So what's the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG clothing?

Hello ladies!

So recently, I introduced my oldest step-sister to PUG's clothing for her Christmas present, and she's completely in love! She ordered the Je T'Adore dress in Olive, and when she put it on her husband's jaw dropped to the floor.

She told me that she never felt more attractive in her 49 years of living, than she did right at that moment...and that got me thinking about all the compliments and comments I've received from family, friends and strangers since I started wearing PUG clothing...and how it's impacted my life - which of course leads to the topic of discussion- what's the best compliment, comment or story you have pertaining to your PUG wardrobe? 

:) :) Bonnie

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<3 Love it!

I was introduced as 'Miss Audrey Hepburn,' which is more of a compliment than I deserve, but lovely all the same <3  that was in the Black Jessica Wiggle 

LOL!!!! You made my day reading that story...sorry it was at your expense

I have to say that this story definitely made me giggle! I can just imagine myself in the same situation... I probably would have responded the same way you did! Thanks for sharing!!

OH MY GOD!! A friend and I went to a busy casino there and we both take a lot of pride in our appearance so I was wearing PUG and she was wearing an equally sexy dress too. Well we posted up at the bar before jetting off to have fun for the night and a couple of guys thought we were high priced call girls!! We laughed it off and had a great time and now we have a fun memory to share.

I think you should take it as a compliment, since that's what it's meant to be. Whenever you hear it, translate it in your brain as "You look really beautiful/gorgeous/stunning/amazing/hot, etc."They say Marilyn Monroe because they don't know how to articulate what they want to say and it's the first iconic image they find in their brains when they're mentally groping for one. As to what Marilyn herself would think, according to many she wasn't always as sure of herself as she looked so she probably would find it an affirmation of her beauty.

I get Katy Perry ALL the time! Annoying. haha

"Girl you have more curves then a racetrack"

First off Bonnie this is an awesome idea for a forum post! Three compliments come to mind, the first was at a local airshow last summer when a woman walking by my husband and I when I was wearing my Retro Rockabilly Diner Dress in red said to the man she was with loudly "She looks like she walked out of the 50's!" I don't think she knew I could hear her, but it was funny :)

The second was when I was wearing my Netti Dress in blue with white polka-dots at the beach for a walk with my hubby when a girl rollerblading in the opposite direction shot past me saying "I just want to say that I LOVE your dress". What made it funny was how fast she was going when she said it.

My absolute favourite had to be when I tried on my Ginger Dress in Pink Atomic Print and Perfect Pinup Shrug in white for my hubby the first time and asked him how I looked. Instead of answering he put on the song "She's a Lady" by Tom Jones on our stereo. He told me that said it all :)

@Kara you really nailed it with what you said about what wearing PUG for a walk/wheel downtown will do for your self-esteem! I couldn't agree more :)

No he didn't do a Tom Jones dance for me sadly, in fact I think that I might have danced to half the song in the dress since the Ginger is just perfect for dancing :)

Thank you SO much! I'm really glad that people like that picture, it was such a fun photoshoot:)

You are so adorable yourself and I just love your picture of the Ginger dress in atomic pink, yours should be the sales picture on PUG's site for the dress :)

Those are both great stories, especially the last one. Though I feel bad for the fashion major in the coffeehouse that she was wanting to tell you all summer how beautiful your outfits but was too afraid to.

I'm glad she eventually worked up the nerve though, pin-up looks always seem to bring out the best in people :)




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