I'm looking for shoespiration to wear with PUG and vintage while freezing my tush off. We're having a really cold winter and most of my shoes (all but two) aren't going to cut it this year :( 
Since I wear 7 pairs of my shoes on a pretty much steady rotation cutting down to two is going to be sad!

So, what do you wear with your dresses/vintage pants/etc. when it's cold?

Thanks dolls!

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I just ordered a pair of oxfords from Payless. I live in MN and we get a ton of snow so once the snow hits my boots come out - common sense trumps fashion at that point - a broken ankle is not attractive haha.

I'm randomly checking out new blogs & I came across this post and thought of you Shy Anne :) http://www.retrochick.co.uk/2013/09/18/preparing-autumn/

I don't know how much use those three pairs might be to you, of if there's any shoespiration in them, but I thought it would be worth sharing any way

Thanks for the great ideas ladies! The two pairs that I can wear in the snow are a pair of Chuck taylors which are red and only suitable with pants/jeans/skater dresses, and a pair of oxfords, my boots have a heel and zero traction so as warm as they are they will have to go when it starts to snow. I definitely do agree that safety is better than fashion!! We tend to get snow and then it tends to freeze here and I've fallen wearing flats here! 

Sammi those shoes are adorable! But I just don't know if they will work. I have skinny feet and if it doesn't have straps it doesn't stay on :( Super cute and very vintage though!!

Ooooh, I've just thought for snow/ice I have a pair of North Face super-dooper-warm and super-dooper-grippy snow boots :)  The soles have bits which kind of...detect(?) how cold it is and then grip the ground more the colder it is - it sounds odd but they work :)

They're not vintage at all, but they are pretty cute

I agree those shoes are adorable as hell and that like you said Shy Anne, safety is better than fashion!

We can always change into the cuter shoes when we get to where we're going :)

Im actually mostly hoping to find a pair of cute shoes I can go grocery shopping in that will survive the snow, so far I haven't settled on something plain black and versatile or something super cute in leopard print or so :D 

Oh I have the same problem with needing straps! Really "narrows" down the shoe selection. (I wasn't going to make puns in this comment, I swear, but then I made one accidentally and I couldn't resist "wedging" that in.)

omg you're hilarious! ^_^ 

I just wrote a blog post about my pinup winter shoes on my blog. Maybe you'll like them, too.

I really think Miss L Fire Shoes are great for fall and winter.


Much love,


Hi thank you so much for the reply. I actually saw your post as believe it or not I'm already following your blog (love your reviews) unfortunately because we get a lot of ice here and by a lot I mean usually it's frozen over for a good 2-3 months after the first or third snowfall, I haven't yet decided if it will be safe to have any sort of heel at all on the shoes I end up picking. I adore Miss L Fire though and if the winter turns out to be less icy I will definitely be picking up a pair. 

I just bought these earlier in the week Shy Anne, they're not as tomboyish as the Schuh website makes them out to be, and they're really comfy: http://www.schuh.co.uk/womens-black-red-or-dead-major/1564307020/

also very cute! I swear I would probably own like 90 pairs of shoes if I had the closet space ha! 




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