Sorry to be so nosy, but I am a little curious about what parts of the world everyone here lives in because I am interested to know what sort of reception PUG and just wearing repro in general gets in other countries!

I live in Australia but have been living in Moscow, Russia for nearly two months. In Australia I live in Brisbane and I am yet to run into anyone dressed remotely vintage. Most of the time when I go out I get a lot of stares which normally ends up with me dishing out a lot of glares because I hate it when people Normally teenagers can be pretty nasty, but every now and then you do get some sweet person that comes up to chat about what I'm wearing. What is it like where you live, what kind of reactions do you get when you wear vintage/reproduction clothing? Are there others that wear anything similar?

In Russia I have gotten some stares from wearing PUG, but only in the good sense I think! I have noticed that there are quite a few women here usually in their 30s, who wear either real vintage (50s and 60s style) or modern vintage inspired dresses. On one occasion I saw a man in his 40s wearing what looked like completely authentic vintage 1950s/early 60s, dressed for a day at the office. Now keeping in mind that Russia is a developing nation, it could be that his look was completely unintentional and thrifted on account of how poor people are here, but either way he looked fantastic!

So what is it like in your parts of the world? I am really curious to know!

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Oh, I get it! That's a little....umm.....scary. LOL

Hi! I am from Moscow (Russia) and I feel myself comfortable, when I wear PUG or Deadly Dames here. Some people really stare, but it is not so tediously, because many women here wear dresses. You will attract attention even at the concerts, but as Harlow Napalm, said "but only in the good sense". Because women in Moscow like to dress femininely. Last year I had to spend a lot of time in Prague (Czech Republic) and Copenhagen (Denmark). In Prague women dont wear skirts and dresses at all, so I was a little bit afraid to wear PUG. And in Copenhagen women sometimes wear skirts, but it is very rare case. And I havent seen any dresses. Anyway I decided to wear my DD and PUG dresses. Everybody (especially women) stared at me, and not very kindly. So one day,my friend asked me to wear jeans, because he was tired of attention to my dresses(((  

I agree with you) I also noticed, that in St Petersburg women prefer to wear casual clothes. In other Russian cities, especially closer to the North of Russia, you will see less women will wearing dresses. And I know only few girls wearing 50-s dresses without special occasion( Too sad(

I live in San Diego, Ca and there is a handful of girls who have their own PUG look, i get mixed reactions from the sea of beach babes, but on one occasion i attended the annual cajun/blues music festival and felt like a prom queen in my pug style! i was stopped by people allll day! i was even mistaken for Doris May Day on several occasions. i had never felt so beautiful!


I live in sweden in the suburbs of stockholm. I havent seen a lot of PUG or full on vintage drest folk on the street mabye one or two if you go in to town. But their are a few clubs now and then for rockabilly and pinup intrested people, havent had any problem most people just look and don't say any thing but do's ho do just say nice stuff.


I live in los angeles.
Im in Florida

Born in Italy, raised in Holland.

I am currently living in Amsterdam. And even though Amsterdam is pretty liberal I still do get stares sometimes. I do like the 50s and I do wear that style, but I'm more of a 40s gal. The most pleasant stares are the ones I get are from old(er) people. Sometimes I walk past them in the street and they look at me and start to smile, probably remembering their younger days.

I live in southern California USA in a city named Valencia! I do get the stares where I live because no one really wears a crinole or a big dress! Lol, I love it when people ask me if I'm in costume! There is a huge rockabilly community here, and the scene is big! I'm not really into the scene, I just love the fashion! Most of the time young girls tell me they love my makeup and my clothes, and sometimes older ladies tell me I look adorable! I love when older ladies tell me that! They just stop me, smile and say "Hunny, you look so adorable!" it's cute, and very flattering! My cousin does poke fun of me, but I could care less about his opinion!

I'm from a small town in New Hampshire in the US and I've had mixed responses to dressing up in PUG.  Thankfully, a lot of my friends like to get dressed up for fun so when I break out my cherry print Heidi dress they are doing something special themselves.  However, when I go out on my own sometimes it isn't as pleasant.  When I dressed up for a casual Friday a coworker kept making comments about how I looked. Unkind, passive aggressive statements that she just felt had to be shared almost every hour on the hour.  I'm usually quiet and try to keep my head down and out of the way but all those petty comments were getting to me.  Finally I reached the end of my patience, gave her my biggest smile and said, "Thank you SO much for your thoughts.  Now please go away, you are boring me."  And that was the end of it, haven't heard a peep since.  

Regardless of what you do or do not wear, I'm sure you are lovely and I wish you the best!

good girl Katie! Way to stick up for yourself!

It felt really good.  On one hand, some very unhappy people make a point to go around trying to micromanage how someone should look or feel.  On the other, just because someone is a mess, doesn't mean they have the right to make someone else feel bad.




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