Let's Get Heatstroke! A Palm Springs Adventure

 You know, sometimes I'm dumb. I ascribe this mostly to the fact that as the Supreme Overlord of PUG, after 15 years I have gotten to the point that I don't really "work" in the same sense that I used to. I've gone from being the only person in the business, responsible for doing everything, thinking about everything, and anticipating everything, to being the Supervisor of the business, supported by many amazing people who do things, think about things, and anticipate things.

I still have things I do: I design clothing, I direct the look and feel of the site, I get reports from every department in the business and I think on changes that will move us forward. I solve problems and think up fixes. But I don't have to go to an office for X hours a day X days a week, I don't need to think about the little details, and as a result, I've found that in the rest of my life, I tend to forget to think about little details as well.

Like the fact that Palm Springs in early July can get to 113 degrees fahrenheit.

So when my home girl Elizabeth Taylor, a Los Angeles native currently living in New York, came to LA over Fourth of July weekend and wanted to do something fun, I said, like an idiot, "Let's go to Palm Springs OMG!" and Elizabeth was all "OMG Awesome yes!" and neither of us realized this idea could possibly kill us. So we grabbed a few PUG outfits (If you must spontaneously combust, let it happen while modelling PUG), jumped into the Overlordmobile, and off we went!

Here we are shooting the Dixiefried Glamour Swimsuit on the side of the road. Little did we know we were on Miss Tayva of Sparklelux Fame 's street - she drove by while we were shooting and was all "Did I just see Laura??"

She should have stopped for Elizabeth! For the few minutes we were out there (When modelling outside when the temperature is "death", you learn to work quickly), she did get many appreciative horn honks as we worked. Palm Springs is so great like that. In LA, if you're shooting outside, the only person who will say anything will be some jerk who wants to know if you have a permit. In Palm Springs, everyone is all "OMG A PHOTOSHOOT *beepbeepbeepbeep*"

Then, we drove into Palm Springs proper and hit up Dazzles, my favorite vintage store in Palm Springs that I totally shouldnt be telling you about. But it is THE BEST. The selection of jewelry is out of this world, and seeing as Elizabeth is a jewelry OBSESSIVE I knew she had to experience the magic. Also Mike, the owner, is THE BEST.

It's Love!

Mike was a fashion model back in the early 80's. Natch:

Looking good, Mike! We'll ignore the competing plaids. Anyone else though, and we'd be judging.

While we were inside Dazzles I messaged Tayva and said OMG GIRL WE'RE IN PALM SPRINGS LETS GET LUNCH and she was all OMG I JUST SAW YOU SHOOTING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD and so we agreed to meet at Trio Restaurant, another one of my favorites. It's pretty, look:

Then, after some yummy fried artichoke hearts and mac & cheese, it was back outside to take some photos. At 12 noon. Because we're genuises!

Hey, look at those shoes I forgot to crop! WHATEVER IT'S ART

Elizabeth: Are you taking a photo of me adjusting my boob??

Me: Yes.

After that it was a quick stop at the Shag Store, because duh.

I may or may not have bought a print and some throw pillows. Let's move on.

Then Tayva suggested we go visit her man Courtney at Modernway, which was fine by me because - wait for it - it happened to be my favorite vintage furniture store in Palm Springs. Most of what Courtney carries is a bit out of my budget but hey, looking is free y'all:

Tayva and Courney. Have babies. Just do it.

Elizabeth says "Give me that out of control wall thing. Also, I am wearing lemon shorts"

Courtney got a hold of an awesome vintage console table along with a photograph showing the table in its original element:

So Courtney set it up in the shop just like in the photo (he had the chair too, but it sold) and TAYVA RECREATED THE PAINTING OMG WHAT:

I had to break up with her after that bullshit!

Just kidding. Anyway, after that Tayva told us about a hotel that was closing the very next day and was slated for demolition and had an awesome pool. So we decided we'd show up, get Elizabeth into another swimsuit, and mess around in the pool. What were they gonna do, toss us out? Of course not, the place is closing the next day, no one cares!

It was during the short drive to the hotel that Elizabeth noticed that the car thermometer read 113 degrees. See, my problem is that I am NEVER hot. I have been known to wear layers in 90 degree weather. So yhea, it felt a little toasty, but nothing bad enough to phase me. Meanwhile, everyone else is melting. But Elizabeth is a trooper, and also felt encouraged by the idea of a nice cold pool to dip in.

Turns out that when it's 113 degrees out, the water is pretty fucking hot too! Well at least we were *kind* of in the shade:

"Take the photo before I lose consciousness"

"No really, I think I'm done"

Got it! Took a quick shot of Elizabeth and Tayva:

Then we said good bye to Tayva and Courtney and decided to sit out the rest of the afternoon in the AIR CONDITIONED LOBBY of the Parker Meridien, which is beautiful & retro & fantastic and serves yummy margaritas (as well as a coffee for Elizabeth who by this time had an epic headache):

Model through the pain!!!


Elizabeth took a pretty epic Overlord portrait, awww yhea:

And, we'll end this with a photo of Elizabeth getting back into the car - still looking hot - after throwing up from the heat. I'm a monster.

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Comment by Erin Johnstone on July 23, 2014 at 5:49am
I giggled a bit, well a lot. Is that bad? I loved reading that post.
I want all the dresses now.
Comment by SparkleLux on July 23, 2014 at 10:34am
I'm so glad you two came out and spent a little bit of time here, even if someone did spew! <3


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