So I happen to be one of those crazies who loooves her animals. I figured I can't possibly be alone (and here come the crickets). 

I have a full 20 gallon fish tank with a betta, 2 platys, 3 corydoras, and a loach happily coexisting. It's a full planted tank and its lovely to watch. I am crazy about fish. If I could, my whole house would be one big aquarium, but my electricity bill and lifestyle doesn't quite allow the time to do that (booooo. :c) 

In addition to that, I also have a frilled dragon. He's a handsome little devil, but a total sass-pot (kinda like is owner...) 

So, ladies of PUG, what little loves do you own? 

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Yeah, I'm quite certain I would feel the same way in your situation. Hopefully they became aware of the situation and learned a valuable lesson from it.

Absolutely true about laziness and ignorance! Because we have animals at work, customers often come in and mention that they have pets, and I typically ask if they are fixed and if they aren't, I explain to them why they really should do it. When I've tried to find homes for strays I've picked up and asked if they intended to spay/neuter, sometimes the response has been "What for, I love kittens". That makes me absolutely cringe and I have to go through the whole spiel of how many are put to sleep (I use the word "killed" to try and drive it home) each year. Sometimes it gets me so frustrated I'm in tears.

Thanks for the link. :)

Heyas. I have a cat, and two fishtanks atm. The kitty is a four year old girlie named Myst, she usually sleeps in our closet and detest dogs.

She loves cuddles and cardboardboxes, paperbags and plastic thingies are the very best of toys ;) She's the last of three cats, since we've had to put two down due to illness :( She seems to handle being "alone" quite well though :)

These are my fishtanks, the smaller one (about 30-40 litres, sorry gals don't know US measures) containing my beautiful Betta Splendens male, Astor. The big tank is about 120 litres and your usual mishmash, with Platy and Apistogramma (dwarf chichlide) and some algea-eaters.


HI everyone, My family is getting a new puppy in a couple of weeks and we are having trouble agreeing on a name!  We are getting a female doberman pinscher, we have been mostly thinking along to lines of strong female heroes of Sci-fi, comics, and mythology.  I appreciate any suggestions.  Thanks ladies!

3 kitties, Mikita:, Luca:, and Misfit:

1 puppy; Gizmo: .

Two Guinea Pigs, Jackson and Pollock. 

And a Tortoise - Sal.

love this thread! :)  One kitty (Edie) named after Edie Sedgewick :) 

These are mine...Olive is the doggy, I found her at the gas station, she is such a good girl! And the new addition to our family, Teeny, the kitty. We adopted her from a local shelter. These two are best buds! I also have another kitty, an orange tabby, but she mostly stays outside.

Total dog person, not even gonna lie. This photogenic girl is my wolf hybrid, Nana. Shes getting older (Shes 6) and just recently lost her Pitbull companion to cancer. We're thinking of adopting an elder dog from the shelter sometime down the road so she will have a companion again. :)

Thank you! Shes such a dainty girly girl.




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