Would The Real PUG Addicts Please Stand Up?

"We're gonna have a problem here..."

Oh dear. It seems I have gone and purchased multiples of a few items recently. I think I may have a problem!

It started with the black Jessica, I adore my lipstick red version so much. I wore it for a coffee "date" and the poor gentleman couldn't get that look off his face. 

Last month I took a chance and ordered the red harlequin print Jenny dress. Due to my odd-ish size (39-31-39) it's hard for me to not feel 'shapeless' in swing style dresses. My affinity for Harleen Quinzel pushed me to do it and I had not a single regret! Once paired with the canvas underskirt I felt like a ballerina, or a princess, or something.. So much so that last week I went ahead and ordered the orange border print Jenny for another Marilyn shoot (read: the really cute one in the forest with Arthur Miller in the blue dress, but people want $500+ to make that and uh, what do I look like?). 

Now today I happen to be running on two hours sleep. After being awake for 30+ hours circumstances absolutely called for therapy shopping (don't you dare tell me you haven't done it!). What do I go and do? I check my email and see the magic words PRIVATE SALE. Thank you Overlord! 

Now I love my green Erin, a lot, even though it's a tad too big for me in a size L (I tend to always be a better M in bengaline...the fabric of the gods, I am convinced). I wore it to IMATS Toronto and caused quite a stir (which you may have seen in my PUG contest After Image). Show me the red Erin at 15% off...and available in a M...I am no stranger to an impulse buy. Somehow the black made it into my cart as well. Guys, I really like Bengaline.

...and then the Jenny skirt from the Gothic Capsule collection ended up in there as well. 

Who needs girlfriends when you have Jessica, Jenny, and Erin? (oh and Niagara, let's be honest)

What styles have you gone back for duplicates of? 


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Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on July 18, 2014 at 9:17pm

I have the Heidi in royal blue, white with black polka dots and black with white polka dots. I also have the Netti in nautical sailor print, in light blue with white polka dots and in black with orange tiki print. I have the Laura top in white and black as well plus a couple of Vamp top's because as Brandi Shuey always says there's no such thing as too many Vamp's :)

Speaking of Bengaline (love it too btw :) ) I have the Deadly Dames High Waisted Capri pants in Baby Blue, Red and Hot Pink although only the Baby Blue one still fits since I've lost some weight this year and last.

So if you've got a problem then so do I ;)

Comment by Amber on July 20, 2014 at 8:36am

I have 3 Harley's. Definitely my favorite cut.

Comment by Lady K on July 21, 2014 at 10:45am

I tend to buy multiples of PUG ALL the time, because once I am in love with an item, I want to wear it all the time.

I have 3 Sean tops (black, olive, and red), 2 Carole tops (harlequin and black), 2 Jenny skirts (harlequin and black), 2 doris skirts, 3 perfect pencil skirts (cherry, leopard, and black and white polka) etc etc.  The point is, I'm with you (but my wallet isn't)!

Comment by Ms. Natalie Ruth on July 23, 2014 at 10:35am

I have 3 doris tops (red, black, white), 2 deadly dames capris (pink, blue), and two vamp tops (black, zebra)…and I'm saving up for more!!!

Comment by Frances Mell on July 30, 2014 at 4:21pm

I just bought my first two PUG dresses, and when they arrived today, I realized that I had bought multiples of the Heidi dress. Grey with a pink bow, and leopard print look so different to me that I didn't notice! I love them both so much though, so I don't mind, I'm just glad I found something that looks amazing on me. I don't know if I'll buy more Heidi dresses soon, I want to try other styles too, but Im not against buying other things in multiples if they look good. 


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