I know that this has been brought up a couple times before but I am trying to come up with a new pinup name as the one I've been using doesn't really fit me and people have a hard time with it.  so a few things to get the brain juices flowing:  I currently have red hair but I may not always keep it red so nothing that wouldn't make sense if I changed my hair color, Ie Cherry, or Red anything

I like horror, zombies and Scifi (im kinda a nerd)

I want something that sounds cool and feminine, but maybe ties together some of my other interests as well.  I just don't want it to be generic or too "goth/horror" or too cutesy that it would exclude me from things. 

As I think of names I will add them too :)

Thanks Ladies!

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This probably doesn't help much, but I think your face looks rather feline in your bio pic. Maybe your name could include something along those lines... cosmic kitten,for example.

ooohhh, Audrey has a really great idea there! If I think of anything, I'll post it... *putting thinking/creative cap on*

I'm definitely on board with Audrey's line of thinking here, how about Lady Panthra? Madame Tigretta? Leopardyra? Jaguarella?

There's my 2 cents :)

I like the idea of something "feline" based, but I want something that is easy to pronounce too ;)

Some options that I thought of that are not already taken: Stella Von Sparkle, Lola Lithium, Bettie Banshee...I'll come up with more :)

i like Betty Banshee a lot! :) 

Betty Banshee fits:)

Betty Banshee sounds fabulous actually. 

Debbie Dynamite 

Jane Doe 

I'll let you know if I think of anything actually cool!

Ok, so I guess I enjoy making lists too much....:)

Atomic Annie (google this)
Aurora Borealis
Barbarella Bardot
Belladonna(deadly plant/beautiful woman in Italian)
Catarina (Edgar Allen poe's cat and also a character from the vampire diaries) Von purr, Von meow,
Or Von vampire ( or without the Von part)
Darla de Carlo ( from Yvonne de Carlo of the munsters)
Greta Von galaxy
Honey Von horror
Luna lioness
Luscious Lynx
Lunar Lilly
Magnolia Von monster or Munster
Phoenix Rising
Sapphire siren, Siren Sadie, or just plain Siren
Starry night
Trixie Von terror
Voodoo Veronica ( love voodoo vixen,but it is the name of a clothing company)
Wanda Von werecat

my goodness that is quite the list ;) I decided on Bettie Banshee.  I think it is cute and scary without being too much of either.  I am also of irish heritage so the banshee part fits.  ONe of my earliest, most traumatizing memories is of watching Darby O'Gill and the Little People, the banshee scared the crap put of me lol


Thanks for all your help ladies :)

I love it :) 

I'm new here. Where to I put my pinup name so it shows up.






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