So what's the best/funniest compliment you've received while wearing PUG clothing?

Hello ladies!

So recently, I introduced my oldest step-sister to PUG's clothing for her Christmas present, and she's completely in love! She ordered the Je T'Adore dress in Olive, and when she put it on her husband's jaw dropped to the floor.

She told me that she never felt more attractive in her 49 years of living, than she did right at that moment...and that got me thinking about all the compliments and comments I've received from family, friends and strangers since I started wearing PUG clothing...and how it's impacted my life - which of course leads to the topic of discussion- what's the best compliment, comment or story you have pertaining to your PUG wardrobe? 

:) :) Bonnie

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The funniest comment I ever got was when I wore the olive Mon Cheri to a wedding....  "OMG, You look so fucking beautiful and elegant in that dress that I just want to take you home with me and rip it off.  Except I'm gay and that's my partner right there."  haha!  He was a great dancer.

That comment is one of the best I've read!

I just made reference to this compliment in my latest blog post. But I wanted to wait to post the actual compliment to this topic. I was wearing a blue theme-d outfit including my blue vamp blouse. And I knew that I wanted to accent it with my lovely blue and white Wanting Vixen hair accessory by my wonderful PUG sister Brandi Shuey. I went out shopping to my local antique mall. And BTW while there I bought a few items that I intend to use as PUG Pal gifts. If you are not already a member of the PUG Pals group, please check it out. And if you are a member but have not provided your address in the member only section, please add it. Otherwise, you won't get any surprise gifties.

Anyway while I was making my purchase the young lady who was assisting me said. "I just love your hair ornament. It is so darling." I was very honored to say that it was made by a friend of mine... that friend being Brandi. Thanks Brandi!

Went to a metal show and was told by a band member..."You're a little over dressed for this event but I sure do appreciate it" And then another the same night said "I sure do appreciate your outfit" lol

A friend and I went out one night and she had her hair wrapped up in a kercheif. Some punk came up and said "I dig the hair, yo! Very Tu Pac!" She looks at him and goes "Or Rosie the Riveter, depending on your influences..." lol

"Are you in a play or something?"

My Uncle Peter calls me Marilyn now. And one of the regular clients at the salon I used to work at called me Lucy every time she came in, and almost every time made a point of clarifying that she meant Lucille Ball 8P

Recently, I was costuming a show and I was at one of the tech rehearsals wearing my high waisted jeans, a button down, and a hair scarf, and one of the techies was like "You look just like Rosie the Riveter! Do you know who she is?"

To which I replied "Yes, of course I do!" with a laugh. And he proceeded to pull out his phone to show me who Rosie the Riveter was because he was convinced I didn't know what he was talking about until a mutual friend of ours was like "Steve, I think she knows about Rosie the Riveter. She's in the know."

That one gave me a good laugh.

My boyfriend just about loses it when I put on a PUG dress. He doesn't have to say so although he does, its more of the way he acts when I'm wearing one that is the true compliment. Much more touching, and that proud cocky way that he lets everyone know that I'm his and hes proud. I always get lots of I love your dress and such too.

"Are you in a play?"

Ha! I get this one a lot. I also get a lot of people asking me where I'm going (I assume they think I'm going to a play :P). 

This thread is one of the reasons I made an account here, rather than just reading everyone else's posts...I wanted to share a really great story about how dressing like this affected my life.

This is about the overall look rather than PUG specifically. I had admired PUG clothes for a while but never had the money for it, and was more of a punk chick - those scenes intersect a good deal, sometimes I think of PUG/rockabilly as a sort of grown up version of punk style in some ways. Anyhow, goes without saying my grandmother hated seeing me getting tattoos, wearing ripped clothes, etc.

One of the first times I wore my hair in victory rolls was also the last time I saw my grandmother alive. She loved my hair, loved seeing me look feminine for a change, not to mention it reminded her of how she used to do herself up. She was very out of it (in the ICU) but still complimented my hair and took the time to say I looked beautiful. I think this whole experience adds to my love for this style, and every time I dress vintage or do my hair I feel like she would be proud. (I chose my pseudonym on this forum with her in mind as well!)

This thread has me smiling like crazy! 

Unfortunately, I live in Philadelphia and most of the compliments I get when wearing PUG or well anything really are rather vulgar.  The city of brotherly love is not very innovative! 

The best compliments I have ever gotten are from my beau's friends.  When I met them I was in my senior year of college at an art school, I was always dressed down and my skin was died weird colors from chemicals.  Basically they all thought I was some kind of messy slob that lived in pajamas.  Shortly after I started buying PUG and dressing nicely on a regular basis they were always surprised!  I got both really sweet compliments and some weird ones including: "You look like a housewife, but in a really good way!" and "Oh, you've got this whole pin up thing going on" .  I just never expected to get compliments from them, so it always means a lot to me when they speak fondly of my style.




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