Hey everyone! It's Tahitia here and I just wanted to say hello and and let you all in on some things that have been going on in my life.

For starters, I've never been this busy before in my life and I'm having just so much fun in the process. It's taken a while but so many things that before I used to say "I'll get around to it" or "Maybe some day" are actually happening now, and so much of it started with Pinup Girl Clothing and this community.

I couldn't have done so many of these things without the confidence that came from being part of a community that shows women how to feel beautiful. I'll never be able to repay you guys for this. Thank you.

So let's get to talking about some of these big things, but first I let's go over my latest PUG Haul from this past week!

Jenny Gathered Full Skirt in Black Sateen

I had a feeling that I'd love this skirt the second I saw it and it's everything the picture and the description makes it out to be. The Jenny Gathered Full Skirt in Black Sateen is just the perfect length to be covering but still just a little teasing. The gathering really helps give it a great flow when your walking, turning and spinning (how could you not spin in this) and the waistbands not too tight at all.

I'm 29" in the waist so I bought a medium and it fights perfectly. I can definitely see pairing this up with almost any of my PUG separates. It's definitely a must have for any pinup's wardrobe :)

Lauren Top in Olive Sateen

I absolutely fell in love with this colour the second I saw it and I love the cut. The Lauren Top in Olive Sateen's sleeves for starters go just past the elbows which allow your arms to breathe but at the same time keeping your upper arms warm and covered. The covered part is important for me because I'm doing a lot of background work (extra, I'll go more into that later) and a lot of times I need to bring shirts with me to the set that will cover up my tattoos in case the scene doesn't call for them.

The neck line is what really sells this shirt though, the cleavage is amazing but at the same time just conservative enough to keep it professional and it's very form fitting on the waist too. I can see wearing this with dress pants if I had to but it's definitely a perfect match for PUG skirts.

I'm a 37" in the bust and 29" in the waist so I went with a medium and it fits just perfect as you can see.

Another must have ladies!

Deadly Dames Capri Pants in Hot Pink Bengaline

Let me just say right off the bat that the Deadly Dames Capri Pants Hot Pink Bengaline are going to be the end of me, I'm not going to be able to stop buying them from now on!

The cut is just cute as can be, with the leg length being just enough to get your legs some air in the spring time, and the high waist is perfect for keeping your tummy covered. Not to mention that the pink colour is just amazingly vintage and vibrant and perfect for standing out at picnic or just a walk in the sun.

I got to wear these this week in a photoshoot (again, more on that later) and they were so much fun to wear, and you know that you've found the right outfit when your having fun just putting them on :)

I'm a 29" in the waist and 41" in the hips, so I ordered up to an XL to fit my hips and I'm glad that I did because they really give me room to breathe. I might have to have them taken in just a little bit below the waist, but otherwise I have no complaints.

Definitely a must have for any spring pinup lady :)

Lauren Top in White Sateen

Just like with the olive, I took a chance on the Lauren Top in White Sateen and it totally paid off. All the same good things I said about the Lauren in Olive can be said about it in white too, it works for simple outfits and occasions and still has the classy conservative pinup look that still lets people know that your a woman ;)

The cleavage in the v-neck might still be too much to wear to the office, but it's definitely great for coffee with friends on a patio. Just like with the olive I went with a medium and couldn't be any happier. Another must have ladies!

Vamp Top in Mint

Well I've finally taken my awesome friend Brandi's advice and joined the Vamp top club and I couldn't be any happier! The Vamp Top in Mint vintage summer pinup, plain and simple. The strap material is soft and it rests really easy on your shoulders, even for bigger busts I've heard. and it can be really form fitting around the waist, and it really offers some of the best cleavage I've ever seen in a top with shoulder straps.

Not to mention the colour is just to die for.

The best reaction though had to be when I wore it to that photoshoot this week when my hubby said to me "Honey, your tits look amazing!". What was even better was that my photographer friend Melanie said at the shoot herself "Your tits look amazing!".

When your friend and your husband agree on that consensus, who are you to argue? Even though the biggest bust they recommend for a medium was 36.5" I went with a medium anyway and I'm glad I did, any size bigger and it wouldn't have been as form hugging for my 29" waist. Definitely a must buy :)

Doris Skirt in Pink Atomic Boomerang Print

So you may have noticed here that I bought the whole outfit combination from the amazing product photo on PUG's website itself. What can I say, I loved the combination!

The Doris Skirt in Pink Atomic Boomerang Print on me is just at the knee's edge, which is perfect for the classy pinup look while being just a little bit flirty. The black belt's perfect for accentuating the high waist, and it has an amazing flow and bounce to it, especially if you wear it with a petticoat underneath.

I'm a 29" in the waist so I went with a medium in size and it fits beautifully.

This was my first Doris Skirt and it won't be my last. It's another must have for all my pinup friends out there :)

Vintage Style Sheer Hair Scarf in Baby Blue

The Vintage Style Sheer Hair Scarf in Baby Blue is just a cute little hair scarf that totally finishes off the look. If I place another PUG order this summer I'll definitely be ordering one in another colour.

A total must have :)

Heidi Dress in Royal Blue


Okay now that I've got that out of my system, what more could I possibly say about the Heidi Dress in Royal Blue that I haven't already sung in praise of the Heidi in leopard, black with white polka dots or white with black polka dots? This is my favourite pinup dress, not just from Pinup Girl Clothing itself, but my favourite pinup style dress EVER!!!

The neckline is great for cleavage, the shoulders are covered in a very cute style, the waist area is very form fitting, and the open hip design is perfect for big hipped girls like me. The colour is so rich and vibrant, I can see this being perfect for a Christmas party.

Last night I wore it out to a friends play that was set in the 1940's and someone in the audience after the play was finished asked me if I was in the play too and was still in costume. I call that a win :)

My bust is 37" and my waist is 29" and a medium fits me like a dream. If there's one must buy in this review that I recommend the most this would have to be it ladies.

Super Cute Knee Length Petticoat in White

Let me just say right off the bat that I am not normally a fan of petticoats, they always struck me as bulky and unesessary extra layers of underwear, but I think that I might be sold on them after picking one of these up. The Super Cute Knee Length Petticoat in White gives so much extra volume and bounce to my Audrey Skirts, Doris Skirts and all of my Heidi Dresses.

Every outfit that I just named looks so much more complete now that I'm actually starting to think that I've been wearing them all wrong this whole time. It's meant to be knee length but I can easily shorten it by pulling it higher up my waist when I need to. I'm definitely considering getting the Fluffy Longer Length Petticoat in White now or one of the other Knee Length Petticoat's that the lovely Mosh models. Isn't Mosh just adorable? ;)

The SCKLP in white is one size fits all and fits my 29" waist and 41" hips just fine.

Congratulations PUG, I never thought it was possible but you made me a fan of petticoats! It's a definite must have to wear under your favourite PUG ladies!

Also, I thought I'd try to recreate Mosh's adorable "poses" for the petticoat shots, but I figured I'd leave poses that amazing to the pro's ;) Though I still hope to be one one day...

My Pinup/Profesional Photoshoot

Since I've started working as a background actor (see the Bucket List Update below) I've needed some actual professional headshots and theme shots for my agency to use to send to casting directors.

The first time I went to meet my agent I was wearing the Vamp Top in mint and the Doris Skirt in atomic print and my agent told me to go get some shots done of me in that outfit right away, so I did!

I went right to my friend, the amazing photographer Melanie Gillis and we spent last Wednesday afternoon shooting my PUG outfits. A friend of hers who does hair was able to do my Victory Rolls for me since I'm still learning to do them myself, though I've gotten pretty good since she showed me a tips and I've been re watching Cherry Dollface's tutorials. She did an amazing job!

My hubby snapped a few behind the scene pictures and if they're any indication I think these shots are all going to turn out great and I'll definitely show you a few when they're ready! What else can I say about Melanie, she's an incredible photographer with such an artistic eye. I feel lucky every chance I get to work with her.

It's just like Cela said, when girlfriends get together there's always some boob grabbing :)

So that's the last of my product reviews and my Photoshoot news with Melanie, why don't we take a few minutes and get on to talking about some of those bucket list items myself and all of you amazing ladies helped put together and what my progress has been so far.

Bucket List Update

So a little while back in December I started up a thread in the forum section on our own personal Bucket Lists of things we've always wanted to do, try, visit and everything else. Now you all did an awesome job in sharing ideas for trips to far off places, new hobbies and skills, and personal, spiritual and physical challenges that you all wanted to undertake. It really was a inspirational to see so many of you ladies working hard to make your dreams come true.

So I just thought I owed you all a little update on how a few of my do to items were coming along. Here they are!

Be a Movie Extra! I'm starting with this one because it has the biggest potential to actually change my life, and in fact it has already. They shoot an awful lot of movies and TV shows in my area, Canadian, American and even a few British productions. A friend of mine in my husbands and my Steampunk group recommended an agency in my home town that handles background actors (extras) and two days after I sent them a headshot I took on my smartphone I was on my very first set!

So far I've been in two Christmas TV movies (they shot in April and in May), an episode of a Canadian crime drama and 4 episodes of a Canadian medical drama.

I've met the best people on sets so far and have had the absolute time of my life, and the summer shooting season has just gotten started.

Here's another little thing that I learned just yesterday, apparently for background actors willing to do nudity there's what's called a "Nudity bump", which is a bonus for essentially bearing your private parts on camera (professionally and tastefully of course). This bump can literally leave a background actor with a $450-$850 dollar pay check for a single days work, depending on how much the scene required them to bare. In some cases apparently with my agency the nudity bump has been as high as $3000 for a single day on set.

My agent told me that if I'd been with the agency last year I would have been perfect for a nudist colony scene in a popular Canadian prime time national TV series.

Without PUG I don't think that I ever could have been brave and or self-confident enough to consider this, now there's no way I'm passing up this opportunity.

I'll keep you all posted, I promise :)

Learn to Swing Dance! This has been just every kind of fun I could describe! My husband and I signed up for Lindy Hop in January and we've both learned so much already, this is the first time that we've taken dancing lessons together before and my only regret is that we didn't do this ten years ago :)

The dances themselves are a fantastic workout, and we've met so many nice people in our class, students and teachers.

That's not even mentioning the social dances, they happen sometimes once or twice a month and they're the best dances that I've ever been to. There's always a live band playing swing music from the 1940's and the students and teachers always dress up in swing dresses for the ladies and daper suits for the gents.

We're only in the level 2 class right now, there are 3 levels all together, but most students who want to get to level 3 have to repeat level 2 over and over again before they're ready for level 3, and even then it's by invite only. I think my husband and I are going to stick with it, funds permitting of course.

The biggest dance of the year is going to be a giant swing dance social at the Warplane Heritage Museum in a GIANT hanger in November with dancers from all over Ontario, Quebec and the American North East. I think that dance will call for a Heidi of some kind... but which one? ;)

Be in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Shadowcast! There's a theater group in Toronto called Excited Mental State that runs Rocky Horror Picture Show nights year round once a month at the Bloor Cinema with a full shadowcast. At the end of June they'll be having their regular Rocky Horror Show night only it's going to be Pride Themed since that's the weekend of the big Pride Parade in Toronto.

There's no way I'm going to miss that show. I'll let you all know how it goes :)

Learn to Sing! Right off the bat I want you all to know that I used to be complteley tone deaf, I literally had no singing ability. This was fine for the odd karaoke night performance but I want to be able to start singing in burlesque routines and acts, so 2 months ago I signed up for lessons with a local vocal coach who'd worked with a friend of mine before.

I still have a long ways to go but I'm a lot better than I used to be. My end game is to be able to sing the song "Man with the Bag (Everybody's Waitin') at a Christmas burlesque show this December, and I definitely think that it's going to happen.

I plan on wearing a PUG dress in that performance too so I'll definitely be sharing that video here when after the show!

Go Skinny Dipping! It's almost summer time, I have amazing friends and there's no shortage of lakes, rivers and bodies of water in this province. This is going to happen this year, trust me :)

So that's that when it comes to the bucket list items. I can officially check off Be a Movie Extra! and after that big November Lindy Social I think it will be safe to check off Learn to Swing Dance for sure. With a little luck by the end of the year I'll have Be in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Live Shadowcast!, Learn to Sing! and Go Skinny Dipping! crossed off too.

Thank you everyone who added their own lists of things they want to do. My absolute favourite of the ones that you all shared would have to be Dijana Marrufo's goal of having a baby this year.

I hope you made that happen Dijana!

I promise to let you all know when my husband and I cross that off of our to do list as well :)

Anyways, now that we're all finished with the bucket list updates, I think it’s time we all take another trip to and around the blogosphere!

Around the PUG Style Blogosphere

First off, our very own Leanna Bruce had an interview on her Appleton Pin Up Girl blog with the one, the only, the amazing (and one of my greatest Pinup idols)Ms. Cherry Dollface! There's no shortage at all of things we can learn from Cherry ladies, if you haven't checked out her video tutorials yet I can't recommend them enough ;)

Rebecca Dooley had a pair of great posts for Dress Up Sunday! Part 1 and 2 on one of her favourite pinup dresses and some killer Vamp Top/Pencil Skirt combinations. If seeing Rebecca in those Vamp Tops and Pencil Skirts doesn't convince every woman out there that we ALL need to own Vamp Tops and Pencil Skirts, I don't know what will ;)

Natalie Paddycakes had a very important blog post that everyone in this community should read on Making policy with our dollars! about the tragedy of the garment factory collapse in Bangladesh and what we can all do to help steer the policy of clothing companies so that tragedies like this never happen again.

Speaking of the lovely Natalie, Brandy Cross shared her Rave Review For Natalie Paddycakes & PUG with her post about a dress she picked up from Natalie as well as a few other gorgeous PUG items. Believe me when I say that Brandy rocks each and every one of those items! I mean seriously the Doris Top is just killer on her ;)

The The Homicidal Homemaker shared her recipe for a delicious looking Pomegranate Sangria Gelatin. I love it when ladies share food recipes here on the site and btw Homemaker I LOVE your picture with Elvira! I`m so jealous that you got to meet her ;)

The supreme overlord herself Ms. Laura Byrnes posted Pinup TV`s Episode 2, a complete recap of Viva this year. What can I say about Viva that I haven`t already said before, it was the time of my life and I`m counting down the days until next year ;)

Lady K told us all about PUG for Work, PUG for Play, PUG for life (A Review of Separates) in her review of PUG outfits she can wear to the office. I love it when the reviewers let us know why these outfits are important to them and how practical they can be for their every day lives.

Morgan Nielsen asked for all of our hep in her ENGAGEMENT PHOTO FASHION CRISIS!!! in finding a perfect dress for her Hollywood Film Noir themed engagement photoshoot. I hope you found the right dress Morgan and that the shoot went awesome!

Brandy Cross shared some really good how to's in her guide Basic Black Items for Your Pinup Wardrobe for building a pinup wardrobe that you can use and love for years.

Natasha Estrada shared some pictures of her various hair colouring adventures and told us about the easy to use products that make her hair colour possible in Having fun with hair color.

Brandi Shuey told us all about the restocking of one of her most popular hair pins in Wanting Vixen: The Temptress Is Back :). I've got to get one of those hair pins! I just LOVE the bustier shaped ones so much :)

Lee Anne kept us up to date on her pinup quest with her Pin-Me-Up Progress Report No. 3 AND she told us all about her amazing news. I don't think that there's anything cuter in the world than a pinup girl with a baby bump, Lee Anne's already such a beautiful doll that I can't wait to see her when she's all aglow :)

Last but not least, Jennia Fredrique shared the latest installment of the Marilyn Dandridge Chronicles with A Pinup Girl's Guide to Having an Affair. This is THE steamiest installment yet, it's a how to guide to making a spicy romantic encounter between you and your partner with a little pinup creative role playing.

I've already talked to my husband about this one and he is DEFINITELY in for this. I'll let you know all know how this goes ;)

Anyways now that we've wrapped up our trip around the blogosphere, there's only one more thing left to do...

Forum Time :)

So let's all take another look at Pinup Style's forums and what's been going on!

Aoife told us all about her new S.H.A.P.E. Group (shoes, hats, accessories, purses, etcetera.) I joined right away! By the way, did you see Aoife's The Grass is Always Greener picture? She is one smoking hot lady :)

Natasha Estrada started a discussion on PUG Options for Prom. I WISH PUG had been around for my high school prom, I just love the picture Mariah Kurtz posted of her Vivien dress in blue. Now THAT'S what I call a prom dress :)

Bethany Nrekic started up a thread on Pinup Magazines that you can submit your pictures to. This is VERY good topic for discussion and a good way to keep track of all the magazines we can submit to. Thanks to Bonnie Lynn Bozell for naming off so many of them :)

Cela Hyatt put our community's skills to the test with her Help!!! Identify this Dress thread and not-surprisingly the forum came through. The answer apparently was apparently the Bettie Page Dress, thanks to everyone who helped Cela out! I might just have to look into getting one for myself too ;)

Jess starting up a thread on finding reasonably priced clothes in Pinup Photoshoot, and Brandy Cross asked us all what we knew about a brand of shoe called Switchblade Stiletto?

Lee Anne asked for some advice for living in a town dubbed Windy City 2 in her Skirts + windy days advice thread. The answers ranged from everything from sewing weights into skirts to wearing pencil skirts to old fashion slips. Personally my favourite advice was Steph Andrews's "Let them fly sweetie!!" advice.

Why else wear the stockings, garter belts and vintage underwear if you can't be the star of a pinup moment now and again? Of course not every lady's an exhibitionist like me, so there's that to bear in mind ;)

I got some good social media advice on starting up, naming and handling a pinup themed blog in my own thread Help Needed Naming my Pinup/Retro/Burlesque Blog. I'm so lucky that there are no shortage of bloggers here on Pinup Girl Style willing to help out. The name I'm going to be going with for the blog is "The Great Lake Pinup". I'll let you all know how that turns out :)

Last but not least I gave everyone an update on my decision to get a breast augmentation procedure in Breast Augmentation, the Pro's and Con's. In a nutshell I'm going to have the consultation hopefully as soon as I have a day or two off of work, and I'm planning to make the prep and recovery from the procedure a regular updated series to help anyone considering the procedure for themselves. Wish me luck ladies!

In Conclusion...

Here we are at the end once again. It's been fun sharing my fun times wearing PUG and telling you all about getting to do so many bucket list items and making real changes and improvements to my life in the process.

Also that Great Lakes Pinup Meet & Greet is still definitely going to happen, it just might be more of a summer get together, or even a fall one at this rate. I'll keep you all posted. Now I just have to convince the ladies who want to attend to pose for one of these shots over one of the Toronto's subway grates.

Would this not be the cutest group shot EVER?

I don't know where I'd be right now if I had never come across you guys, you've made such a different to me and to so many other women, and I'm honoured to be a part of this community.

Thank you.

Take care and hugs,

Tahitia :)

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Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on May 13, 2013 at 8:49am

Thank you so much Brandi! I honestly can't recomend the Heidi enough, in ANY colour and or style. In fact, the Black Cherry might be a cute one to get too...

I'm so glad that you liked the blog post sweetie! You are so cute :)

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on May 13, 2013 at 9:25am

Oh I know what you mean, that's definitely one of my favourite patterns too :)

Comment by Lady K on May 13, 2013 at 3:02pm

Tahitia - your hair looks adorable too the extreme! And I love your purchases - definitely in agreement with you on the Heidi.  The cherry print Heidi is the first dress I bought from PUG ever (many moons ago, before it was redesigned) and it still my favorite dress.

Also, so inspiring that you are actually taking initiative in fulfilling your bucket list.  So many of us simply make these lists without doing anything about it.

Comment by Amber on May 13, 2013 at 6:37pm
Great blog! You look great in all your new goodies!
Comment by Shy Anne on May 14, 2013 at 2:55am

I just love all of your purchases! You look fabulous! I think I already mentioned how much I adore your Victory Rolls but I'm going to say it again. As for your bucket list, you picked some things that look really fun and fulfilling so I hope you can continue to do them. Thank you so much for the complements! You happen to rock every one of your pieces as well. The Sean top looks amazing on you and WOW your cleavage looks awesome (Lol) You're already a D cup or so yes?

Great blog post! 

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on May 14, 2013 at 8:39am

@Lady K Thank you Lady! I hope that every girl here get's to fulfill their bucket lists too. Today or tomorrow or ten years or twenty years from now, I've realized it's never too late to do the things that you've always wanted to do :)

@Amber Thank you! I'm glad you like my little haul :)

@Brandy Thank you so much Brandy! I was really happy with how the Rolls turned out.

I'm so happy that I started the bucket list thread too, until I did I never realized how many things there were that I wanted to do, but even better, how many things had actually been so approachable for so long. All I needed to do was reach out.

I'm glad that you like my cleavage, that's always a nice thing to hear from another pinup ;) As for my bust, when I wear a padded push-up bra I become a full D cup again. That's the size I was back in high school originally before my recent weight loss.

Comment by Aoife 24K on May 14, 2013 at 3:28pm

Dang it, I thought that I had commented to this blog. That must be because we were chatting when I was first reading it. First of all let me thank you publicly for talking about the new SHAPE group which I helped establish, but which Tashmahal77 came up with the idea for. Secondly those pics of you are totally amazing! And thirdly for now, you are just so inspiring. I know that I have come so far with the support of the ladies here. But you inspire me even more. Now I have to figure out some amazing goals for myself. (Aoife starts thinking...)

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on May 14, 2013 at 4:17pm

Aoife I had so much fun chatting with you btw, you are so cute and are a doll :)

Also yes, thanks for pointing that Tashmahal77 had the idea :) Sorry for not mentioning you Tash ;) I'm so glad that you like the pics and WOW you are really too sweet.

Sharing these goals at the beginning of the year was one of the best decisions that I've ever made, because it turns out that in life you really just have to try. I always knew that, but I never really tried it until this year. Plus it also helps me that I put them up for everyone to see, just so I feel a little bit extra obligation to see them through!

I can't wait see what goals you choose for yourself Aoife! Whether you want to share them here or not, I wish you all the love and support in the world, you deserve it!


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