Hey gorgeous girlies, let's all introduce ourselves! x I'll start...

I'm Saffron, I'm 39 next Thursday - HOLY SHIT! I'm a married mama of two. I live in Ardmore, Auckland and I swear, a lot. haha I am totally obsessed with PUG and have been for a few years now, I wear PUG nearly every day and want more pretty dresses, give me all the pretty dresses! I'm the girl who's always overdressed, for absolutely no reason, it's just what I do when I get up - dresses, petticoats, hair, accessories and makeup!

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Great idea to start this up Saffron!
My name is Ella and I too am PUG obsessed. I wear PUG or similar brands every day to work and usually on my days off too (except for the odd jeans and a tee CBF day hehe)
I am a hairdresser and makeup artist, working at Killer Hair in Newton Auckland and am LOVE doing vintage and retro looks. My first big break in this was getting to do the hair for a pinup themed photo shoot for the latest Remix magazine- and one of the images got the cover!... If I could do vintage hair all day then my life would be complete!
I'm always keen to do combined PUG orders so just contact me if you need someone to make the $300 mark xx

Hi my name is Zoe. I live in the Tron with my hubby and 3 boys. I teach in a primary school. I used to live in jeans & shorts till I found PUG. Its slowly taking over my wardrobe. I don't have a lot - YET. But what I have I adore. If I could get away with it I'd wear PUG to work everyday. Unfortunately not everything is appropriate to wear around 7 year olds. hahaha

Hey, im Shelley. Im 25 and currently living in Tauranga. Have been a huge PUG fan for years and like you ladies i wear something from PUG pretty much every day. I too am always overdressed and am constantly asked where my clothes are from, if i am in costume and if my hair is a wig haha. I am lucky enough to be heading to L.A in August so will be able to visit the new PUG boutique!! cannot freakn wait :)

Hiya, I'm Wendy, live in Kingsland, Auckland and think my heyday would have been about 1952.  Bit of Frank Sinatra, a lot of Ella Fitzgerald and a whole lotta swing!  I love polka dots and big skirts.  I dress this way pretty much every day, and I'm a PA in a corporate office - rather fun to see the looks on people's faces when I turn up in a leopard wiggle dress to the management meetings, haha.  Lovely to meet you all...even though I know Saff and Ella...and Shelley in a way...so hi Zoe :)

And PS - Shelley - rather jealous that you are heading to LA and the PUG boutique!

Hi all! *waves*

Yeah the import taxes huh? I've never personally been charged, but friends just have. It's sad because a week before their stuff arrived another friend received her PUG order and it was just under $700 USD total and she didn't get charged. It really is to do with who handles your package huh?

Hey lovely ladies, nice to meet you all! I'm Mary, 22, from Wellington :) I am a creative writing teacher. And I am of course obsessed with PUG and all things vintage! I discovered vintage/pin up clothing a few years ago and it was a real epiphany for me. A big thing I love about the culture is that all shapes and sizes are embraced, and the ideology that every woman can be beautiful just as she is :) I competed in Miss Vintage at the Very Vintage Day Out in Auckland in April of this year so if any of you were there you may have seen me belting out some Chuck Berry :p Hope you're all well! xoxo

I was there Mary and saw you in your Heidi and Marilyn swimsuit ;-) you looked fab!



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Hey gorgeous girlies, let's all introduce ourselves! x I'll start...I'm Saffron, I'm 39 next Thursday - HOLY SHIT! I'm a married mama of two. I live in Ardmore, Auckland and I swear, a lot. haha I am…Continue

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