Surely, such a thing exists!! Do any of you ladies know of any types of exercises that DO the following:

- Lifts up the bust (I have tried both Flys and Bench Pressing)

-Shrinks body fat (especially around the waist)

Call me crude, but cardio makes my girls disappear.. and I am not taking my chances any more. I am sure most women have run into this situation and I was wondering if, perhaps, some one may have found a way to make these things.. miraculously happen (haha). 

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Yoga's doing me pretty good, I do at least an hours practice five or six days a week, and while my bust will never shrink (yay silicone!), it's started to do what I thought impossible and give me real thighs rather than the flabby lumps I thought I couldn't do a thing about and would be stuck with forever.

Ahh.. yoga. But of course. Thank you for the quick response :). I have recently purchased a mat and block so I am ready to start.

I play roller derby & all my life have had a flat but, but thanks to derby its starting to get a little shape back there. Now I know derby isn't for everyone but Booty Quake has some great (off skates) training workouts for derby which include strengthening your legs and butt. There is also a core training program, good for your waist. Have a squiz here:

Have you tried push-ups?? I know most women hate them but it's absolute crap that we can't do them. I'm almost able to flex my pec muscle and I think it's because of that. Although, I do a crap load of kickboxing so maybe that helps too  :-).

Be sure to try all variations: open arm with your elbows in 90-degree angle, elbows hugging your torso, diamonds, wide arm, uneven arms. And try elevated if you have trouble starting out. A step or something sturdy like that can do just fine.

And I second the yoga thought.

Hope that helps!!

Thank you all SO much. I figured I was not the only one out there who was scared to sacrifice my curves for the sake of a little weight loss. I appreciate all comments .. yes push ups are not all that fun(of this I am sure) but, like most things, a little practice will mean a lot of results.

Roller derby is always something I wanted to try. I may just have to sign up for the team we have here in town (I believe it is called the Anti-Social Socialites haha). Thanks again ladies!! xxox



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