I'm not trying to discriminate about age here, but I was just wondering if there were any younger girls that wear PUG around? I'm 21 and at an age where most of my peers are prancing around in teeny shorts and see through crop tops, getting wasted at parties and well, just disrespecting themselves. 

I feel really out of touch with most girls my age and don't really see most of my friends any more because they are too busy catching herpes and getting wasted. We don't really go shopping together any more because our styles are too different...they like denim short shorts and hooker boots, and I like shirt waist dresses and kitten heels. They think my "grandma" clothes are hideous and I feel pretty much the same about their stripper clothes!

To tell you a bit about myself, I live in Brisbane, Australia and study film at university. I live with my boyfriend of five years and our 4 cats. I love wearing PUG and other repro brands (this is all I wear) and in my spare time I like going on picnics, trips to the sea side and going out for dinner at nice restaurants.

So are there any younger girls here who wear PUG and have old school values that want to chat?

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I'm 22 =]

i'm 24. i have a lot of friends but none of them is into PUG. i sometimes love to hang out with my boyfriend because he's the only one i know who knows about PUG. it's a good thing that i find this site.

Hello! well I am now 24 but I have been doing PUG since I was 17ish.....I don't know of a single soul around me that dresses in PUG....when I was in school I was the different one but had friends that just didn't understand why I dressed the way I did...now a few people I have started to socialize with recently actually think it is really neat and are impressed at how knowledgeable I am about the style and culture of the 40's/50's..one girl has even asked if I would dress her up and do her hair and makeup...so I am Saturday and taking her to a car show so she can kind of get the feel for it...
I know how you feel on that one! I'm 20 and no one I know my age in the area I live in loves or is even interested in PUG or other vintage repro brands the way I am! My friends always say I dress like a grandma or wear dresses with "grandma" prints. I've learned to brush it off but have been dying to meet ladies my age who appreciate PUG style as well.

I'm also 21 and study film at college. Most of my friends think my retro clothes are ridiculous. I get told that I look too dressed up all the time, and I guess they just think I'm kind of costumey-looking. A couple of my more artsy friends think my retro clothes are cool and like them. I don't dress strictly retro all the time, though. I mix it up. I always wear something that is too much for my more basic-style friends, though. They think I'm crazy. We can hardly shop together because they hate the stores I want to look in, and I hate the stores they want to look in. A lot of my friends think the contemporary idea of "sexy" with the skimpy clothes and bleached hair is where it's at, and don't understand when I disagree. I get more of this negative feedback when I'm at home. When I'm away at school, more of my friends like my clothes and don't even care what I wear. People at school dress all kinds of different ways anyway, especially since it's a city. My friends at home don't even really understand my studying film, so that is obviously a lot more understood at school, too.

Hey Harlow

 Im from Brissie, (went to school (Lourdes and Uni (Griffith) there). Im 30 so a little out of your age range but I know how you feel as I felt the same way when I was in Brissie! In Brisbane girls seem to think the trashier the better, Im not sure why. But all I can say is wear your kitten heels and PUG style with pride. Its always nice to see someone sensible yet stylish. I moved to Adelaide, Melbourne and then back to Adelaide and people over there are far more stylish and classy! Im glad someone is bringing the class back to Brissie. Rock on.

Hey! I'm 25, from England.

I have hardly any girl mates to be honest. I have only met one other friend who likes the same style and she lives quite far away so dont get to see her. Nobody else I know loves this style which is why I love using this website! I love all things vintage, I love the classic 40's/50's style. It suits my body shape (curvy) and I love wearing colourful clothes. I too live with my partner of nearly 10 years, have 2 cats. I love films, going to restaurants, baking cupcakes and making hand made cards. Its the same in my town, I find peoples idea of fashion crazy, the girls going out to bars look terrible, a total meat market, dressing like a hooker. We also have here whats called the 'Essex look', spray tans until your skin goes orange, over done drag queen style make up, body con dresses and huge heels and they usually look like they have been dipped in glitter! I am planning to go to Essex for a few nights on a weekend away. One night I'm going to go out as me, show them what class, pale skin and red lips is all about! Next night I'll go as one of them, get fake tanned for the first time ever and have a right laugh looking...well totally awful! I'm not into the party scene, I rarely drink alcohol. I would like cocktails with the girls in my PUG style, I just dont know too many for that to happen!

im 23 atm
24 at the end of august :(
My first PuG was a heidi in black cherry.
I bought it when i was 19.
I went to get my septum pierced and the place was so dead.
I tried on a bunch of clothes and then got the needle through the face.
The piercer gave me 30% off cuz juno, he was nice.

I like dressing how we all dress.
Makes going to shows and work parties more of an event and not just another plain thing to do.
But like Renee Marie, everyone says I'm a granny.

Well I'm 31 myself so I'm a tad removed from you age wise, but if I had known that the pinup/retro/rockabilly style existed when i was 21 I can promise you that I would have been wearing it seven days a week. It sounds like you are already very confident in your style and your vallues, so no worries, have fun and in my experience you do eventually find the right friends who except you for the way you are.

It seems like it takes forever sometimes but you will find those friends eventually, and you'll wake up one day and realize that you're surrounded by people who are positive influences on your life :)

I just turned 23 on the 9th of this month and I've been wearing PUG, general repro, or retro styled clothing for 2-3 years now. PUG is new--I think I've been donning PUG goodies for about a year and a half now. I don't think I've been looked down on by my peers... in fact, I've received many compliments. I've heard many times that the pinup look really suits me--which I thought was strange at first because I don't have a curvy hourglass figure--in fact, I'm slender and petite: 5'4", 34 bust, 26.5 waist, 33 hips. But many people that I know--and sometimes even complete strangers--approach me and tell me that the look really suits me. Nevertheless, I have heard some criticisms from people. In fact, my father has actually criticized me about it! He's the one that says I dress like an old lady. >:(

In addition, I've heard from 1-2 women that I don't suit the look because of my hair! I have a pixie haircut--think Emma Watson, but a little longer. Granted, I can't dabble in vintage hairstyles because of it (which makes me a little sad, but I dabble in everything else like makeup and clothes!), but I think I can really roll with look! I agree with all of you--dressing classy, not trashy is the way to go!

I've thought about experimenting with the finger waves hairstyle... I wonder if my hair is long enough? :) And I agree with Natasha, I wish we were all lived closer to one another so we can dabble and be classy together!

I'm 22. I've only been rocking the PUG look for half a year, but I've always wanted to, without knowing it's what I wanted. That was a confusing sentence...I mean to say that I've always gone shopping with friends and found myself uninterested in most of what I'd find in the mall. Basically, I didn't know what I was really looking for fashion-wise until I stumbled upon PUG - it was a site full of the dream dresses and cute separates in my head!

It's funny, I'd always go shopping and be disappointed that I didn't find what I was looking for. When my friends would ask me what I wanted to find, I'd say "I don't know." I now know what I was searching for. I wanted a dress that made me feel sexy without looking slutty. I wanted timeless pieces that I could wear now and in ten years. I wanted to dress flirty and fun, even though I'm not rail-thin.

Im 25.. Ive been into this sort of style since I started caring about my looks and got out of that awkward punk rock stage ;) I can relate for sure. Ive known maybe 1 or 2 people who understand my look/lifestyle preference, and the rest just dont get it. But I do get compliments still from people who just respect that my style is "different". I guess that means they like it on me but they wouldnt be caught dead in it? lol..  It seems to be something many of us face. Im married now and my husband is into the same style.. but I wish I had a couple girlfriends that I could related to :(




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