Please note this post is not intended to offend anyone. I appreciate  women of all sizes. I'm merely trying to find out which PUG clothing  works for much smaller women.

I do check the measurement chart for each garment but sometimes I find they actually run much bigger. My measurements are 31.5, 25, 30 and I'm 4'11" (or 1.50m). I'm of Chinese descent so naturally very small.
I have a number of items from PUG but find I can really only wear 2 of them - the Dee Dee dress (before the new size adjustment) and the  Deadly Dames Haunted Housewife (but only if I wear two bras). The Je T'Adore dress works too but I have to get it hemmed as it doesn't look nice where it currently sits. The rest I have to get completely altered but have yet to do as I haven't found someone yet who does a great job and alterations are not cheap either!
So if you are also tiny/XXS, which garments have worked for you?
And what didn't work so well for you?

There are garments I love but would never buy because I'm afraid it wouldn't look as good on my figure. You girls may give me good ideas about garments that I thought wouldn't suit tiny women but actually do!

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whenever i buy a dress it says XS but i have to alter it a couple or so inch more smaller to fit me. and i often buy these XS PUG if ever i'm lucky to find one in a store. :(

My sister is this size (I'm XS), and has ended up with a few of my dresses just because they're just so cute on her.  The Greta and the Taffeta Niagara come to mind, but I'm sure she's made off with others. 

Thanks!  She's my heart.  The little heiffer knows I can't deny her anything.

we have the same size. i usually ended up buying clothes at teens or even worse, at the kids section. it sucks whenever i see pretty dresses on the women's section and the size XS turns out to be S on me. :/

For some of you ladies who are shorter, look Natasha's pictures.  I think she's 5', though she's quite a bit curvier than me.  I'm 5'4.5" and 32/24/34 (I'm all hips), and like I said before, my sister is shorter and smaller than me.  The dresses that I have so far that I think would work best for someone smaller than me are the Greta, the Niagara (the taffeta runs smaller than the bengaline), and the Erin. Those are all stretchy. 

The Natasha in black cherry is pretty tight on me, but it would need to be hemmed for someone who is shorter.  Also, my XXS sister put on my Ava, and even though I loved that dress, it was so stunning on her, I gave it to her.  Even though she is tiny, it worked because of the waist sash.  She had to wear a push-up bra, but the folds helped give her figure a more "hippy" illusion. 

The Daisy dress in red gingam fit me wonderfully once I shrunk it, but for some reason the blue hearts version (discontinued) ran a good bit smaller. 

The Lily in tipsy elephant print is short, so it would probably be a good choice for shorter girls.  The fabric is cotton, so you could shrink it more.

The superspy worked for my tiny sister, too.  It wasn't fitted on her, but fits both of us well.  It's shrinkable as well.

All off the pencil skirts I have bought would work for someone smaller, though some of them would need to be hemmed.

I'm just mentioning the dresses I own (or did til my sister made off with them!) that I think would work best for women built smaller than me, but here are a few that were loose on me, so I would not advise them for women any smaller than me:

The Dayna was too big.

The Natalie would have easily fit the next size up.

The Doris shirts would probably be a little too big, but the Jeanie lurex top would work.

The Bettie Page Alika (I have the pencil version) was do-able but is quite loose on me, so I wouldn't recommend it for anyone smaller.

The bombshell swimsuit was beautiful but was made for someone with a torso bigger than mine (27.5 underbust) so the cups were too far apart, and the Marilyn is slightly too wide, as well, but the ruching lets you get away with it (even though the built-in cups sit a bit wide).

I have lots more, but that's all that comes to mind for now.  Check out the fan photos in size XS and send a message to any of the girls in the photos if you have questions. I've done this on the fb page and it's helped me a lot when I wondered how something would fit.  I'll make my tiny sister model some of my dresses for photos next time I fly home to visit. Post up your pictures too!

^Same here.  I only own their SuperSpy for this reason.

You know, I've been eying the Niagara for some time (not sure about the ruching on the belly since I think it's supposed to hide a bit of belly), but I think the cut on the top looks absolutely flattering on a small figure, 

and the Film Noir dress is a cut that is super flattering as well. I actually own something very similar (which is why i didn't buy it) and as far as I can tell, it's flattering on everyone :) , 

I will admit that I'm 5'8" so have no experience with things being too long,  but you can always buy something you like and have it hemmed, it's a shame there's no 'Petite' section at pinupgirls  :) 

I am 5" and also find everything to be too long. I bought the Malibu Tiki dress in XS and although it hugs me in all the right places, the zip at the back pokes out because my torso isn't long enough. I keep pulling it down but it just keeps sticking out. This can't be fixed unfortunately. The DD capris are amazing, they definitely make short legs look longer, as do the DD cigarette pants. If find the all the 'swing' style dresses with lots of fabric at the bottom are too overwhelming for my height, even thought I love them:(

i am  5.4 and i find most dresses too long too. i think its meant to be altered. longer is better than shorter right

I agree, Pin Up Girl cater for plus sizes but they should also create a Petite range!

Niagara looks really weird on a flat belly. I wanted one really badly because I adore the pink one but it sits oddly and rumples :( 

I have a bunch of Stop Staring clothing, so if you are interested in the fit of anything in particular, ask away! Odds are pretty good that I have it.




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