Sorry to be so nosy, but I am a little curious about what parts of the world everyone here lives in because I am interested to know what sort of reception PUG and just wearing repro in general gets in other countries!

I live in Australia but have been living in Moscow, Russia for nearly two months. In Australia I live in Brisbane and I am yet to run into anyone dressed remotely vintage. Most of the time when I go out I get a lot of stares which normally ends up with me dishing out a lot of glares because I hate it when people Normally teenagers can be pretty nasty, but every now and then you do get some sweet person that comes up to chat about what I'm wearing. What is it like where you live, what kind of reactions do you get when you wear vintage/reproduction clothing? Are there others that wear anything similar?

In Russia I have gotten some stares from wearing PUG, but only in the good sense I think! I have noticed that there are quite a few women here usually in their 30s, who wear either real vintage (50s and 60s style) or modern vintage inspired dresses. On one occasion I saw a man in his 40s wearing what looked like completely authentic vintage 1950s/early 60s, dressed for a day at the office. Now keeping in mind that Russia is a developing nation, it could be that his look was completely unintentional and thrifted on account of how poor people are here, but either way he looked fantastic!

So what is it like in your parts of the world? I am really curious to know!

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USA, Southern California. Before you think that's awesome, I live in Riverside County. The armpit of SoCal. Working on moving to Hollywood, will be there next month. Everyone here is tan/bronze/orange, so ever since high school I have been made fun of for my pale skin and SPF200. But I love who I am and so does my dude, so that's all that matters.

lol, Randi - Baldwin Park is the armpit of the San Gabriel Valley, so I totally get that. The girls here are all over the place - alot of gang influence, but the apparel is not as bad as it was when I was younger (cholitas had the mile high bangs, sharpied on eyebrows, tight ass jeans and t-shirts with gang crap on them). Now the girls are punk, emo, whatever, but they are all into the tight SHORT (barely covering their hoohah!) dresses, tight muffin top jeans, skimpy tops... omg, it's scary. Half the girls I work with wear jeggings with tops (and of course, they are the wrong size - muffin tops abound! But me in my high-waisted leggings looks better than they do because my clothes fit me and I'm no longer allowed to wear them because leggings are unprofessional. *sigh* what're you going to do??). Maybe we can meet in Hollywood sometime to send some elegance and beauty into the world, lol.

I would be totally all about that! Dinner and cocktails at the Rainbow Room!

And I remember the cholitas style... Dickies... Ugh.

I live just outside of Toronto in Canada. I have to say that I've never been complimented on my outfits before I started wearing PUG, but now I can count on it happening almost every single time I wear an outfit of PUG's in public, from friends AND strangers and passerby's alike.

Just this past Friday when I went to an Art Crawl in my new Netti Dress in Tiki print I was stopped so many times on the side walk by women saying how much they loved the dress, and my husband even overheard more than a few women whisper to their men how much they loved it too, too shy to actually say it outloud apparently. :)

Brandi's definitely right that you have to dress for yourself, and if you feel right at home in the look then that's all that matters. We have a few rockabilly girls around here, and a good burlesque community that lives for the pinup style, though I wouldn't mind seeing it catch on even more so in the Great White North.:)

Hi, I'm live in England, uk , it a little place called Kent. It's about 1hr train ride away from London xxx

Hi ! 

I live in Montréal QC Canada since june but before that I was in Paris, France. 

I used to live in a small city in France and the people were acting like jerks when I used to dress up PUG style. You know pointing fingers at me and laughting ... not cool ! 

In Paris it wasn't as obvious but you still get starred at and not always in the best way.

In Canada it's pretty cool people don't give a shit so far I love it :)


I'm too shy to actually wear any PUG styles but I've just started sewing as a hobby and my first project was a little dress (for my 6 year old niece) with a pin-up girl inspired design. Olivia loved it and wore it two days straight before her mom had to insist on washing it :)

I live in the San Francisco bay area and I see lots of girls rocking the PUG style. Maybe some day soon I'll make a dress for myself and find an event where I can feel confident to wear it.

Natasha be brave and own your style. If people stare, take it as a compliment. You'll become impervious to it after awhile anyways. And it's always a nice feeling to know that you have taken the time and trouble to dress nicely when many women these days don't!

Exactly! And people used to make comments about me not dressing as casually as them. So then I coined the phrase..."I never miss an opportunity to overdress!" It stopped them in their tracks and I became known for the way I dress. Now I'm seen as normal because that's how people expect me to dress! Reverse psychology??? LOL

"I never miss an opportunity to overdress!"

I love this!

I'm in Sheffield, North Endland : )

I get stares and comments from people, mostly positive : / when people stare at me I try and think that it's positive stares rather than "what does she look like" stares!

There aren't many people locally who dress like me, everyone here is pretty much identikit, daywear is skinny jeans and uggs, evening wear is tiny skirts, tiny tops and stripper shoes. I guess that's why I get stared at, cause I'm not in head to toe Topshop!

Glad there are others out there like me xoxo

Nashville, TN here. There is quite a thriving car culture/ rockabilly/ pin up scene here, and I have very recently fallen in with them. I do tend to enjoy a good dive bar, so I can sometimes garner a bit of attention in my beloved redneck karaoke bar! Never really been one to care all that much, though. 




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