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Priscilla - The perfect 1960's sheath wiggle dress

The Priscilla was a hit right out of the gate when she premiered at the grand opening of the Pinup Girl Boutique. She had girls heads spinning to know her name and to own her. Worn by Doris MayDay and Erika Reno in both a beautiful Lilac and Pastel Turquoise.


  The Priscilla features a new textile that we created specifically to have the weight of…


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Ceil Chapman - The Female Dress Engineer


  In a time where women had very little in the ways of careers Ceil Chapman a woman from Staten Island New York paved the way for herself as a dress designer. Often when you hear others reflect on Chapman's career as a designer the phrases engineer and  sculptor are frequent. While designers such as Dior seem to be more of a house hold name these days Ceil…


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Fetish Folly - A Kinky New Collection

Fetish - any object or nongenital part of the body that causes a habitual erotic response or fixation.

Folly - the quality of being rash and foolish…


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The Modern Marvel - The Monica and Gia Dress

  The Laura Byrnes Fall collection is unique and distinctive, it pushes past previous designs with fabric and design. Two dresses in particular are helming this collection and those two dresses are the Monica and Gia.  

  To use…


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Petite Pinup - Shorter Styles for Your Closet

  So often I see girls post about us making petite sizing, but we actually carry several styles that work great for our little ladies. Though any of our styles can be easily hemmed to fall at a flattering length, these styles will not need a stitch! I find it helpful to look at the models stats on the lower left side of the image, it helps me to know the length the dress will be on myself.…


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The Christina Dress - The Dress for any Office

  So often we see images of eloquent and powerful females in the office, yet many of us are not suit wearing girls. The answer is clear, we need more office wear.

  Designer Laura Byrnes had this in mind when she drew up the Christina dress on one of her many sketch pads. Keeping the fabric, firm yet comfortable we choose a fan favorite and made the dress in Stretch Sateen, the same fabric used for the Vamp dress, and Birdie dresses. …


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Favorite Things - Trashy Diva

  Here at Pinup Girl we collect all of our favorite brands and things to share with all of you. One of our favorite brands is Trashy Diva, they are based in New Orleans and take their heavy inspiration from the 1940's. Originally they made most of their dresses in silk, but have expanded their products to rayon and cotton blends over the years. …


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Coming Soon - New Site Features

  So we try to encourage our customers to give us input to for us to make our site better and one recommendation we received was to add mannequins shots of our clothing. Well we listened, and if you have been anywhere near our Coming Soon Section on the website you will see this happening! …


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A Little Kink - Deadly Dames New Skirt

  We all need a little more kink in our lives, and some of us need something to ruffle some feathers, then look no further than the new Deadly Dames Kinky Ruffles skirt.

  You might ask yourself, what makes this skirt "SO special for me to spend some of my hard earned money on it?" Well like every Deadly Dames piece you will have a fantastic fit…


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The Successful Way to Shop - PUG Yardsale

  So you are sitting there in front of your computer or other smart tool FREAKING OUT as the Pinup Girl Clothing yardsale draws near. You have never been before and you don't know what to expect, or maybe you want to do that big multi-hour drive to make sure it is worth it.


  Let me put your minds at ease with this helpful post about…


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Fetish Folly - The Tie Me Up Dress


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Deadly Dames Malibu Tiki Dress - The Return of the Polynesian Princess

  One of the most beloved things I collect are Hawaiian dresses, be it Surf and Sand, Miss Hawaii or Alfred Shaheen they are my obsession.The construction and cut were nothing like you would find from most designers in the 40's and 50's, so I knew for Deadly Dames I had to meld all my favorite designs into one to create the ultimate dress. I added a bolero to all styles, took away the halter straps and added the ever popular adjustable straps from the Deadly Dames Vamp Dress. I also got rid…


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How to become a Pinup Model – The Truth Behind the Red Lipstick

  I really don’t have an easy way to say any of this, and I feel that it is necessary to write this seeing that I like so many other pinup models have received a slew of emails asking this very question:

 How do I become a Pinup Model.


 Well I will answer this and more, as I break away all of the lights and magic and reveal the truth within.

  So like I said, there is no real easy way to say any of this, because I feel like I am about to tell a…


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Polka Dots and Skulls - Deadly Dames Designs

  The magical re-stocking fairy came by and paid us a visit here at Pinup Girl Clothing and brought us several Deadly Damesclassic bodies back!

  The original Deadly Dames…


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Slip into Old Hollywood - The History of the Mule Shoe


  At the dawn of man they created the wheel and I feel their intense love of cars and all things round stems from this creation. I think a cave woman somewhere must have invented the first shoe, because I can’t really explain otherwise for women’s obsession over footwear. It seems as far as we can go back women have always famously loved wearing beautiful…


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Deadly Dames - Deadly From the Begining


Growing up poor may seem like a negative to most especially here in California but growing up in a small town in Georgia it was common place. For me being poor meant I had to be more creative with what I had and it fed into me designing and making my own clothes and accessories.

  Most kids had their parents take them shopping for school clothes,…


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Cross my Heart and Hope to Party - The Dixiefried Garden Party Dress

  This dress has criss/crossed into my heart.

  I just really enjoy collecting vintage clothing and this dress reminds me of many dresses you would see in movies and articles on the most famous starlets. It is simple yet so chic. At first glance you may think the criss/cross straps in the front would be uncomfortable, but they are quite the opposite. The…


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Sex and Sophistication - Vivien Dress

  The Vivien dress has been re-imagined in Bengaline for this Fall 2012. This sheath wiggle dress has a flattering side gather that enhances all the right attributes and softens all those curves. With the single side shoulder and sloped neckline it oozes sex yet says, I am sophisticated. The crown jewel on this dress is nothing more but jewels themselves. You will find a multifaceted rhinestone applique' on the shoulder. Now be certain to dry clean the dress only, as the applique' must be…


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Vintage Yardsale - LA Ladies

   Doris and I with the BIG heap of our vintage goddess Melissa are having a Vintage Yardsale at her house. There will be clothing from all of our personal collections in sizes XS - Large.

  There wil also be some great reproduction pieces as well for purchase. 


   We will have things priced to move! We will be taking cash and Paypal…


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Pin me up - Ginger Dress goes Pinup Print

  One thing I get to do that I enjoy greatly is finding beautiful new fabrics for us to use. Be it hunting at fabric and textile tradeshows to, more importantly, creating new textile prints. One of my partners in crime in textile creations is Mr.Joe de Blois, and we are of course under the guided hand of Laura Byrnes. 

 First it all starts with an idea; be it from Laura, Joe or myself, it starts as an idea. From there we rough out the design, and show it to Laura for initial approval.…


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(somewhat melancholy....but..)

Started by BooPGirL in PUG Fans Around The World May 5, 2020. 0 Replies

I'm looking for examples of funeral appropriate style. Any suggestions? Continue

Sale: Bettie Page Aurora dress XL

Started by Marta in PUG Fans Around The World. Last reply by Susanne Brown Mar 11, 2019. 1 Reply

Sale: Bettie Page Aurora dress XLNever worn, new without tag, Belt Included!99 USD+…Continue

Tags: dress, pink, evening, formal, page

Doris pants in Chocolate brown

Started by Tabitha Burch in PUG Fans Around The World Feb 10, 2018. 0 Replies

I'm looking for a size 2x in the Doris pants in Chocolate brown. They are so out on the website. If anyone has a pair or know when it will be restocked, I need them!!

For saleBirdie dress floral S

Started by Marta in PUG Fans Around The World Oct 6, 2017. 0 Replies

Selling size S Birdie dress without belt, worn very few times. 70$+30 shipping worldwide.

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