A disappointing result from an otherwise usually complimenting society

I'm not sure if I was wearing PUG at the time, but if not it would have been a similar style.

I was at a party and a guy groped my boob, I slapped his hand away and he said "you love it, don't complain"

When some friend's were discussing it, some guy said (referring to me) "Yeah, it's because of the way she dresses."

It is so sad one day thinking Australia is an amazing model country for so many others and then realising we haven't come as far as we think (especially with our current government)

I dress in PUG or a similar style almost every day because I want to, because it's my choice, because it makes me feel good about myself and because I feel that it reflects who I am. I was not badly assaulted in anyway, but there are so many in this country who seem to think that no matter what could have happened, it would have been my fault for showing skin. 

I went on a bit of a facebook rant: "Men are not some sort of less intelligent being that are too dumb to have any worth beyond their sexual instincts. The assumption that it is a woman's fault for being assaulted because dressing a certain way is too damn tempting for something as simple and primal as a man is as offensive to men as it is to women. Sexual assault is one of the most psychologically distressing experiences a person can go through and for people to still be asking "well what was she wearing" is a disgrace and is disrespectful not only to the women who may have been wearing revealing clothing but to the thousands of women who weren't, to the men who have been sexually assaulted, and to the children who have been sexually assaulted. I'm am sick and tired of this one step forward, ten steps back crap while everyone cheers "we've made it". I refuse to believe that there is some incredible psychological gap between men and women, that it's in our blood to be sexually dominating or embarrassed about our own sexuality depending on the genitals we have. It is not just offensive to women, my friend's are who they are no matter what their sex, gender or sexuality. To my generation, let's end this pathetic Mars and Venus crap once and for all and look to each other as who we choose to be, defined only by what we ourselves wish it to be defined by."

I was greatly disappointed considering I usually receive a great number of compliments for the way I dress, and when I show cleavage I am doing it because I have breasts and don't see that whether or not they are hidden should be a matter of personal safety. I just thought I'd share this to put some awareness out there in the hope that other people on this site agree. And I will ALWAYS wear PUG no matter how tight or "revealing" anything they release might be, I have never felt so amazing since I have discovered them.

Rant over ;P

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Comment by Sammi on June 10, 2014 at 2:13pm

I am massively in agreement, it should never be "what was she wearing/where was she going/what was she doing", and should always be "why did he think he have that right/what made him feel that was acceptable behaviour" etc etc, sadly our current society isn't as...enlightened, as a growing minority.

I still vividly remember being groped on a night out in my early twenties, I didn't just "take it", and ended up having a glass thrown at me.  Thankfully he was drunk enough to be a terrible aim, but I often wonder about the women he's done that too since, as well as the women he's been with, and I hope that someone has taught him something, as that's the only way most men will learn...

Comment by Brittany Stuart on June 10, 2014 at 5:38pm

Exactly! It's just so horribly wrong and so many people don't even see it. It's awful that that happened to you, and yes, I'd hate to think what he might have gotten away with. Awful

Comment by Tahitia Belle Fille on June 15, 2014 at 10:19am

You are absolutely right Brittany, there is no man versus woman "gap" when it comes to sexual assault, it's just a matter of some people STILL choose to be horribly ignorant at the expense of victims and society as a whole.

I've been where are and too many of my friends have been there as well. I'm so encouraged by your positive outlook, I'm glad that this hasn't changed the person that you are.

If you ever want to talk about anything like this, the whole community will always be here for you!

Comment by Brittany Stuart on June 15, 2014 at 12:58pm

Exactly! Thank you so much, it's so lovely to have joined this community!!! 


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