I read somewhere - and for the life of me I can't remember where - that wearing repro vintage is looked down on at VLV.  Has anyone experienced that?  I don't have alot of true vintage - mostly because it's hard to find what I like in my size in good condition.  I am however expanding my repro vintage wardrobe thanks to PUG, Bettie Page and other vendors online.  Has anyone who has been to VLV before have any experience with being "snubbed" for not wearing true vintage?

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I wore several dresses from PUG and other similar places and never felt like anyone was being rude. I saw a lot of both retro and repro vintage at VLV. I am not sure what other experience was, but I never felt like I had to wear vintage. I don't have any either and no problem for me. 

I understand why this comment may have been made, Amber. There is a contingent of girls who wear true vintage and look impeccable. But it's a minority rather than the majority. If you look at Youtube girls like Lisa Freemont Street, she talks about what to wear and pack for VLV and she wears mostly repro clothes.

I found that although I took suitcases full of stuff (mainly vintage) I wore hardly any of it. I couldn't be bothered putting in so much time with my outfits when I could've been out having fun all day! So I lived in jeans, cowboy boots and shirts. I wore the same day and night and just changed my shirts for something dressier in the night. I think I wore a dress once.

I'm going next year and will take a couple of dresses but mostly casual clothes. I want to be comfortable and have fun and I'm happy to watch the fashion parade rather than be a part of it. It's too much work for me on holidays!!! :)

Both times i have been it seemed like the majority of people where wearing PUG, Stop Staring or similar companies clothing. I have never heard or seen anyone saying anything negative about what someone was wearing. However if I did, I would say something to that person about how tacky and rude they were!! The idea is to encourage the culture and have a good time. Just find good peeps to hang with, preferably someone who is good at doing hair and makeup and have a great time. Buy lots, dance lots and take loads of pictures!!

Thanks for the feedback ladies!

I brought and wore both vintage and repro/inspired and feel like I fit right in. Almost everyone was really supportive and pleasant about what I and everybody else was wearing.

I thought I heard one guy make a sarcastic comment to his girlfriend about a Hell Bunny dress I was wearing, something like, "Hey, how would you like to wear that?" or some stupid shit, but I'm not entirely sure I heard him correctly. At any rate, he was in modern jeans and a band tshirt, and I can't remember what the girlfriend was wearing (which is probably telling). ;)

There are always the 'cool crowd' who wear vintage and think that anything less than that is not to be considered. But as I said, they are a minority. And anyways, you are there to have fun so who cares what others think or say? And like Marie said, the are more vendors for repro clothing than vintage original and you'll see loads of people who buy their stuff at the vendors and wear it the same weekend.

Besides girls, we've chosen to dress this way and we know we stand out every single day walking down the street and we are proud of ourselves for being true to who we are. Who is to say one is better than the other anyway? Go to VLV, wear whatever you are comfortable in and mostly......HAVE FUN!!!!

I did not get that vibe at all! Granted, there are alot of purists that attend but not once did I feel as though that I wasn't welcomed. I found that people are just so happy to be at Viva and around others that share their love of the clothes and music . I wouldn't stress about it.

Honestly, I am a size 12-14 and find that wearing actual vintage is hard to find in my size. So I stick with reproductions, and am more comfortable. When I was at VLV last year, everyone was very friendly and I received a lot of compliments regardless. I guess overall, wear what you think suits you best and I'm sure you will receive a positive response! And don't care if anyone says otherwise. <3



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