Hi Ladies.  I enjoy wearing 1950's/pinup clothing during the summer, but I would like to include my wardrobe into the winter, snow, colder months (I live in Canada).  Does anyone have any options for clothing during the colder/winter months-  I am thinking wool skirts and pantyhose but what about shoes? 

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Hi Andrea for your pinup winter forecast ! I also live in Canada Toronto and I know that same challenge what I like to wear is opaque tights with those cute vintage dresses from wiggle fitted to circle skirt styles I find it gives it a twist on its original look have fun with some coordinating shades or even opposites also I try my best to find shrug style mohair cardigans wherever I can weather its true vintage or it's a reproduction. Over all the look and feel of a winter pinup girl for me is a 1950's sweater girl !

P.S as for your footwear snow depending I usually wear a retro black style mid calf boot 2inch heel with a non slip grid added on bottom you can find these usually in vintage clothing store circa 1960's usually but work with most retro clothing eras, I was lucky enough to find them lined have fun and pinup on ;) Julie Gems.

Thanks for your suggestions. I think I need to broaden my winter style so I may have to find some vintage stores.  there're still lots of items that I feel that I still need to purchase...

I love this conversation! I live in the Rocky Mountains and we definitely see a lot of snow! Funny enough, I find it easier to dress retro when it's cold out simply because I looooove layering. My go-to winter outfit for the coldest days is...

  • Sweater tights (so comfy and warm),
  • A swing skirt in either velvet or flannel (may require a  liner or a slip- I find that flannel skirts stick to my sweater tights without a slip),
  • Boots (I just keep in practical here. I wear boots with good tread and socks that show at the top to add another layer to the look),
  • A long sleeve blouse or sweater (tucked in)

When it's really cold I add either a pea coat style jacket or a big sweater (think big, loose, and comfy to throw over everything). I also wear a lot of infinity scarves that act like a warm necklace. :) For makeup I love to break out the red and berry colored lipsticks. I usually curl my hair and pin the sides back into make-shift victory rolls. If its really cold I'll wear a ear-warmer over my head or a soft beanie.

I love reading everyone's suggestions! Time to start planning ahead I suppose ;)

Hey.  I love the winter but I find it's hard to dress vintage when it's soo cold.  I too have a long Pea coat ( from a used clothing store) which I love so I am going to wear that.  I go on pinterest and check out what the ladies back in the 1950's wore for inspiration.  I am going to make some ear warmers and also vintage hats for the not too cold days; lately I figured out how awesome they are with the help of hat pins!

First off always, always wear slips in the winter they add another layer that helps insulate your body.  Silk slips are really the best option, but if you can't afford silk you can always go with polyester or nylon.

Try to find wool skirts if you can. I love this style from Revamp. If you can find authentic suits even better! 

Try to find longer skirts, things that will hit mid calf. Birdie works for me but I'm on the shorter side (5'3"). Recollections also has some nice customizable options.

Layer up with cardigans, tights or stockings and scarves.

While its not authentic I wear mid to high heel knee high boots in the winter.  If I wear shoes I try to wear heeled oxfords with socks. 

Someone else mentioned Collectif, they are definitely worth a look as they have amazing coats.  Also look at Emmy Design, the prices are on the higher end but she makes really amazing things.

These are some seriously great sites. Thanks for sharing!!

Omg.. Beautiful.. thanks again for sharing!

You're welcome ladies!  I'm always happy to share.

In the winter im more to go for a great pair of skinny jeans and sneakers always Converse. More of a rockabilly look. I can't stand pantie hose or tights they make me itch. As for shirts usaly animal print stripes polka dots or a long sleeve black pull over shirt with a tee shirt layered over that. Sometimes ill do a tunic dress with leggings. I hate winter weather but love to layer up to stay warm.

I did a quick google search for "1950s winter boots" And I found some really cute ones! And also ran across this blog post. http://gwendolinecurl.blogspot.com/2010/12/oh-weather-outside-is-fr...

I've also heard that fleeced lined leggings are amazing if you live somewhere cold. ^.^ 

I can only echo what the other ladies have said.  I live in Minnesota and last year was one of the worst winters EVER as far as temperature goes.  We were below 0 (F) for days in a row as the daytime high.  Shudder.  I don't even want to think about that now.  So I work in an office.  I just need to get from the house to the car and the car to the office so luckily I'm not outside long.  I usually wear a skirt and top with a crinoline and tights of some sort.  If I wear a dress I usually have a sweater over it.  I wear boots that are warm and have a good tread (I change into heels when I get to the office).  I have a Hell Bunny coat with a fur collar that I wear too.  Sometimes I wear ankle length or swing trousers with a sweater or top as well.

Now if I'm going outside for a long period of time (because in Minnesota during the winter we have lots of festivals - otherwise we'd be indoors for 6 months straight) then vintage and pinup goes out the window and I just dress so I don't freeze to death.  :-)

I don't get winters anywhere near as bad as some of y'all in the US and Europe do, but I did a trip not so long ago to Tasmania in the middle of their winter. I really just wore a lot of my summer dresses, but added thick wool leggings and tights, wore my Doc Martens, then layered with long sleeved shirts underneath and cardigans or sweaters over the top, then a scarf and a big coat! Layering is probably key wherever you are, that way you can strip down a little when you get inside in the heating. 

Some of my outfits are here: http://littleredsretro.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/winter-pinup.html




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