Hey, guys. I'm dealing with a bit of an odd situation. 

I don't have the highest self esteem, and a lot of it is due to how I look. So I decided to take about 10 pictures a week of myself, dressed to the nines (be it in PUG or repro clothing). 
Now, my best friend was going to participate this week (she is 18). However, her mother has essentially forbidden her from doing this because my pictures are "too sultry." Read: slutty or immoral.

Needless to say, I'm a bit insulted... None of my pictures are naughty or even slightly raunchy. I'm a bit lost on how to handle this, since her mother also has an issue with my fiance and I because we share a house.

Any advice? I really don't want this to put a strain on our friendship.

"Sultry" pictures are attached.

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I looked at those pictures and I see nothing wrong with them, I have no idea how she could even say anything negative about them. I'm guessing shes probably one of those people who, if its different from the norm., she doesn't like it. Don't listen to her negativity, its hers, not yours. As for your friend, what does she think of all this?

My friend is less than thrilled about this circumstance, as well. 
But she can't move out and really live her own life until she's graduated college (she depends on her parents to get help with financial aid - without that, no college). 
And her mother has a very... aggressive parenting style, so she can't exactly "hide" what she does... which is difficult, to say the least.

Agree with Kayla. Just keep doing your thing since this is a personal project to help you improve your self-confidence doing something you take pride in, and don't ask your friend to participate to avoid putting a strain on her relationship with her mom. Try to stay out of it and only offer pointers for your friend to do something similar on her own if your friend asks for them since she's still living at home. And don't bother showing her mom any of your pictures anymore, those are for you to admire and enjoy, not for her to critique through a negative lens. =)

It was my friend who wanted to join me, but yeah, I definitely see where you're coming from. 
I post them on my facebook, which my best friend can see, and her mother stalks her whenever she uses the computer... so no luck there. But I'm definitely not going out of my way to show her my pictures. 

Thank you, gals, for the replies. I really wanted an outside perspective on this, and you delivered!

I'm with you and the peanut gallery on this Ellie. Those are beautiful pictures and there's absolutely nothing wrong with them at all. 

I agree with Natalie about staying out of it directly and being there for your friend when she needs you probably being the best option for now.

I really hope that this all works in the end for you and your friend. Best of luck!

Thank you! 
I'm over the initial shock that her mother thinks of me like that, so it's just up to me to ignore her in the future.

So do I; I know she's upset about this but she feels trapped. I just try to be there whenever she needs me.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with your pictures, you look fab by the way.  However, this seems like an issue between your friend and her mother and I would recommend not getting in the middle.  if your friend depends on her parents for financial support, even though she is an adult, it seems as though she will have to abide by the whole "my house, my rules" thing.  once she is independent, she can do what she wants.  I think that it would be a good idea for you to distance yourself from the mother, hang out with your friend away from her house. don't put yourself into a situation where you are being criticized or put down, your friend may have to deal with her mom but you don't.  be supportive of your friend, it wont be too long until she can move out :)  Just don't get into a situation where you get into a fight/argument with her mother, because it seems as though your friend would have to take her side and that would cause tension in your relationship.  Good luck

That's pretty much the consensus and what I plan on doing. 

Thank you!




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