Hi Gals!  I am graduating with my doctorate this year and as a graduate gift I am finally getting breast augmentation!  I have been wanting to do this for years and I finally convinced my husband and have the finances to do so.  I have never had much breast tissue but when I started training MMA eight years ago I got even smaller although my pectoral muscles got bigger (not cute).  It all came to a head when I got my Lolita dress several months ago and the top just did not fit...to say the least.  My husband watched while I cried and then agreed it was time.

So the question is for all your busty gals out there.  Right now I wear a size small in all of my PUG dresses and have an A-cup bust.  After BA I should be a full C or even D cup!  I want to make sure that all my fabulous clothing still fits.  Will I still be able to wear a size small if my waist stays the same but my bust goes up a quite a bit?  I was about to order the Tie Me Up dress but I wondered if I should get a medium because of the bust even though the waist would be too big. 

Thanks in advance for any advice!



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I really understand what you said about buying clothes which don't fit because of your breast...

I was 32 A before and have big C cup now (C+ lol) and I'm still wearing Small and even XS for stretch clothing or some Hell Bunny dresses. So don't worry. With the shape of the Tie Me Up dress, S will be great if your waist is still the same.

I hope you will be happy with your BA. Personally, it's changed my life and I'm rediscovering my wardrobe (especially pin up style & swimsuit ^_^).

Take care!


Thank you so much Dita!  I know this is a personal issue but would you mind telling me what your final cc's ended up being?  I am going for 371cc on both sides.  You are welcome to PM me if you want. 

Thanks again Doll!

I'm under muscle with 230cc. When I went to see my surgeon, she spoke with me about bra size, not CC.
I told her I want to have a 32C+ and I have it, even with only 230CC.
But my boobs aren't enormous lol, I'm not like Micheline or Masuimi

Hello darling, i have never had a breast augmentation but i do happen to have very wide hips, a narrow waits and a very large bust. the PUG clothing seem so accommodate that combination pretty well. if masiumi max is an f cup and wears a small so it shouldnt be an issue. also these garments are easily altered so if it is an issue, just take them in to a tailor!

Oh my goodness Tianna, I never thought about Masiumi and she is my idol!  You are right, I should not fret if she can still wear a small!  Thank you so much for the advice!



Georginia, I LOVE your website!  Thanks for sharing such fantastic information and for sharing so many gorgeous pictures.  You are such a fox!

Great points Rayleen!  I remember reading on Georgina's site that different stores have various measurements for cup sizes so you are right, it really does not mean anything!  I know that currently I am a full A and that I am getting 371cc silicone implants under the muscle.  I don't really care what cup size I end up being as long as I can still fit into my favorite dress (which I have worn to my appointment to confirm with the doc) and I can still jump rope in a sports bra at the gym and feel comfortable.  I don't plan to go too big because of my activity level but I do want to fill out my Lolita dress...finally!

Apparently it is hard to tell exactly what size you are for the first year as they 'drop and fluff' but I definitely plan to get measured by a knowledgeable person.  There is a fantastic specialty store in my town that is known for bras and bras only.  I plan to go to them asap!  I do not want to mess up my new boobies by putting them in ill-fitting bras.

These are awesome links!  I appreciate you taking the time out to respond to this message.  I am so crazy excited and cannot wait to have my new girls ;)



I am a 34GG-H and wear a medium in many of the tops (not the Vamp!) and dresses.  They look a bit "booby" on me as you might have guessed, but what doesn't?  You will probably just fill the clothes out more, which is probably exactly what you're aiming to do.  Like others have said, measure yourself (or get measured professionally) against the garments and you'll be great, especially since your chest will be lifted from the augmentation.  

Good luck and good for you!

Thanks Shannon!  You are right...all I want is to 'fill out' my dresses and if they end up looking a bit 'booby'...bonus!

Hi L.A.

My blog is ByBaby'sRules linked above.  I just wanted to stop in and leave a comment & say congrats on your doctorate. I think you'll be OK with the size you are looking at and fitting into your favorite styles.  My first augmentation I had 397cc (the next size up from what you have chosen). My desired look was for a 32D.  I wore a 28FF (I have a 26" ribcage), measurements were 34.5" 25 35ish.  I did not own any PUG items at the time, so I can't tell you what size I needed, but all my other dresses were still a XS/S or a 0/1/3 depending on the cut. 

Please feel free to send me a message if you'd like to chat about anything implant related. I belong to a great forum that is full of information as well.  Definitely look at getting sized like Rayleen suggested, it will make things easier for you post op. And a big thank you to the other ladies that posted in this thread. I love how much you are supporting the OP and giving great advice. It definitely gives me a reason to smile. :)

Thank you for all the wonderful advice Chrystal!  I have been reading your blog and it is straight up fabulous!

I, too, thank everyone for the positive responses.  It is so nice to receive support from other women, especially considering breast augmentation is a potentially volatile subject matter.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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