I think it's safe to say that we don't host 'vintage' parties all the time.  Our friends and family would stop coming...lol

I like to incorporate just a touch of something vintage in all my gatherings.  If I can find invitations that have a little vintage flair then that's what I go with.  Or a cocktail recipe that's been forgotten, dishes, appetizer recipes from a 1950's book I found at a yard sale, breaking out an actual ice bucket at a dinner party.  Once I hosted a girls only 'naughty toy' party and put out a few books from the 60's about sex (which prompted a lot of laughs and some great conversations!)...you get the idea.  My friends and family expect that small touch at our gatherings and have come to appreciate it.

But being that I live in the land of rednecks (don't get me wrong I embrace my redneck side too!) theres no way I can get away with all vintage all the time.  It's tough on my friends at Christmas when I make them 'suffer' through a few Christmas albums on the record player...lol

So feel free to share all party ideas!  Anything that makes your guests interact with each other is great!  I don't know about you ladies but I have a diverse group of friends these days and it's tough to keep the cliques from forming. 

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We have murder mystery parties every May/June.  I use the website www.nightofmystery.com.  They sell the mysteries and the kits come with character descriptions, etc.   Its a great way to get people to chat that may not otherwise.  Their "characters" have to interact so they end up having a conversation too.   I have a diverse group of friends too - ranging in ages from early 20s to early 50s.  Its always great to see people who've never met becoming friends on Facebook after our parties.  :-) 

What a fun website!  I might have to get the Holiday one for my cocktail party ;)  I've always wanted to do one but never knew how to go about it or if my friends would participate.  Maybe if I just ambush them with the game they can't refuse!...lol

My friends were a little apprehensive at our first one but now they start talking about the next one at the party lol.   We've done the 20's party (Murder at the Juice Joint), the pirate one (Murder Among the Mateys), wild west one (Murder at the Deadwood Saloon), the homecoming one that we did 80's style (Horror at Homecoming) and most recently the circus one (Murder Under the Big Top).  I thought about doing a holiday one (I think they have a Murder at the North Pole one) and now they recently came out with a fairy tale one (thanks to the popularity of shows like "Grimm" and "Once Upon a A Time") so I'm leaning toward fairy tale next year.... my house is too small to have a holiday one during the holidays - I need it to be summer so people can be out on the deck.  :-)



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