Hey everyone! It's me Tahitia here and I just thought that I'd start up a discussion thread for the big Great Lake Pin-Ups Spring Meet & Greet 2013 :)

Now so far this is a very rough plan in general, but this is what I have.

We can start at a big recognizable landmark, I'm thinking maybe Union Station. Then, using Yelp as a reference, I'd recommend we make our way up to Queen Street to a little store called Chosen Vintage.

From there either by cabbing it, taking the bus or streetcar we go along Queen to a shop called Kind Exchange, and after that a beautiful looking store called Toronto Vintage Clothing.

After that we'll make our to Queen and Bathurst, head up Bathurst to Nassau Street and then down Augusta Avenue to Kensington Market.

So far this is a route I've only planned from the comfort of my couch in front of my laptop. Some time in the next couple of weeks I'm going to go with my hubby and my friend Belinda to actually scout out the route. We'll be looking for cafe's and restaurants we can stop to have a bite to eat at too.

I really want to find a little gallery along the way we can visit to, I'll let you all know how that goes. As it is it might even turn out to be too much to cover in a single meet & greet, so I might end up splitting this route up for multiple get togethers.

Also, as soon as my hubby can find a good area screen printer who can give him a good price, we'll have some t-shirts made up with the Great Lake Pinup logo. So before we get them made I'll have to everyone know how much one should cost and what size you need it in.

So that's that for now, I'll be back in touch to let you all know how the scouting trip went!

Hugs and take care,

Tahitia :)

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Hey Jessica! I'm so happy that you want to be a part of this :) If all goes well I'd love to make this a semi-regular event.

As for a date, I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking Saturday May 11th, but that's the day before Mother's Day so that might not work for everyone. The next weekend I'm available is Saturday May 25th and Sunday May 26th.

Again those dates are just preliminary. I'll have to find out what dates work for everyone else.

So how do those dates sound ladies? 

Awww, shoot. That't too bad Jessica. But don''t worry, these are just preliminary dates. We'll find a date ant time that works for everyone! :) 

Also I just liked your Flairware Boutique FB page, congratulations on getting your business started :)

Here's another idea for a get together that we could try, the Hamilton Airshow on Father's Day weekend (June 15th and 16th). I've been before and I think that a gaggle of lovely pinups would fit right in with all the vintage airplanes on display and ice cream for sale.

I have a burlesque show on the 15th but I should be free on the 16th. If you have any questions about the airshow let me know, otherwise this week I'll finally have the time to get back to planning our spring walking shopping trip in Toronto.

I'll keep you all posted :)

Here's one more idea for a Great Lake Pinups summer meet & greet, a pinup day at the beach!

The best beaches that I can think of around this area are the ones in Port Dover, the beach in Burlington, and the one on Center Island in Toronto.

Those are just my personal favourites though. If anyone of you have your own favourite swimming spots you think could work for a future meet up just let me know here!

Anyhoo, I'll be going on that walk through for the meet & greet route with a friend of mine soon. I'll let you all know how that went when it happens ;)

Hey ladies! Work's been keeping me really busy but this get together IS going to happen still. It might be more of a "summer" get together than a spring one at this point though ;)

I'll let you all know how that scouting trip goes when I can finally make it happen :)

Take care and hugs,

Tahitia :)

Hey Tahitia,

Did the meet and greet ever happen?

Just wanted to mention as well that Doll Factory by Damzels has 2 stores in TO (damzels.ca), they usually stock some PUG. I just bought the Harlequin Jenny, and tried on the red Lana.. I think I want the blue fireworks Lana, though.  I would think that should be a must on the route - one in Roncy, one in Leslieville.

Hi Nanette and no we haven't had the meet & greet yet, I've been so busy with work that I haven't even been able to get out to Toronto to scout the route yet. To tell the truth I'm still ironing the route and what stops we'll make.

I hadn't heard of Doll Factory before but WOW this looks like just the place we should go to. I'm thinking now after we meet up to start the meet & greet we can head to the 394 Roncesvalles location and maybe then try making our way to Kensington Market after that.

Thank you so much for the tip Nanette and you'll absolutely LOVE the Lana in fireworks! I picked one up at Viva and it's my favourite swing dress now :) I can't wait to buy the red next!



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