on Mad Men (she is one of my biggest style inspirations). I think this is definitely what I will try next. Thank you!

Love this. Do you have problems with the bangs not staying to the side though and having to adjust them frequently?

Thanks! :) it does take a little "training" to get the hair to lay as desired but as long as enough product is used it works well! 
@candy- I'm glad youre reminded of Joan! I'm a huge Mad Men fan :)

Hello Brianna,

I also have the same bangs and I was thinking the same thing you were about letting them grow for more hairstyles, but I end up cutting them like you once they grow pass my eyebrows.  I decided to keep them because I do love them and not many people look good with those type of bangs.  You definitely do.  I don't know if I would ever grow my bangs back to the same length of my hair as in the past.  Hope this helps.

Hey Brianna!

You look great with those bangs, but I suppose you already know this since you've had em 4 years ;)

I am a hair stylist, so I am constantly changing my look and bangs are one of those things you can change fairly easily if you want to try something new, as long as you have the tolerance to deal with the "awkward stage" and if your hair grows fast enough. 

The pic below is me with my bangs, down. The pic above is the same bangs, just grown out slightly (you can tell by the tiny hairs in the corner) aside from the tiny hairs, I think it looks pretty decent.. really just looks like a different more modern style bang. also since your hair is dark, you can camouflage the shorter hair failry easily( and a cool accessory to draw the focal point away from the bangs helps too) so my advice, give longer, side swept bangs a try! If your forehead is a concern, sideswept bangs can still conceal pretty well. The growing out stage is awkward but my saying is "when in doubt, bobby pins" haha. you can sweep it over like I do (warning, it does take some training to get it to stay in place) or use a small curling iron to give it a tighter curl when it gets in your eyes too much..a more bubbly look which is very 40's looking. Sorry for the long winded response, I hope this helps! :)

I love the first picture of you with them grown out more! Thanks for the suggestions! I'm actually a hairstylist too, which I think makes growing them out harder since I can just grab my shears and cut them myself! lol I'm pretty sure out of most of the other hairstylist I know, I'm the one that's changed my hair the least! But super cute on you, I think either way it looks great!

Thank you I appreciate that! :) Yes as hairstylists it can be very difficult to practice self control..Sometimes Im just bored and decide to chop up my hair or color it or something, its awful! lol

ive been battling this same problem for years now. right when i grow them just long enough i get a wild hair and cut them again. your totally right to it auto rules out oiut of alot of so fun hair styles. what ive found works some what well if a side swoop bang that connects all the way across. i still have my bangs that i feel naked with out but i have found then easier to hide or roll up when desired. 

My bangs have finally grown to a suitable length to where they aren't a problem. But, while I was letting them grow out, as soon as I got out of the shower I had to apply gel to my bangs and then blow dry them in the direction I wanted them to go. Then I would style all my long hair first, and use a flat iron/curling iron to curl my bangs section. So let's say I was curling the front section of my hair like Imelda May's, I'd set the long hair in rollers and when I had styled that part in to a roll I'd then curl the bangs part in the same direction and comb it in with the long hair so it would blend. I hope that makes sense. Haha That kept me from chopping off my bangs. I hope that helps!

This is a fairly recent photo of my bangs (my hair is currently a bob now). I too have considered changing them for a more workable style, but I can't stand to wait for them to grow. 

For the most part, I love my bangs, but if I were to go for a shorter Betti page style, I couldn't stand it that far from my eyebrows.

I would say to look at pictures of hair styles you love and see the accompanying bangs. Or keep your current style, because I think it looks great on you!




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